Interview 777 with Serbian Scaffold

Numerically, this interview is not important since she is 777. But she is the most anticipated of this early 2021. We talked with band Servia Sccafold.

This band can be divided into two stages. The first that lasted between 1992 and 1994.The second part that started in 2008, but in materials released to the audience in 2015. Their first full album happened in 1994 which was called The Other Side Of Reality. After a long hiatus, they return in 2008 and begin to propagate their new works with more intensity including live shows and some EPS as well as a joint work with the already closed Karakondzula. Until this year when they release their second complete work called Codex Gigas.The bass player Millan answer now our questions in all his emotions.Before, however, their music.

  1. Who s who in band ?

Scaffold is old school deathrash metal band from Serbia and members are Dujić Ivica Dujke (guitars/vocals), Antonio Ismailović (guitars), Aleksandar Mušicki (drums) and Milan Dobrosavljević (bass guitar)

2-Talking about the composition work in Codex Gigas?

Codex Gigas features 8 songs of early 90ies deathrashmetal, for fans of Death, Kreator, Pestilence, Morgoth etc. All music and lyrics were written by founding member Dujke except “Psychopathic Mind” that is cover of old, legendary Serbian band Bloodbath. Material is mix of new songs and few older songs from the first demo and debut album but re-arranged and re-recorded

  • 3-Why band stop in 1996?

Scaffold disbanded in 1996 since it was impossible to keep the band together. Early 90ies were years of desintegration of our old country Yugoslavia that led to civil war. We were under embargo, in deep economical crisis and without basic conditions for living. Playing in a band was impossible.

  • 4-How was the work with Karakondžula?

Scaffold recorded in 2010 Ep “Like Devil in the Church” that was few years later released through small local label as split cd-r with Karakodžula. It was poor release with not so good ditribution and no promotion.We don’t even consider it as an official release but you should check the songs since it was very strong material

  • 5-I love this,but why a Bloodbath cover?

Bloodbath vas very big and influential band in Serbian underground in 1990-1994 and I guess they were like big brothers to Dujke and the rest of the band back in a days when he started Scaffold. Few years ago Scaffold line up even featured ex Bloodbath guitarist/bass player Vladimir Filipović “Staklenac”. I wasn’t in the band when Scaffold recorded album but I guess recording that cover was just a tribute to important part of Serbian underground

  • 6-The band choice a single for this album and why this choice ?

We have lot of plans for promotion of Codex Gigas. There will be few videos (the first video for the song 1763 will premieree in first weeks of March), in few days you can also expect the 2nd single – lyrics vide for song “5 circles in Barbed Wire”, so when we picked up songs for those video clips and lyrics video, “At the dawn of a Judgement Day” seemed to be the best song from the rest of material for the first single. Besides it is very good, catchy song and my personaly favourite for the first single.The reactions of fans and press to it show us it was good choice to pick it up for the first single

  • 7-Which philosophy authors inspired the band in the Codex Gigas process?

Authors that inspired Codex Gigas lyrics are everydays life and history

  • 8-How is Scaffold different from your previous bands ?
I don't know much about musical background of other guys. I know that Dujke is here from the beginning. He and Toni had punk project Clan few years ago but now both guys are focused only on Scaffold. Aleksandar, the drummer, is also involved in band Aurium, which is some kind of symphonic, progressive metal that may appeal to fans of Nightwish. I am founding member of brutal death metal band Sacramental Blood and before that I used to play in bands Androphagous (forerunner of Sacramental Blood), Heretical Guilt (brutal technical death metal), Amon Din (old school death metal) and The Stone (I was live session guitarist for this legendary black metal band)
  • 9-Before music,what band loves to doing ?

Music is our main passion. I also run online magazine Angelmeat and play in already mentioned Sacramental Blood. Dujke is football fan and we are both busy with our families, kids etc. Other 2 guys have their jobs

10-Talking about the metal scene in Serbia ?

It is not big scene but we have some cool bands. I think you should check bands like Sacramental Blood, The Stone, Dawn of Creation, All My Sins, Terrorhammer, Infest, Wolf’s Hunger, Quasarborn, Kolac, Nadimač, The Bloody Earth…

11-What´s the idea behind artwork´s album ?

Codex Gigas is the book also known as the Devil’s Bible. The legend says that it was written during 1 night by some monk who had help from the devil himself and that is what you see on the painting.It is devil delivering the book to monk.

12-In addition to listening to the band, what should we do in Serbia ?

You should try some local food and if you like alcohol don’t miss the chance to have the hangover with local drink known as rakija. There are also many nice places to see, The Devil’s Town and Kalemegdan fortress are the first that came to my mind.

13-What kind of subject would you never make a song ?

Dujke is writtng lyrics so it is the question that he could answer better than me, but I guess he would never write song about worshipping satan or something like that.

14-The band feel differences between lyrical and sound in Like Devil in the Church Extended and now in Codex Gigas ?

I don’t think there is big change how Dujke apporoach writting new songs. He has been doing it for so long that he has his style and the path that he has been following for decades.  I believe the main difference is in sound that came from different people who recorded album.Yet it is strongest Scaffold material to date. The bigger difference is in artwork and promotion that we will do for this album.

15-Without stories, without wars and without society nothing is possible both in life and for the band. The wars in your country were fuel for your music?

It is fuel but also something that consumes your energy and your will to do something with your band or your life. When you struggle to survive and keep your head on your shoulders you don’t think too much about playing in the band. That is why band split up in 1996.When your month salary was 2-3$ /month you could’t buy new 500$ guitar or invest 2000$ into recording of new album. It made us all stronger but I would rather avoid that ingredient in my growing up.

16-Why a song called 1763 ?

“1763 (The Consecrated Ground)” is song partly inspired by some old chapel where we made our first video clip for this album. The same place was used for making legendary Serbian horror movie “The Consecrated Ground”. That is where the second part of name comes from. The year in the title is the year when some other chapel was built on local cemetery in older part of town, the cemetery where both Dujke’s parents were buried.

17-Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Thanks for decades of support! Codex Gigas is for you, something you have been expecting from the band since it’s inception.

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