Exclusive Interview 723 with French Band Irya

TC 1:Introducing the band for us?

Irya:We are a French fusion metal band, we love heavy grooves, partying and raising hell. We have been around with the current line-up since 2015; we are self-produced and independent, and our energy on stage is just as important as our composition work.

TC 2:Talking about the composition work in Inspire?

Irya:We like to play with styles, genres, instrumental bits and themes, and then we choose the tunes that are the most aligned with the concept of the EP.

TC 3:The band choice a single for this album and why this choice ?

Irya:We chose “Inspire” because, more so than the other songs, it sums up the global concept of the EP, which is echoed by the cover picture.

TC 4:Explain for us the spirit of the song Ma Loi?

Irya:The theme is the choice of not sacrificing one’s identity for a girlfriend’s sake anymore. it’s a personal story of duality and internal conflict, it’s about going back to your roots.What we like about this one is that while the music is very hammering.,the theme is kind of intimate, which is ultimately a contrast.

TC 5:What´s the lyrical theme for this album ?

Irya:It’s about introspection not just feeding on itself, but actually sparking self-knowledge and taking action as a consequence – like sharing ideas and advice.

TC 6:Why the band have this name ?

It’s a bit of an inside joke between us – many tales have been told around this question, none of which has been confirmed – each person who’s asked this has gotten a different answer, and you are no exception.But if you really want to know, it actually comes from the sentence “Il Régurgite un Yaourt Amer”(translation : “He’s throwing up sour yoghurt). At the time, while we were brainstorming on the band’s name, the band’s manager, who was eating yoghurt, turned around to give his take, but at that very moment he started throwing up. And he said: “Please, excuse him, guys, he’s throwing up sour yoghurt” and that’s the genesis of the band’s name.

TC 7:What´´´´´´ s the idea behind artwork ´´´´s album ?

Irya:The concept is that you cannot really tell whether the girl is falling or being drawn towards the sky – sometimes, you do not fall in the direction you think you’re falling. It’s about inevitability.

TC 8:Is there any band of your style you don´t like? If that is the case, could you name us some bands?

Irya:There is no one like us out there! Jokes aside, Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg are the only ones who are currently outshining us. Otherwise, we would be much more famous

TC 9:Is there any band of your style you like? If that is the case, could you name us some bands?

Irya:Well, yes, Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg – they’re really getting in our way. But they can come over and have a drink with us any time.

TC 10:Do you guys know something about Brazilian Metal?

Irya:Yes, the bands who were distributed abroad at the time: Sepultura, Krisiun, and Soulfly, were among our first influences.

TC 11:What does the band love doing besides the musicYour first job has only one exclamation point. That was purposeful or we can say that it is a short and thick outburst?

Irya:Banging. Booze. Bingeing. Beats. Brawl! All the B words of Bliss.

TC 12:Your first job has only one exclamation point. That was purposeful or we can say that it is a short and thick outburst ?

Irya:One doesn’t rule out the other. We didn’t want a title in letters and after trying out some mathematical formulas, we chose “!” for its impact – try saying that out loud. How did you pronounce it? Yeah, exactly.

TC 13:-The band feel differences between lyrical and sound ! and now in Inspire?

Irya:It’s a very different vibe, crafted with a very different process – the second EP was created at a time when we were all housemates, it’s like an 8 fighters Smash Bros match where you cannot see anything and have no clue what’s going on. And at the end, we’re all winners contrary to what happens in a Smash Bros match.

TC 14:Talking about the metal scene in France?

Irya:Covid aside, it’s getting particularly hard to self-produce, but the players of the metal scene are starting to come together and make each other’s products known, so that we can help each other out and keep the metal culture alive.In France, rap currently takes the lion’s share, and it’s hard to stand out when you’re doing underground music.

TC 15:How is Irya different from your previous bands ?

Irya:With Irya we had no boundaries – we can mess around as well as write serious lyrics. We can go far together as long as we are given opportunities.

TC 16:The band thinks this album is conceptual?yes or no and why ?

Irya:It is indeed – as we mentioned, the central theme is sharing, introspection, and rebellion in a broad sense, as well as a path of self-growth. It’s an insight on one’s condition, self-knowledge, context, action to be taken.

TC 17:Give a message to the fans,guys.the interview is over!

Irya:We hope you’re going to dig our sound as much as we had fun making it and that one day we’ll be able to perform in your country, we’re all fired up! And if you’d like to give us some support and win rewards by doing so.

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