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BECERUS “Homo Homini Brutus” (April 30th 2021)
BECERUS’ first grunt is a genuine declaration of love for the 90″s Death Metal scene! Fans of early Cannibal Corps, Broken Hope or Monstrosity will definitely have a boner with this! Featuring Giorgio from Assumption and Mario from Balatonizer, BECERUS will dive you into a magma of riffs, ignorance and insane growl
BECERUS have absolutely NO LYRICS!

Becerus is the brand new fetid death metal creature of singer Mario (Balatonizer) and guitarist/bassist Giorgio (Assumption, Morbo, Undead Creep, Haemophagus and more). Mysterious drummer and bone wielder Paul Bicipitus instantly joins the project to make some primitive noise in the common cave. Their only aim is playing the most vile and decerebrate form of music ever made while worshipping the gross and ungainly figure of the mighty Becer, a disgusting , hostile creature whose muscles, dirty hair and belly instantly scare every living thing crossing his path. Based in Italy but willing to spread their stench in all the directions, Becerus is about brutal and mortal death metal so, if Broken Hope, Monstrosity, early Cannibal Corpse and Baphomet are your thing, then you’ll be fine with these cavemen. If you’re looking instead for avantgarde experimentation you probably better go somewhere else.

For fans of:
Cannibal Corpse, Broken Hope, Monstrosity,Sanguisugabogg

BLACK HOLE DEITY “Lair Of Xenolich” (February 5th 2021)
Members of Chaos Inception and Malignancy join forces to unleash a new crushing ensamble! Black Hole Deity are purveyors of old school mastery yet sounding modern and tight. This is Death Metal, period.

Black Hole Deity is an all-new supernatural and sci-fi-themed death metal band formed by Cam Pinkerton and Chris White, co-founders of cult death metal band Chaos Inception. Cam recruited Alec Cordero from Los Angeles, CA, from the death metal bands Cruelty Exalted and Calcemia to handle lead guitar duties and finally got none other than Mike Heller of Malignancy, Fear Factory, and Raven to handle the drum duties.
On top of Mike Heller’s relentless drumming and Chris White’s flesh-searing vocals, Alec Cordero’s 80’s shred/fusion jazz style solo adds a refreshing twist to contrast the song’s otherwise dark and brutal atmosphere.
After the first single, in which it was clear the intent to melt old-school approaches with forward-thinking riffage inspired by Formulas-era Morbid Angel & Despise the Sun-era Suffocation (to name a few) the band started shaping the 5-song EP you are hearing right now, progressive yet dark and brutal.

For fans of:
Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, Azarath, Aeon, Mithras

Rising U.S. Heavy Metal force SLEEPLESS have released a lyric video for “Host Desecration,” a track from forthcoming debut EP Blood Libel. Check it out at youtu.be/MLp2iRNulEo
Original members of 80’s death metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy, Eric Dorsett and Eric Detablan have joined forces with their old friend, guitarist, singer and production machine Kevin Hahn to form SLEEPLESS. Classic, scorching Heavy Metal pulses through debut EP Blood Libel, which will be released on March 12 via Necromantic Press Records.
The first single from Blood Libel, “Blood Libel (A Vampire Tale),” was released late last year and is available for purchase and streaming at the following location: sleeplessmetal.bandcamp.com/track/blood-libel-a-vampire-tale
Heavy metal inspired by an internal need to slam accepted dogma and to shed light on a dark past that is largely forgotten, Blood Libel is the genuine article! Metal, thrash, melody, and at times, depressive introspection, add up to a memorable gut-punch of an EP.
“The trick is that they are meant to be a traditional heavy metal act, but the death metal history makes its way into the actual music itself, thus creating something that could be heavy/death metal? Blood Libel is a quick taste of something stellar in the making.”– Sleeping Village Reviews
“A classic heavy metal EP, influenced by a determination to bring dark history into the light and change perspectives, in the process. Combining melodic thrash with bleak contemplation, ‘BL’ packs a punch.”– Rock Queen Reviews
Track List:
1. The Man Who Could Not Sleep [Lyric Video]2. Host Desecration [Lyric Video]3. Deluded Hordes4. Blood Libel (A Vampire Tale) [Lyric Video]
The EP was produced and mastered by Kevin Hahn (Dead Conspiracy, Poison Idea, Panzer God, Paul Gilbert).

Segundo Álbum da banda Nova-Iorquina Natur intitulado como Afternoon Nightmare.A banda pratica um heavy metal clássico de alta qualidade.A banda tem harmonia,técnica e faz um maravilhoso som.

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