Interview 737 with Italian Band Harkane

The Conservative Storm with Interview 737 with the Italian band Harkane.The band shows us their first album titled as Fallen King Simulacrum.Remembering that the Vocalist will be responsible for answering our questions.Before going to a song.

TC 1: Who’s who in the band?

Paimon-Vocalist Harkane: Paimon: vocals, guitar and orchestral instruments, Kvarn on second guitar and vocals; Ayssela on bass and voice and piano and Damned on drums and percussion.

TC 2: Talk about the composition work in Fallen King Simulacrum?

Paimon: It all starts with an idea that can be a riff, a rhythm or simply a feeling that we want to communicate to the listeners. The lyrics are written after the song, but the song is influenced by the subject of the song.

TC 3: The band chose a single for this album and if so, why this choice?

Paimon: We chose “Requiem Fo A Heretic” for the first single and the title track is for the second single because they are the most immediate and representative tracks on this album, in our opinion.

TC 4: What lyric theme for this album?

Paimon: We talk about things that matter to us, topics that intrigue us: ancient history, mythology, legends.

TC 5: I really liked the idea of ​​putting orchestral parts on the album. But, why this decision?

Paimon: Well, one day we realized that two guitars, bass and drums were insufficient to express our music, so we decided to include other instruments in our songs, and make more complex arrangements. We all love classical music, so we decided to merge classical music with extreme metal, the perfect choice in our opinion for our lyrics.

TC 6: What is different about Harkane from its previous bands?

Paimon: I played thrash metal and indie rock before Harkane; Kvarn has already played progressive death metal; Damned still plays symphonic death metal blackened with Ades Numen, which is the genre most similar to Harkane. Ayssela has never played in a band before, she is a classical pianist and started playing bass to play with Harkane! We try to be our favorite band!

TC 7: What is the album cover idea?

Paimon: We asked Tobia Berti, the artist behind the artwork, to represent the complexity and stratification of our music, to give us something suggestive and evocative, dark and obscure, something that spoke of ancient mysteries and he did something perfect!

TC 8: How did the band get to Dukstone Records?

Paimon: We proposed our album to some labels, and among those who were interested we chose Dusktone because it is well known and they offered us a good contract for two albums.

TC 9: Did the band experience differences in sound and lyrical part between Extensus and now in Fallen King Simulacrum?

Paimon: Well, the tracks on Extensus are a photo of the early days of our band. We chose the worst songs we had in 2014 and put them on that EP. We saved the best we had, and a few more, for our first feature. Perhaps young and arrogant? Possibly! F.K.S. it is much more complex, mature and focused on the Harkane style.

TC 10: Which bands generate influences in Harkane?

Paimon: I think the main inspirations are classical musicians and composers of soundtracks. We love Wagner, Beethoven, Poledouris, Williams, Kilar and, of course, Morricone.

TC 11: Does the band know and like Brazilian metal?

Paimon: We know Sepultura and the Cavalera brothers’ projects very well. Recently, you must be very proud of Nervosa! and they have an Italian bass player now! {Note from TC: Yes, it’s a very cohesive band!}

TC 12: Does the band believe this album is conceptual? Yes or no and why?

Paimon: The album is a kind of journey through the centuries to discover myths and stories from around the world. But all songs have a common concept: the transience of things. Even a great king will die and his kingdom may fall.

TC 13: The Metal Trenchs Site evaluated and gave you a score of 8.3. Do you agree with that note?

Paimon: Honestly, we don’t believe that music and the arts should be rated with one vote. We really appreciate your words, because they really understood the world that we try to create.

TC 14: Send a message to the fans, Paimon. The interview is over!

Paimon: We call our followers, fans and supporters of “Adepts”, and we have just one message for them: JOIN THE CULT !!!

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