Interview 778 with Polish Band Chainsword

1-Why August 6th is so important that you make a song ?

Chainsword:Because it’s our drummers birthday! Also because it was the date of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, 9:15 is the exact hour of the drop. Generic band – generic topic 😀

2-Why and how come emerged the is nvite to Nun doing an addcional voice in song Blightmarch ?

Chainsword:Nun is a vocalist of Sun No More, a doom metal band that we share members and rehealsal space with. His vocal work is amazing and we wanted to have some more color in this song – the solo is also a guest performance by Cheesy Guy from Belzebong.

3-We noticed that the Wars in Russia served as inspiration for this work. This theme was chosen by the band because it is not very presented to the public ?

Chainsword:We are Polish, so the themes of WWII in general and eastern front in particular are very close to us . Monuments of both world wars are at every street of every polish city. Most of us are huge history nerds too!

4-It would be correct to state that the songs presented here are written by the vocalist and the drummer ? if so, how does this debate happen ?

Chainsword:The lyrics were written mostly by our vocalist, Herr Brummbar, the only 2 exceptions are Blightmarch and Dead Hand Call, and those are quite mundane .He just had a momentary writers block and asked for help and concerning the music and some of the songs, namely Dreadquake Mortar, Spinehammer and Ost Front 1942 Moskau are quite old, with riffs by our former guitarist Dave, some other riffs were made by the other former member Mateusz… It is complicated, and we get confused ourselves as to who made what:D

5-How is Chainsword different from your previous bands ?

Chainsword:Tough question, cause most of us have already played, or currently are in numerous bands. However, it may be safe to say, that Chainsword brings out that FUKK YOU attitude in us. It’s an outlet for some savagery, a proving ground in raw and brutal metal.

6-How come emerged the invite to GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS ?

Chainsword:Our drummer’s two bands, Loathfinder and Tankograd, are alread on this label’s rooster, so it was a natural choice. Greg is a great guy and a veteran of the scene, and he really liked the album the moment he heard it!

7-Why Daemonculaba was choice for single of album ?

Chainsword:Cause it’s somewhat straightforward, ass-kicking, but at the same time, it is very diverse. It shows a lot of what we can do in one song.

8-Why the band have this name ?

Chainsword:Our drummer used to bother people by texting them “hey, you know what’s good?” followed shortly by “CHAINSWORDS”. He did that mostly at night to achieve maximum annoyance. But chainsword are good. Anytime you are pissed at someone it would work wonders to just cut them in half with a glorified chainsaw.

9-The band thinks this album is conceptual? yes or no and why ?

Chainsword:Each song serves as a story of it’s own. There’s a bond between all of them and that is WAR, but that’s it. It’s not enough for a concept album, but it’s more than enough for a coherent record.

TC 10:Which bands positively inspire you ?

Chainsword:Ummmmmm…. You got, like, 4 hours to talk ‘bout that?

TC 11:The band thinks this album is conceptual ?yes or no and why?

Chainsword:Each song serves as a story of it’s own. There’s a bond between all of them and that is WAR, but that’s it. It’s not enough for a concept album, but it’s more than enough for a coherent record.

TC 12:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album ?

Chainsword:Bolt Thrower, vintage fantasy artwork, old school sci-fi, Bolt Thrower, old school south american album covers ,the author of ours is Argentinian early nineties Florida death metal albums, Bolt Thrower and generally all that’s putrid, vile and AWESOME to watch. Oh, and Bolt Thrower.

13- Of course, in the first rehearsals of any band it is always complicated. But, I would like to know what was the first song that the band made without having to stop for a break ?

Chainsword:Spinehammer I guess. It’s an old song for us, but it also sounds like a classic from the swedish scene of the 90’s. It’s simple, but powerful. I think that once the album hits the shelves, it’ll be one of the most fan-favorite tracks. It is for us at least.

14-Which band would you like to share a tour with and why ?

Chainsword:Bolt Thrower, because of course we would. And from more realistic options – 1914, Baest… But right now, we would tour with ANYONE, we are really eager to hit the stage as soon as possible.

15-Poland is a storehouse of bands mainly linked to extreme metal. Not that they are bad, most are excellent. But because we do not find gothic or symphonic bands from your country ?

Chainsword:There was a time when gothic and symphonic metal was quite popular here – check out Darzamat, Artrosis or Closterkeller for example. I think that after Behemoth’s success people thought it was easier to make it as an extreme metal band from poland than anything else.

16-Give a messsage to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Chainsword:keep track of our social media and we love to interact with our fans, worshiping Bolt Thrower together is a great way to spend an afternoon!

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