Interview 782 with Dutch Band Buired

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Proudly, Conservative Tempest arrives at its 782 Interview with Dutch Band Buried.The band show for us your debut album entitled Oculus Rot.The band have this formation:Joel Sta on Vocal,Steve on Guitar,Worm on Bass and Robbe V on Drums.90% of the band played in Pyaemia. But it would be an illusion to think that Buried would be a revamped Pyaemia.They made a point of making it clear in other interviews done and for us, it was also made very clear.In this interview, the vocalist talks about this and other subjects related to music and Buried itself.Follow our conversation in all your emotions. But before that, their music.

TC 1:Some of the members came from the band Pyaemia. It is possible to make comparisons between Pyaemia and Buried ?

Joel STA:Hi Felipe, Joel here. As one of those three members I can say that it would be nearly impossible to not make some comparisons. However, it’s Steve, our guitarist who creates the songs and his style is very much different than where we come from. And it’s something we are very happy with because the last thing we want to be is a lesser version of a band people still talk fondly of. You see, in our bio we talk about burying Pyaemia and starting with something fresh. That’s clearly a fun pun to let the world know that we are focusing on something different now. Pyaemia won’t resurrect anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t still create furious and inspired music. Hopefully, people will recognize each individual musical style fit into our new band.

TC 2:What themes were used for the composition of Oculus Rot?

Joel:I think it was Steve who came up with the concept of Oculus Rot and it’s not that we build a complete album around it but in terms of lyrical themes they are all somehow connected with what that title is all about. Our darkest fears and the mishaps of mankind in general, mixed with a little gore here and there. It’s nothing that hasn’t been said already a thousand times but it’s just such a big part of what the appeal of death metal is to me. Music wise I think we just wanted to create something we would love to hear ourselves, relentless but still with a good song structure. Real headbanging material.

TC 3:One of Buried stated that in 2005 after Pyaemia ended, you continued to create music on other projects. Could you say which bands would be these ?

Joel:Besides some jamming with friends, I was and still am active in Arsebreed, we released a brand-new album on Brutal Mind Records in November of last year called ‘Butoh’, check it out!Robbe started jamming with Steve earlier before I joined them in 2013 and in 2017, we were reunited with Worm on bass.

TC 4:In the middle of the album process, there were people who thought Buried would be a continuation of Pyaemia ?

Joel:There will always be people hoping that Pyaemia will come back but we are not going to. We are very grateful for all the love that Pyaemia has received over the years but we are totally focused on Buried now, we have had great reviews since the release and are really pleased with that! It’s good to hear that people like what we are doing here. And for those who don’t, there’s plenty of other bands to like .

TC 5:How band arrive to Brutal Mind ?

Joel:With Arsebreed we also signed with Brutal Mind and I was already in contact with Deni who runs Brutal Mind. He’s an incredibly nice guy who works extremely hard to get all the bands on his label the attention they need. I’m not a big social media of guy but I totally acknowledge the fact that it can help you in a tremendous way in terms of exposure. They do all those things and more just out of pure love for extreme music. We are very happy with BM and with both Arsebreed and Disavowed on their roster we have a strong Dutch alliance again.

TC 6:Suffocation, Revocation and Decapitated are the great influences of the band. Which of the three would be the best influence and why ?

Joel:Our guitarist Steve comes from a somewhat different musical background which as gives lot of flavor to our style, I think. We are both very fond of ferociousness of Revocation combined with the stop-go riffing Decapitated displays on their last albums. I think he combines those influences with his own style very well.

TC 7:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album ?

Joel:Well, we liked the fact that something modern as the Oculus Rift could be used as displayed in the artwork. A man sitting in an imaginary nightmarish chair seeing all these horrific images about himself. He can’t move and is basically forced to endure it all, hmm kind of like the end scene in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ come to think of it, haha. Our good friend John Douglas did a wonderful job capturing our ideas and created a killer piece with a 50’s horror comic illustration approach to it which we really like!

TC 8:The band feel differences between lyrical and sound in Tenebrous and now in Oculus Rot ?

Joel:Our Tenebrous EP was made relatively soon after I joined the band and it served as a sort of opportunity to see what we could do song and sound wise. It also gave us a stick to hit venues with to get some show going. After that we started fleshing out more what we wanted to do which in the end results in what we all feel represents Buried as we feel it should. We took quite some time to do that and sometimes we would have arguments about that but in the end, I think we created a form of making music which makes all of us happy. We now have some 4 new songs in the making so our next album will probably won’t take another 7 years to create.

TC 9:What kind of subject will never deserve a Buried song ?

Joel:There’s not really a message in our lyrics it’s merely used as a narrative for the brutal music. In that sense there would never be a place for political topics in our lyrics. 

TC 10:Some of Buried said that the band has new approaches and that we do not expect a version 2.0 of Pyaemia. Something I was glad, because I didn´t want that. The question is. What would these new approaches be?

Joel:That’s cool to hear but you know, we don’t even look at it that way anymore. I understand it comes to people’s minds but this is something different. Besides the fact that the main structure is set up by Steve we actually work a lot together between the four of us to make it into something we all like, I think. I hope in the end people can appreciate Buried without having Pyaemia in the back of their head.

TC 11:What was the first single released by your label ? This choice was made by the label itself or the band suggested the choice ?

Joel:We suggested it and Deni from BM liked it too. It’s the opening song on the album and it just pummels from the beginning till the end. I think it’s a nice introduction in who we are.

TC 12:The band thinks this album is conceptual? yes or no and why?

Joel:Well, as stated before, a little bit yes. I think it lyrical themes and art all just blended together nicely but it wasn’t some well thought up plan to be honest. 

TC 13:Before music,what bands loves to doing ?

Joel:We’re all a little older and since most of us have families with kids we like to spend time with them. We all love to hang out with friends, drink beers and listen to great music.Hopefully we’ll be able to play live again in the near future, we have missed that as I’m sure everybody has!

TC 14:Which metal band do you like but which has a totally different style than Buried?

Joel:Oh, I’ll listen to anything which is good varying from metal to classical to post rock to electronic music, ambient, and so on.Currently I’m listening a lot to Emma Ruth Rundle, Marriages, Max Richter, Molassess, DIIV, Drab Majesty, Tangent, Deafheaven, Gatecreeper, Crippled Black Phoenix and Oranssi Pazuzu.In terms of new metal I discovered, I really like Vulnere and Revulsion. And of course, the new Disavowed still kicks major ass!

TC 15:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Joel:If you haven’t heard of us, please check us out and let us know what you think! For all who have supported us, thank you very much!The album and merch are up for sale over at and in Europe over here: brutalmind-eu.comHope to see all you at a show real soon again! 

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