Interview 855 with Serbian Band Infest

Serbia’s INFEST Announce Psychosis Album; IMMOLATION Members Guest On Track

The Conservate Storm show for you the interview 855 with this Serbian Band Infest.This band have the old school deathrash metal,but with your own face.They show for us your sixth album entitled Psychosis.The band have this formation:Vandal on Vocal and Guitar,Tyrant on Guitar,Storm on Bass and Zombie on Drums.After win the Covid 19,Vandal gave us this fantastic interview, which is also unpublished for a Brazilian page.Here, he tells about his band, about the new album and other details. Which you will follow in all your emotions.
Before, a song from them.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Psychosis?

Vandal:Hails!It’s been a long period of making compositions for the Psychosis record. I have been very dedicated in making the concept of it all, so in the end I am very satisfied with how it was done. Also, we had special guests, so it all had to be arranged in the proper way, but as I said, it was worth it.Ross Dolan and Bob Vigna from Immolation were special guests on The Last Cremation track, and Igor Miladinovic from Chaosium did amazing job on Hail fire Hail Death. Roberto Toderico was the artwork master, and mastering was done by legendary Dan Swano.

TC 2:What´s band mean with stubborn death metal?

Vandal:Well, we have been in this kind of music for over 19 years already, and we have never changed our goals in music. It’s just the way it is, it is a way of life. Death metal is the only thing that brings joy as non other music.

TC 3:Why the song chapter have two parts?

Vandal:Chapters are there to split the album concept, as the entire album is dedicated to mental illness and its reflection to the world. Every illness has its period of incubation, before it starts to show its consequences. That’s why we placed the chapter in the middle, and in the end, as a final line of the process, and the final moment of life.

TC 4:The band choice a single for this album and why this choice?

Vandal:We had two singles before the album showed up, and it was The Last Cremation, where Ross and Bob were involved, and Hail Fire Hail Death with Igor.We were thrilled to show to the people around us how much we were happy with this cooperation and how much we invested ourselves in it.

TC 5:What´s the lyrical theme for this album?

Vandal:Album concept is based on problems of the people with mental illnesses and how much they are ignored by the society. Their problems are totally ignored by this world full of different shit, and we were there to stand the ground for them, and show to the world through music that they are not alone. Also, a lot of mental illnesses are connected to religion, and that is why we wanted to show the way some people act in religious ecstasy.

TC 6:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Vandal:Artwork is done by Toderico Robert, and it is a picture where many faces are glued into one. So many personalities are zipped in one head and when it explodes, many bad things happen.

TC 7: Before music,what the bands loves to doing?

Vandal:Well, I love wing chun kung fu and Carp fishing. And for the rest of the guys, you must speak with them.ONE THING IS FOR SURE, THEY LOVE TO DRINK 🙂

TC 8:What kind of coherence do you want to create on this album?

Vandal:I dont want to make any coherence. We create music in the way we feel it the best. Our music creates unity spirit between the people, and that is our only aim. brothers, warriors, unity, metal.

TC 9:Some literature inspire the band?

Vandal:Well of course, a lot of books about psychological problems, Necronomikon, and many others.

TC 10:How is Infest different from your previous bands?

Vandal:Well, I have been involved in some bands as a session, but never had previous bands as my own, so for me personally, Infest is the alpha and omega for me.

TC 11:The band feel differences between Addicted to Flash and now in Psychosis?

Vandal:It’s a way of growing in musical aspect and in growing up as a person.
The way is the same, the route is the same, only cars are built up a little bit.Infest is a very direct band, so not many changes were involved, but we try on every album to make it different as much as possible, but not the change the course of the road.

TC 12:What subject don´t deserve a song for Infest?

Vandal:We would never sing about racism, political stuff, and all the things that can destroy our mind.We would never pay attention to that kind of stuff, so in that way we don’t show any value to that shit, as racism and politics are. Keep your fuckin politics out of metal. metal is for all races, and every single man, beside what he eat of drink, and which god he prays to.

TC 13:The band thinks this album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Vandal:As I said, it is many problems are involved for the people with disabilities, and we wanted to support their stories and make their problem visible.

TC 14:-How band arrive to Defying Danger Records?

Vandal:We met on a festival, and it all started very quickly. Jens is a great guy, and its just a pleasure working with him.

TC 15:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over!

Vandal:Thank you all for staying with us through all these years! We are legion, we are one! Keep your eye on each other, and never forget about your attitude, about your dreams and thought.Metal is a way of life, not a phase. WE ARE LEGION!

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