Tempestades Parceiras 2

Cthulhu stream their debut on Bandcamp. Single “Remnant Of Hate” on Youtube.

Hailing from The Netherlands, Thrash Metal re-imagined their way.

Strike with fear, in the form of the Great Old Thrasher, Cthulhu is here!

May the ripple in air burst thy very core, from a record you’ve never heard before!

The young Dutch band presents thrash mixed with heavy, sounding very American as a result.

In 2018, thrash metal band Cthulhu first came to be after several years of rehearsing and performing cover material. Material and lyrics kept on coming and became the band we have today. The formation has seen 35 shows in its first year, pre-album release, with a set of self-written material and 2 covers.

February 28th 2021, their first CD album: “Cremator of the Sky” was released, after being postponed due to the current Covid-19 lockdown in The Netherlands. Now the band is streaming the whole 40-minute record in full . There’s also “Remnant Of Hate” single on Youtube.

Symphonic Power Foxlord releases the debut single

Foxlord (Park Rapids, Minnesota) is a brainchild of a multi-instrumentalist Darius Gray. It was created in 2018 and has been developing its sound ever since. The influences are Dragony, Pathfinder, Emerald Sun, Dragonland, Rhapsody (of Fire and not) and many others. Gray has been using his favorite Cort x500 guitar with Behringer Vampire lx1500h, but had to learn how to play drums, bass and keyboards because of the lack of dedicated musicians in his area. Finally he had to master the craft of singing, that’s why the debut comes out after 3 years of hard work.

Here’s Foxlord debut single, “Awakening Silence”

Ouçam a música Blind Crow da Banda Iraniana de Metalcore

Banda Inglesa chamada Sphaericus-Vamos aos Tracklists

1.O3 05:39
2.Invisible 04:37
3.The Graveyard Shift 04:30
4.Sacrilege 03:32
5.Bonds & Chains 04:06
6.Writhing Dissolution 04:40
7.Deceit 05:01
8.Void Of Concept 04:20
9.Aspiration 04:15
10.Deaf People Poking Cows 05:38
11.Desolation Of A Barren Soul 04:52

Fechando esta primeira parte,apresentamos a música Glass Crown da banda internacional Phantom Elite Elite.Internacional pois a sua vocalista é brasileira e os outros integrantes são holandeses.O álbum foi lançado via Frontiers Records.

Publicado por Lipetempestade

Uma pessoa de personalidade forte mas disciplinadora e exigente

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