Interview 305 with the Chase The Dead

Introducing the Interview 305 for Conservate Storm,We talking with the Norwegian Band Chase The Dead and the band show for us your frist full lenght entitled Desolate Absolution and the band have this formation:Rob on Vocal,Pat and Arnold on Guitar,Torben on Bass and Sebastian On Drums.Pat was the choice to answer our questions.Let´s start this interview!
Tempestade Conservadora 1:Introducing the band for us?
Pat-Chase The Dead:Well, Chase the dead is a Deathcore band hailing from cold Norway. it was started by some guys wanting to play really hard metal and making the best possible music that we can.The band consists of 5 guys with the same idea of playing and having basicly this band is about having fun and playing hard metal.
Tempestade Conservadora 2:Talking about the composition work in Desolate Absolution?
Pat:We wanted a dark and heavy sounding album with fast riffs and really heavy breakdowns so when we started playing we werent completely sure how we wanted to shape the sound so it took a long time making five of the eleven songs that we made on the album the last six just came when we had a sound we wanted to have.
Tempestade Conservadora 3:The Band choice a single for this album and why this choice?
Pat:We released a five song EP first and Fractured was the first song we made after the release of the EP so it was a natural choice to have that song as a Single with a music video.
Tempestade Conservadora 4:What´s the lyrical theme for this album?
Pat:The lyrical theme is based different subjects as war, apocalypse and stuff like that as we didnt want to write about blood and guts like other bands do in this genre.

Tempestade Conservadora 5:Why the song Making a Murder have two parts?
Pat:We were all watching the Netflix series and to be honest and wanted to write about the series as a man who was convicted of a crime he didnt do and a natural choice to do a part 2 when when the second season hit. also the part 2 song has the ending melody from part 1 as the base melody but different tempo and a breakdown over it to make the two song connect easily. doubt there will be a part 3 as we have ended that chapter in the band.
Tempestade Conservadora 6:The Band have shows or tours to do in 2019?
Pat:The band have two shows coming up this year. We are doing a release show the 26th of october in a town called moss also we have booked 9th of november as a supporting act in our hometown. we are always on the lookout for shows and will continue to book shows in the near future as we have completed our release of our album.
Tempestade Conservadora 7:What´s bands influence ours in the band´s start?
Pat:The band is influenced by bands like the old suicide silence, thy art is murder, whitechapel ,The black dahlia murder and etc.
Tempestade Conservadora 8:How was the reception for this album?
Pat:The reception this far has been very good even though we released the album yesterday as of this interview.
Tempestade Conservadora 9:What does Chase The Dead have to differently from its previous bands?
Pat:we are not going for sounding like this band and this band, we are kind of shaping our own sound and playing heavy and making songs that make you feel like you are there with us when listenening to the album or at shows were we are playing.
Tempestade Conservadora 10:The Band have a dream?
Pat:The dream of the band is to have fun and to see where the road takes us. We would really like to go on tour and playing different countries.
Tempestade Conservadora 11:-The Band know and like something about brazil metal?
Pat:The dream of the band is to have fun and to see where the road takes us. We would really like to go on tour and playing different countries.

Tempestade Conservadora 12:Talking about the metal scene in Norway?
Pat:Very Awsome!
Tempestade Conservadora 13:The Band thinks this album is conceptual?yes or no and why?
Pat:The album is not a concept as there is no particular theme going through the album we just wanted to write different kind of songs and not have to worry about making everything fit together in the end.
Tempestade Conservadora 14:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?
Pat:we wanted something that looks pretty awesome and didnt have many ideas as to what exactly we wanted but we got syndromeaart to draw us something that we all really liked which is a deeplayered picture with a lot of stuff happening in the background as well in the foreground. check syndromeaart out on instagram a really good graphics designer.
Tempestade Conservadora 15:How does the band perform an organic sound?
Pat:it all comes down to what you think is organic music for us its all about being true to yourself and doing what you want not what people expect of you.
Tempestade Conservadora 16:Why a song called Mexico?
Pat:we wanted to make a song that is a kind of a fictional future of america with how the politics are going right now that the mexicans will be trapped in Usa after the wall that Trump wants to build and stuff like that.
Tempestade Conservadora 17:How come the band arrive to Mechanical Records?
Pat:Mechanical records is our bassplayers own record label so a natural choice to release it there.
Tempestade Conservadora 18:Give a message to the fans,guys.the interview is over
Pat:We are grateful to all the people who are listening to our album and always remember to have fun!

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