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Indonesian black metal band Choria mark their return along with the forthcoming album release this year. Three years passed after debut full-length, “Black Secret Beyond of Nature” were released and carved their name on the local extreme music scene in 2018, today the band still consist to brought such mesmerizing, harmonic, dark music from the mist of soul.

The band has just released the latest single off their second opus. A song called “Maria’s Tale I: Thorn Queen” unleashed to break the silence into the night of cold. Choria tries to put such an effort to write a story about Maria van de Velde, a lady who dies in a long-waited for her loved one to come.

Choria put a gloom and melodic composition at the same time, to present such a majestic atmosphere through instrument harmonization. “Maria’s Tale I: Thorn Queen” is one-off seven tracks recorded from December 2020 to February 2021 and will be included in the forthcoming album, “A Dismal Repertoire” released by Interlude Records in March, 27th 2021. All materials are recorded at Rockynet Studio, mixed and mastered by a member of the band, Rsharsh.

Maria’s Tale I: Thorn Queen” can now be listened through digital music platforms including Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube since February 17th,

1-Who´s who in band ?2-Talking about the composition work in A Dismal Repertoire ?3-The band feel differences between lyrical and sound in Black Secret Beyond of Nature and now in A Dismal Repertoire ?4-Why the band have this name  ?5-How band arrive Interlude Records  ?6-How the idea of performing Black Metal with a more melodious hint came about  ?7-How is Choria different from your previous bands  ?8-Before music,what band loves to doing  ?9-What´s bands influence ours ?10-The band thinks this album is conceptual? yes or no and why  ?11-The band know and like something about brazil metal  ?12-Since the band doesen´t play depressive black metal,It is correct to say that depression would never be a lyrical theme for the band  ?13-What Black Metal band  would you love to play with  and why  ?14-When you go to sleep, you have nightmares remembering your songs ?15-How the band decided to talk about Maria Van De Velde  ?16-Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over-Questions For Tempestade Conservadora

Thank you, here’s Rsharsh to answer your questions.
1. Rsharsh (guitars, vocals), Zardlord (guitars), Steew (keyboard), and Jou (drums)2. “A Dismal Repertoire” main compositions may remain the same as our previous work on “Black Secret Beyond of Nature”. The difference takes on dynamic scaling, deeper verb, and harmonic riffing that we’ve set on my pedalboard. We using such neo-crust/dbeat style of drums, rolls, and a very simple fill-in because we recorded it with only 2 toms and 1 floor.3. Sure. We’re not always talking about the same topic thus make this release may be different. But it has a red thread from our previous works.4. Choria is the name of a village that relates to how we feel where we live now.

5. We join the force with Interlude Records about 1 year ago. The label’s owner offered us to release our forthcoming album.6. We basically play the riffs according to what we like and listen to. We don’t care if anyone likes it or not, it’s black metal or not, we don’t fucking care so much!7. Only its music character.8. (Prefer not to say)9. All black metal bands.10. This release is absolutely conceptual based on our supernatural experiences that spoke about a tale of an evil spirit. The main subject, Maria, tell us (from mediumship rituals) about her life and love story. She does a sacrifice using innocents life as she worshiping to Astaroth. We do historical research about Maria van de Velde who believed to have lived during Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. He died on an island called Onrust (now becomes an archeologist park) and believed as the most haunted place on the island off the coast of Jakarta. There’s poetry carved on her tombstone and believed as the ‘Poetry of Deaths’.11. We listening extreme metal bands such Sarcofago, Mystifier, Nephast, Evil, and of course early Sepultura.

12. We do have lyric parts on our songs that may sound like anxiety. But a depressive lyrical theme is not something we want to put in our music.13. We are fans of Norwegian and Swedish black metal bands since day one and would love to play with all of them. Several bands are giving such many music influences for me. Furthermore, we love how they put a theme in their works that relate to the condition where they’re living such as paganism, war, and ancient tales from their own country.14. If there’s any part of the song/riffs that not suit, I always dreamt of it. This would be the most part/riffs I ever hate of the songs. Haha! On the next day, I choose to re-write/re-record those damn part and hear it to the band because we believe in collective work.15. It simply because we interested in her life story and death, and could be our inspirations to make some riffs after all of the lyrics are done.16. Our second full-length “A Dismal Repertoire” will be released on March, 27th 2021 via Interlude Records. Make sure you already place an order through contact/link on our page. Stay safe!

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