Interview 885 With Ukranian Band Mist Tower

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The Conservative Storm arrives in its Interview 885 with a band that mixes Stoner with psychedelia. A mix that has always borne fruit.But, the fact here is that this country does not have a very strong tradition in metal. Be this metal of any style. We are talking about Ukraine and the band Mist Tower and that releases their EP entitled Obsession. The band is formed by Arytom Matilenko on Vocals,Alexander Hodosevych and Andrew Djentleman on Guitars,Simon Buzzkeeper on Bass and Yaroslav Starovich on Drums.Alexander answered our questions.Which you will follow in all your emotions.But, rather a song from them.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Obsession?

Alexander Hodosevych:To tell the truth, the tracks were written over the course of a year and we had to change and rewrite some later in order to bring the EP to a common sound.

TC 2:We know that July 4th is North American independence. But for the band, why did this date deserve a song?

Alexander Hodosevych:For us, there is a lot of symbolism in this date, because the song is about Vietnam. And the roots of this music lie in the USA.

TC 3:What´s band mean with Kolodyaz?

Alexander Hodosevych:This track began with the sound of a delay, like the echo of a falling stone into the depths of a well. Kolodyaz means a well in Ukrainian. This word gives an authentic meaning to this track.

TC 4:It is said that you did a long reflection for this album. What subjects are covered in this super creative reflection?

Alexander Hodosevych:We just smoked a lot,:). Looking at the sky during these smoke breaks.

TC 5:Can we say that this ep is a preparation for a full album in the near future?

Alexander Hodosevych:In the near future, another EP. We are still accumulating material and it is quite different. So far we are in search and it is difficult to say in the end what kind of music we will end up with.

TC 6:How is Mist Tower different from your previous bands?

Alexander Hodosevych:The participants of Mist Tower came from different bands and in the past many played completely different music, for some it became the first whole project in general. But all of us were united by the desire to do something interesting in fuzz music.

TC 7:What occult rituals band use in this ep?

Alexander Hodosevych:We are very sensitive to the thin layers of reality and do not violate boundaries unnecessarily. But certainly certain preparations have been made.

TC 8:We respect the band’s decision, but why don’t we see sludge elements in the Mist Tower?

Alexander Hodosevych:Because our drummer has thin sticks.

TC 9:The ep is called Obsession. But can these obsessions have a malignant bias?

Alexander Hodosevych:Of course, for us, the content is subjective. it’s all about our obsessions.

TC 10:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Alexander Hodosevych:It depicts, in a sense, an ideal being capable of embodying human desires, while being a catalyst for the obsession.

TC 11:What kind of subject don´t deserve a song for Mist Tower?

Alexander Hodosevych:Everything that exists, can be interesting from a certain angle.

TC 12:Before music,what the bands loves to doing?

Alexander Hodosevych:.Tea, beer, smoke and lots of coffee.

TC 13:What´s bands influence ours?

Alexander Hodosevych:There are many of them and each has its own order. But I think we can say that we were influenced by Electric Wizard, Conan, 1000moods, Oasis.

TC 14:This ep is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Alexander Hodosevych:Yes, this album can be called a conceptual one.Obsession is a topic that affects every track, it explains everything that happens, giving a mystical meaning or talking about human passions and hyperbolized desires.

TC 15:I liked all the songs, but the Devil’s Knife impressed me. Why would the devil need a knife? And, would this demon be our darkest thoughts or the fearsome biblical devil?

Alexander Hodosevych:So, we think that this demon be our darkest thoughts, that torment our souls like the devil’s knife.

TC 16:What´s band mean with Waltz of life?

Alexander Hodosevych:With these words, we wanted to emphasize the complexity, integrity and at the same time a certain direction that humanity has undergoing different passions at certain intervals of time, just like we are dancing tango, such a mockery of what we sing about.

TC 17:Message to the fans,the interview is over.

Alexander Hodosevych:Thanks.

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