Interview 888 with Danish Band Endarken

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Scandinavia has always been one of the greatest mothers to make Heavy Metal. But, this time, this mother presents a country that has tradition but that now seeks its renewal.This band that we’ll talk about and that marks our 888 interview is a part of this renewal. We’re talking about the band Endarken.This is debut album entitled The Plague Of Truth.The band is formed by:Tim Nederveen on Vocals,Anders Høeg and Henrik Rangstrup on Guitars,Troels on Bass and Dennis Buhl on Drums.Tim and Troels answer our questions.Which, you will follow in a little while in all your emotions.Before, of course, we go to a song by our Danish interviewees.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in The Plague of Truth? 

Troels:Well, that’s actually a tough question, since talking of one’s own music is a broad topic. But to break it down, the songs are mainly written after a classical song structure intro, verse, pre-chorus,  chorus, bridge, etc. Here god lies in the detail. When writing a pretty straight forward song in a classic manner, our  music tends to have subtle ”twists” such as altered tonality, little rhythmical alterations and such to  keep the listeners ears haning on till the very end. These subtle elements ensure the persistence of a song’s composition, so when the track plays through you get minor changes here and there that  keeps you listening without feeling bored or at least we hope so, hahahaha.

TC 2:What is Da Stargo Tora ? 

Tim Nederveen:Da stargo tora” is a phrase in the Pashto language. Directly translated it is “The black of my eye”. Which in some cases translates into have great  affection or love for something or someone.  In our song, the angles is shifted a bit, as the phrase is “The black IN my eyes”. “Da stargo tora” could be interpreted as having a critical view on the world and structures we live in. It is about having a  crititcal view on life and on the world, and it is about following your heart – trusting your instinct,  your “black” heart and “black” eyes aka being a metalhead. It is the ability to identify bullshit and  prophets of apathy. On a more simple level it could also be interpreted as love for the metal music in general. And the  love for the metal-culture.But as it is poetry, it would be cool hearing what listeners get out of the lyrics.All the lyrics are  meant to be somewhat open to interpretation for the individual listening. 

TC 3:The band says that the truth is a plague, but is it this plague because today we lie more than in  the days of our parents and grandparents?

Tim Nederveen:Truth is individual. Truth is generally accepted when a critical mass of believers agree on the  “truth”. We talk about Social Medias influence, we talk about fake news, we talk about lies, but  what is a lie? And what is the thruth? It is a puzzle and a plague In another perspective, truth can simply be a plague. Once you know the truth, you cannot go back  to previous beliefs and the truth can be overwhelming and painfull. So, I guess the title is open for interpretation as well. What do you derive from it?

Troels:It can refer to a metaphysical awakening seeing the world and its uneven structural DNA clear as  day. You can talk of the plague as the responsebility that comes with seeing the world for what it is.

TC 4:In song thirteen, the band speaks of a commitment. What is this commitment that the band  refers to? 

Tim Nederveen:Song thirteen is “The Pledge”. A pledge is commitment, but the lyrics revolve around, and are  inspired by the book “Ética para Amador” by Fernando Savater. In this book, he passes on  knowledge and inspiration to his son. When doing this, his son has already taken a bit of Fernando’s  mind while he was writing the book and he in return takes a bite of his sons mind  when the son reads the book. So they take a bite our of each others minds, and are therefore  “thoughs of a cannibal”,passing on knowledge.With inspiration of this great intro and inspiring book, the lyrics revolve around “taking a bite of your mind (the listener)”, “placing a seed” of knowledge and insight an eye opener and “leading the  listener to answer”, and “a way to defeat” the broken world and broken systems we live in… That is,  IF you believe this is the truth ‘cause what is the truth? It all depends on which prophet you  believe.It could also be a metaphor on how human interact, react, and absorb oppinions from each other  and also how humans preach and are able to “take bites” out of other humans minds, and introduce  “seeds” which lead to new awakings and belief. Good or bad.     

TC 5:In the eighth song, the band sings about an angel close to god. But can we say that you treat this angel more evil than he normally is?

Tim Nederveen:Seraphim is the manifestation and the visual metaphor for many belief systems, religions etc. that  corrupt and change our minds. As Phrophets of apathy implies lyrically and in the music-video, we  are in many cases driven by “Fake lights”, which “Drive hate”, “Shape lies” and end up taking lives in those who have other beliefs… The Seraphim is a direct metaphor for powerful beings,humans as  powerful individuals as well as humans a dominating race on planet earth), who always seem to  want more more domination, more power, more of everything. Power leads to corruption.It is  sad, but it always ends up feeding the evil creature that lives in all of us humans,the Seraphim.

TC 6:Forgetting the context of the music, what things or situations are insurmountable for you?

Troels:Well, that could be a large number of things like getting a raise or waking up every day to free  milkshakes and sunshine. But in all seriousness, of course some things are or can seem  insurmountable.I personally believe to some degree, that though many things can seem insurmountable, you may  want to look at it through lenses of different perspectives and accordingly by trying measures  comming from different angles before admitting defeat. 

Tim Nederveen:Insurmountable is the human race… We always overcome every challenge, Insurmountable.  We creep then we crawl, We rise and stand tall Insurmountable,We kill then we conquer, Feeding the hunger,Will we ever have enough? Will we ever stop conquering and killing?

TC 7:Why the band have this name?

Troels:As far as I recall it was Henrik that came up with it back in the day. Endarken means  covering what was once filled with light in darkness. Our world, as it is right now, is in a very dark  state. It’s become a place where logic, the responsibility and gratitude towards one another and our  common core values are defeated in the eye of profit and unsustainable values.

TC 8:Some Literature inspire the band?

Tim:Anything from books, movies, articles, etc.To ideas that occur in my mind and are fed through the music instrumental before writing the lyrics.

TC 9:How is Endarken different from your previous bands?

Troels:We’re all experienced musicians with a broad variety of musical backgrounds. I would say that since  we all have common experiences as far as bands social dynamics go, we’ve shook off many of the ”childhood diseases” that a lot of bands suffer from. We engage with one another on a social scale,we listen to one another, we respect one another and from that grows the ability to do what metal  is all about having the space to live out your creativity without fear of judgement.

TC 10:This album is conceptual? yes or no and why? 

Troels:Not exactly, there’s an ongoing thread throughout the songs in regards to the lyrical themes but not as ”a thing”.

TC 11:In song four, the band talks about wolves. Are these wolves in a metaphorical sense or should  we interpret it literally?

Tim Nederveen:Awakening the wolves, equals raising your voice, uprising, and tearing down the broken system that leaves a large part of the world with very little, and a small part of the world with all too much.

    TC 12:What kind of subject don´t deserve a song for Endarken?

Troels:Well, in my opinion, subjects that hold no actual value, things that may sound good when using the  voice as an instrument, but holds no meaning or message. 

TC 13:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album? 

Troels:LSD, hahahaha. 

TC 14:Before music, what the bands loves to doing?

Troels:Most of us are parents so spending time with our kids is a big one, other than that a variety of  things, everything from the usual heavy metal stuff and what comes along with it to running,  reading, cooking and drawing, haha…

TC 15:What´s bands influence Endarken?

Troels:Well, in truth a wide spectrum of music. But as far as the bands we lean towards in honour of our  sound i think we will have to go with a lot of swedish stuff like Carnal Forge, the Haunted, Scar  Symmetry, Soilwork etc. 

TC 16:How was participate to Copenhagen Metal Fest? 

Troels:Man, it was a blast. Cross our hearts and hope to die, I don’t think either of us has ever had the  pleasure of such a welcome when revealing a completely new project. I could go on forever about  the pleasure of entering the stage there. If you gave me any question about the premisses of being  there as a band i would say ”A+” to everything all the way down to the quality of their coffee.

TC 17:Mensage to the fans,interview is done.

Troels:Thank you for everything so far, you welcoming us to the scene has been beyond our wildest  imagination and we are deeply humbled. If there was a message to give I would say, go follow us,drop us a comment and keep in touch. Great things are starting to happen and we couldn’t’ do this  without you. Oh yeah, by any means do feel free to buy our stuff, so we can pay the gas money to get out there  and tear the world a new one.

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