Interview 792 with Italian Band Vilemass

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The Conservate Storm show for us your 792 Interview with Italian Extreme Metal Band Vilemass.The band it presents to us your debut album entitled Gore Weed Distortion.This album was done by Cult Of Parthenope.We start the interview in all our all emotions.But,we start with a band song. Before that, we must say that the main influences of the band in this work are extreme American bands.
She also had before this album, Vilemass nurtured an energy of Thrash metal, but, that was left out.

TC 1:Who´ s who in band ?

Leo Pizzi:Antonio Cosmai on Singer and Bass,Pietro Dell Olio on Guitar and Leo Pizzi on Drums.

TC 2:How was the composition of Gore Weed Distortion ?

Leo Pizzi:We have composed Gore weed distortion in 3 or 4 years for our personal trouble outside the band and just because we write new music only with 100% of appeal and feelings… although the proposal is very homogeneous, you can ear the differents moment on the album and for us it’s a good thing. The make of the song is such a mix of adrenalin and good vibrations for what we play in that moment, we take part in active way on the instrumental writing of all tracks, no one has dominant opinion or last word and this way sometimes take a lot of time.but the result is convincing and the songs have a soul or we think that.

TC 3:It’s normal for a certain amount of time to elapse between the ep and the full album. But Why that interval was five years ?

Leo Pizzi:Ep first underground release was in may 2016 and after 1 year in 2017 we published the same Ep worldwide via extreme metal music label and In addition to this as i say before , our private life and obligations outside the band have influenced the making time of the songs, it wasn’t easy to combine our lives trouble , playing live concerts , composing new material and last but not least the 2020 of the pandemic that banned our programs for many months. But we are determined and we have our times.

TC 4:-I don’t know if I speak to the singer, but I’ll ask. It’s nice for Antonio to be compared to Chris Barnes ?

Leo Pizzi:I’m the drummer , we read in some review and heard in some after show comments about this compare.Antonio is happy for sure, but we think about this as a funny thing.Chris Barnes is a monster and a good inspiration with Corpsegrinder , it’s true. But, We have Antonio and we love his approach and his style is more and more personal and he works hard to improve him at best.

TC 5:From what we hear, American Death Metal is your main influence. But the extreme Italian metal also influences you ?

Leo Pizzi:For sure we have fire with American death metal scene and we love and respect a lot of bands of the Italian scene , especially the underground. Italy is a Forge of kick-ass band especially in death metal. But we don’t talk of influences, we talk of respect. We probably feel called into question when we talk about “NATRON” , an historical band from our region in puglia in south italy. That make great thing for Italian death metal scene in Europe and in the worldwell, we hope to be good children, it would be an honor.

TC 6:It´s more easy or more pratical a powertrio band ?

Leo Pizzi:Simply, we are three friends that love to play fast and brutal. We try to search an other guitar , but it’s not easy to find someone with same attitude and taste for this kind of metal…otherwise in 3 we feel complete, but if one day we ‘ll meet the 4° friend that love metal we ‘ll ready to give him welcome.

TC 7:Despite the common respect between the bands. Could you talk to a Death Metal band that you don’t like ?

Leo Pizzi:We are for the politically correct ,everyone has their own beliefs and tastes. It’ wouldn’t be productive.We only care about our music.

TC 8:How come band arrive to Cult of Parthenope ?

Leo Pizzi:We have contact on line and just send our files and like to them , so we talk and make the deal in fast time. We think it’s a small but serious label , clear and direct. We have contacts with other label before but this deal it seems right for our needs.

TC 9:Why the band abandoned its Thrash metal streak ?

Leo Pizzi:That’s not entirely true,in our opinion our sound has a backbone at its base about thrash metal.We sure got angry musically with this album , but thrash metal vein is an important component also to make a good death metal music.But, ok compared to EP DRILLED BY BULLETS , we gave more space to our aggressive and technical. I talk about guitar riffing vein only because we have fun and we fill this.

TC 10:How is Vilemass different from your previous bands ?

Leo Pizzi:Vilemass don’t want to be different from nobody , we play what we want and our sound in a certain way is very simple and direct. If you play loud an our song and bang your head and think.This 3 bastard beat hard and honest,we are happy and we ‘ll continue to do this.

TC 11:This album is conceptual? yes or no and why?

Leo Pizzi:It ‘s not conceptual. In general, for the themes of the lyrics we travel between the usual brazen vein of denunciation and disagreement towards some episodes and themes of contemporary society with a certain almost punk attitude that we have never hidden and other episodes where our singer Antonio Cosmai , lets himself go into sinister and dark tales, bordering on the satirical and without any inhibiting restraint, on topics such as passion & sex, weird murders and cannabis use.Opening a more intimate and disturbing vein in the topics of the album .In short, a Gore weed distortion just to clarify.

TC 12:Why the band have this name ?

Leo Pizzi:It’s a word game.Vilemass at first vile-mess.But, finally, we feel in the word vilemass the right mediation between music and songs themes.

TC 13:Which subject would never deserve a song for Vilemass ?

Leo Pizzi:Hard question.As I sayd before , we have a certain punk and liberal approach about our lyric.But, never say never about subject for a theme, it’s all about at inspiration moment.

TC 14:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Leo Pizzi:Listen to Vilemass and enjoy the honest brutal death metal from italy! Search us in every streaming music portal worldwide or buy your digipak copy with special artwork . Support underground! Thanks a lot.

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