Interview 887 with French Band Uncomfortable Knowledge

Le band français.
Magnifique Artwork de la belle reine noire.

Nowadays, it would be a mistake or, more directly, an irresponsibility to say that France does not have its window open for Heavy Metal. The Window is wide open, more than simply open.However, it is the first time we speak with a French band that brings a sound more dedicated to the sadness and misfortunes we have in life.
The Conservative Storm arrives in her Interview 887 with the French Band Uncomfortable Knowledge and she shows us her debut work entitled as Black Queen.GUILLAUME SABATIER on Vocals,ADRIEN TIREL and SEBASTIEN HENDERSCHIETT on Guitars,GUILLAUME TIREL on Bass and ROBIN OLIVIER on Drums.Sabatier answer our questions.Which, you will follow in all your emotions.Before that, a song from our interviewees as usual in our previous interviews.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Black Queen?

Guillaume Sabatier:All started with Adrien compositions (Rythm guitar) Guillaume his brother came after that to add his bass, Sébastien (lead guitar) had to work on some solo to impprove the songs and finally I did my lyrics, the challenge for me was the clean vocals. Find the right melody and etc, it was really interesting to work these aspects.

TC 2:What kinds of emotions did the band want to bring to this album?

Guillaume Sabatier:This songs are the way for us to bring out the difficults parts of our lives, it came out of this sadness, lonelyness, depression.

TC 3:What unique projections did the band want to do for the album?

Guillaume Sabatier:We just wanted to do the best we could for this first album, bring out the best of every one and work all together to unleash black queen!

TC 4:Does Only War music have connotations with the world wars or the wars we face daily?

Guillaume Sabatier:Only war is for all you face daily, all the struggles hard time, etc..

TC 5:Why the band have this name?

Guillaume Sabatier:The band is Adrien idea he wanted this name to represente all the bad things we hear constantly, without being able to do anything at our level to improuve the situation.

TC 6:How did realism inspire the band?

Guillaume Sabatier:If you talk about the artwork it’s really the artist approach, Reuben from Visualamnesia.We talk about the history of the lyrics black queen an how I imagined the front cover he did all the rest!

TC 7::What kind of colors is the band about in this fourth song?

Guillaume Sabatier:The colors song is about friendship, how two friends representing in primary colors blue and yellow was giving a perfect green before and give now du to arguments a mess far away from green.

TC 8::What´s the idea behind artwork ´´s album?

Guillaume Sabatier:The artwork represent the black queen an homage to my mother died when I was 22 years old from cancer. The lyrics speaks from them selves!

TC 9:How is Uncomfortable Knowledge different from previous bands?

Guillaume Sabatier:In my opinion our strength is that we see the band as an artist collectiv not just the musician but everyone else who contribute. Like the film maker, graphist, sound engineer etc all these people form the U/K family!

TC 10:At some point, you talk about the human wink. Are Freud or Jung part of these inspirations or was it your own experiences that made the lyrics come out?

Guillaume Sabatier:It’s our own experiences, told with images. It’s my way of writing.

TC 11:I was talking about the painting on the album cover. That shows a certain melancholy. Given that, can we say that there is a vein of doom in the band’s sound?

Guillaume Sabatier:Certainly it’s melancholic!Maybe more Sludge than doom with also hardcore and rocknroll influence!

TC 12:Before music,what the bands loves to doing?

Guillaume Sabatier:We have all differents occupations outside of music, like wood working, live streaming etc..

TC 13:What kind of subject don´t deserve aUncomfortable Knowledge song?

Guillaume Sabatier:Everyone can talk about everything, personally I like talking about my experiences it’s feel good and sometimes made me realise a lot of thing about my past mistakes.

TC 14:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Guillaume Sabatier:This album is not a concept album maybe the next one!

TC 15:The influence on the romanticism that the band puts on is incredible. But, can we say that this malaise with modernity is also part of the members or was it just the sources for the songs?

Guillaume Sabatier:Yes, the sadness you feel when you listening came directly from difficult part of my life.

TC 16:What´s band mean with cohesive composition?

Guillaume Sabatier:We knew each other before starting the band, so the composition of the songs was natural! Everyone contribute and everyone listen to the other guys, that’s why we are proud of this first album!

TC 17:Message to the fans,guys.interview is done.

Guillaume Sabatier:Keep going to the show, support you local band it’s very important if you want to keep the artistic culture alive!And maybe one day we will see you all in Brazil!!!

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