Interview 781 With Sweden Band The Generals

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After eight long years, the Swedes from The Generals show a new job.Perhaps for our reader, this is the first time that you hear and see something from the band. But, they are already on their third album entitled To Hell. Their style can be described as Death Rock. Perhaps, we are the first Brazilian website to do an interview with the band.Precisely, the interview is not with all generals. Our conversation is with the first general. The vocalist and bassist who goes by the name Rickard Hednar. Rickard immediately answered our questions, which you will follow alongside their songs in all your emotions.Respecting our protocol, we go to their song.

TC 1:Who´ s who in band?

Rickard Hednar:Rickard Hednar Vocals/Bass, Martin Svensson Drums, Rickard Fäldt Guitar, Marius Tömte Gutar.

TC 2:Why and How come emerged the idea to doing a split album with Invasion ?

Rickard:Martin was the drummer for both bands and it seemed like a good idea to follow up Blood For Blood with a 7” the year after. 

TC 3:What´s the lyrical theme for this new job ?

Rickard:We don’t have an ongoing theme but something that shines thru here and there all through the album is the development of technology and how this defines our lives.

TC 4:In addition to the band moving from Gotaland to Varmland, what other factors made the band take eight years for a full album ?

Rickard:We had moved the base to Karlstad way before that actually. Allready 2005, before the debut we all lived in Karlstad. The reason it took so long was that we all had kids and couldn’t work as fast as before.

TC 5:Throughout The Generals’ career,What are the songs that the band used the most of death rock?

Rickard:It has moved more towards death metal the last years really. We started out as an action rock band but quickly developed our sound towards death n roll and now more death metal. But still with a rock n roll nerve to it.

TC 6:How come band arrive to Black Zombie Records ?

Rickard:It’s a local label and we knew the guys since before. Also they offered us a great deal so it was a no brainer.

TC 7:Why the band have this name ?

Rickard:No exciting story I’m afraid. When we first started the band we quickly got offered a gig but we had no name yet. We looked around in the rehearsal space and saw our general electric speakers. There it was. And then it stuck.

TC 8:How is The Generals different from your previous bands?

Rickard:The blend between all different genres is what makes us stand out in general. Everything from blues, stoner, death and hardcore.

TC 9:Before music,what the bands loves to doing  ?

Rickard:We like motorcycles. Three out of four band members drive Harley Davidson.

TC 10:The band choice a single for this album and why this choice?

Rickard:Yes, we have released 3 singles. It has been a discussion with the label for what represent the band best and what songs fits best for single regarding intro and direct punch.

TC 11:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Rickard:It’s a mix between the metaphorical and the factual of the concept “To Hell. The foreground with the cemetary is the actual path to hell and the big building represents the godly and untouchable force of things going to hell.

TC 12:The band was invited or invited to play at Sunlight ?

Rickard:We recorded our debut “Stand up Straight” there back in 2008 and wanted to go back there now for our third. We called Skogsberg and asked if he was interested and that he was.

TC 13:The band thinks this album is conceptual?Yes or no and why?

Rickard:No concept to this album, no. Closest thing is the tech thing I mentioned. You can aslo see this in the cover art if you look closely.

TC 14:The band feel differences between lyrical and sound in Blood For Blood and now in To Hell ?

Rickard:Not really. I always mix serious topics with not so serious lyrics. I write a lot for myself since I enjoy the process.

TC 15:Which bands positively inspire ours ?

Rickard:We have a lot of inspirational bands. But the most obvious would be Dismember, Entombed and At the gates, but also bands like Vader and Amon amarth along side bands like The Hellacopters inspire us in many ways.

TC 16:What subject the band would never make a song?

Rickard:Good question. We would never make a song that is to political and we would never attack someone by name for any reasons.

TC 17:Message to the fans, guys.the interview is over!

Rickard:Thank you all for standing by us, waiting for us. We are alive and well. Hope that you enjoy our new album “To Hell” that comes out February 26th and we really hope that we can tour soon and meet you all out there!

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