Interview 783 with Polish Band Xificurk

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Seeking to make an opposition to the current Black Metal.The Conservate Storm in your interview 783 with Polish band Xificurk.In fact, this band is a duo. They show us their second EP titled as 1410.We talked to Temira, the main glue of this project. Before, however, we must say two things. This is his first interview with a Brazilian website.The second is that Temira explains in this unprecedented conversation that opposition to the beautiful Black metal which he called Blackest Metal.

TC 1:Who ´´s who in band ?

Temira: I mainly do lyrics, guitars and vocals, but also drums. Sitre 
is mainly responsible for keyboards or synths and the whole mix but also 
does drums.During the creation process, we supplement everything with mutual 
suggestions, and we get along perfectly.

TC 2:Why the year 1410 deserved to be the title of this ep ?

Temira: 1410 was the year when the Battle of Grunwald took place. In 
the text layer you can hear specific parallels, but I don’t want to 
reveal everything, let the listener guess.

TC 3:On the band’s Spotify, we have a fifth song. It would be an 
instrumental song ? if the answer is yes,Why it is not on the ep ?

Temira:That must be a mistake, I’ve checked it, only 4 song on spotify,I am 
sending the screen in the attachment.

TC 4:The band said they wanted to oppose beautiful black metal today.How is 
this opposition made?

Temira: First of all, we reject the basic structure what black metal 
should look like”, we do not limit ourselves like most BM bands
with their sub-genre frames. We try to capture the experimental feel of 
the 90s. Most bands these days only make music,we live and breathe black metal all the time.

TC 5:The band feel differences between 1 and now in 1410?

Temira: The biggest difference between the first and the second EP is 
our experience, getting to know the possibilities and looking for our 
own sound.But the approach to creation itself, as well as the idea behind it, 
remained the same.

TC 6:How band arrive to Void Wanderer Producions ?

Temira:We came completely by accident. We liked our material and we 
were open to publishing suggestions.We really appreciate the contact with the Void Wanderer label.

TC 7:How is Xificurk different from previous bands ?

Temira:I don’t know what you mean by “previous bands”, but regardless 
of whether you mean the bands we played in or any other bands, the rule 
is simple. Fuck them, we’re here and now taking advantage of our time.

TC 8:Why the band have this name ?

Temira:When I take the cross in my hand I turn it over, I did the same 
with the band name, I wrote Krucifix and wrote it backwards. A Symbolic 
salt in the Christian eye.

TC 9:Before music,what the band loves to doing ?

Temira:Nothing. I do like lot of different things but music is my thing to wake up again.

TC 10:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album ?

Temira:I made the photo myself, it is a castle in Łapalice, 
construction began in 1983 and was not completed.It is for us an allegory to our work, something created today, with today’s possibilities without losing the past.

TC 11:What´s black metal bands inspire Xificurk?

Temira: My biggest inspiration is this fucked up Christian country that 
I live in.

TC 12:A provocative but respectful question. I know we are close to the 
release of the band’s new ep, but in a short time. We can have a 
complete album by Xificurk ?

Temira:We are currently focusing on the split with Svartalv Halvorsen 
for the rest, follow our social media, sooner or later something 
will appear.

TC 13:This Ep is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Temira:Yes, each piece is more or less obviously related to each 
other, but I will not reveal anything here because I am curious when 
someone will mature for it.

TC 14:Some literature helps to inspire the band ?

Temira:There will be no news here when it comes to black metal bands, 
H. P. Lovecraft, Tolkien etc.

TC 15:Which subject would never deserve a song for Xificurk ?

Temira:We will definitely never stand up for the church.

TC 16:Messsage to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Temira:if you can only go right or left, always go the middle.

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