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Happy New Year from Livadia city (Greece) and the hand ‘n’ heavy rock band “peculiar three”!

We just released the first lyric video from our “Leap of Faith” album and it would be great if you’d include it in your News feed!

You’re welcome to

– find “Caliban’s End” here:

– download band’s pics here:

We thank you in advance for noticing our request and we’re looking forward to hearing from you! Best regards!


«…In a bottle lies a note

under candle light is born…»

Peculiar Three release their album’s first lyric video, titled “Caliban’s End”. The cinematic orchestrated song is inspired by Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” and follows Caliban’s tragic storyline while suggesting an alternate ending…

Enjoy the song here:


Music: Panos Karkanas

Lyrics: Valantis Dafkos

Orchestration: Panos Makoulis

In a bottle lies a note

under candle light is born

what I wrote I have forgotten

As you travel cross the sea

to the land that you will meet

fear no ghosts, no waves, no thunders

Countless days and nights

I longed for strength to fight

live another day to see your face

On this isle of death

I lost my hope to fear

my memories fading away

All these days and nights

a shore could not suffice

wishes for my broken dreams

Believe me I have tried

but nothing seems in line

and I keep waiting for a light

to guide me

When they’ll find me I’ll be gone

to the stars I will belong

tell her I have never left her

And the world keeps going on

through the time and space alone

where to find my peace I don’t know

peculiar three:

Valantis Dafkos – lead & backing vocals, bass

Panos Karkanas – guitars, keys

Paris Gatsios – drums

Lyric Video: Dark Star videos

peculiar three – Leap of Faith:

Vocals, Guitars (distorted), Bass and Drums recorded at Locomotive Sound studio (Lamia, Greece). Guitars (clean) recorded at One Take Recordings (Thiva, Greece). Keys recorded at Saint George studio (Agios Georgios Viotias, Greece).

Mixed, Produced and Mastered at Locomotive Sound studio (Lamia, Greece) by Ektoras Sohos.

Special Guests: Panos Makoulis (orchestration & arrangement on “Caliban’s End”), Mantis Savvidis (solo saz on “Innermost”).

Artwork and Layout by Sotiris Kotsonis.

Leap of Faith – tracklist:

1. Perpetual – 05:41

2. Innermost – 05:40

3. Inkblot – 05:44

4. Marginal – 05:36

5. Leap of Faith – 05:14

6. The Sentient – 04:55

7. Knaves o’ Knives – 07:10

8. Caliban’s End (bonus track) – 05:49

a few peculiar words (aka bio):

“Do you remember what Darwin says about music? He claims that the power of producing and appreciating it existed among the human race long before the power of speech was arrived at. Perhaps that is why we are so subtly influenced by it. There are vague memories in our souls of those misty centuries when the world was in its childhood.” (Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Scarlet)

“peculiar three” is a studio project based in the city of Livadia, Greece. Founded in 2013, the hard ’n’ heavy rock trio with prog and metal elements released their first EP “P3culiar” the year after, followed by its remastered edition in 2019. The debut full-length “Leap of Faith” was released in 2020.

We are the Peculiar Three. We are our own influences, passions and virtues. The Uroborus which enshrines our lust to create. We are our own expression through music. We are the Peculiar Three and we invite you to our cyclical dance…


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