Interview 890 with Polish Band Torture Of Hypocrisy

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Poland has always brought us a very wide metal content. High technical bands, but always pulling the more extreme side. This time, we will continue on that extreme side, but with a very different approach. Still, the talent will remain there.We talking about Torture Of Hypocrisy and they doing our Interview 890.They show for us your fourth album entitled Humanufacture.All band answer our questions.The band have this formation:Rafal Kocyba on Vocals,Tomasz Krysiak on Guitar,Dariusz Nawój on Bass and Rafal Sykula on Drums.Let’s go to a song from them so you can follow the interview in all your emotions.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Humanfacture?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:Hi. Most tracks for ‘Humanufacture’ were composed after releasing our previous cd ‘RBMK-1000’, but some tracks like ‘Body Parts Reproduction Facility’ and ‘Mass Murder Mechanism’ were written or started many years ago and it was perfect time now to put those on the album. Some bands could stop creating music during the Covid situation, but in our case it wasn’t a problem at all because we struggled in past with many obstacles like for example extended period of incomplete line up ,so throughout the years we developed this work style were we talk about what we want to achieve, what will be the concept of each album etc., but composing process lies mostly in hand of one person, who is myself. We make demos and based on that everyone learn songs. Then we rehears.

TC 2:Why did the band abandon thrash metal from their style?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:At the beginning of our band’s activity starting from 2007, we played technical thrash with some death, groove and prog influences, but even on the first demo and later on the first album titled “Random Perspectives of Reality” we wrote some 7-string songs like “Last Logical Process” or “Wake Up in The Grave”. This trend and my personal interest in playing on 7-string baritones dedicated band to turn into more extreme genres and resulted in creation of our own style which is blend mixture of industrial, groove, prog and death metal or even so-called djent. But in opposite to hundreds thousands of modern bands nowadays, which sounds alike, we developed our uniqe sound stamp.

TC 3:What kind of human suffering band talk in this album?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:Mostly, the enslavement, the new dimension of it that we see in total consumerism and progression of limitation of civil rights all over the world. Goverments and biggest corporations aren’t interested in making humanity happy, they are interested in dividing it, because when You divide people it is easier to manipulate and rule them.

TC 4:What´s band mean with GDP?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:GDP” is abbreviation of “Gross domestic product”, so “GDP Serfdom” basically reflects the state in which most of people on Earth are. With this track we wanted to name the continuous daily routine that surrounds us, getting up, work, more work, shopping, being influenced by commercials, promotions, taking part in the “rat race” and defecating. The circle of absurd that is preventing us from being happy in the real life. In the end of the day we all are just machines generating GDP. In lyrics of this song we called this state “The new Gulag”.

TC 5:Hypocrisy can be torture. Based on that, does the band believe that today we lie much more than in the days of our parents and grandparents?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:It is though question, we didn’t live back then. Lie was always in the human nature. Nowadays, we can have more lie in relationships for sure. people are sucked by the beauty radiating from the models in commercials, billboards, ads in social media and they are chasing something that in most cases cannot be achieved, that’s why many couples get divorced, why they cheat without a blink of an eye. You can literally lie in one bed with a person who says that loves you, but this person in the same time will have a ‘dirty talk” with someone else via smartphone. That’s the reality right now. But did people cheat in 50 or 100 years ago? Of course they did!

TC 6:The band feel differences between RBMK-1000 and now in Humanfacture?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:Yes, because those are two different concepts. Of course, on “Humanufacture’ we wanted to deliver better production, different concept in mastering of the tracks and overall sound, but it was like taking what was the best from “RBMK-1000” and put it to the higher level. Also previous album had “book” like composition, and the new has more like standalone tracks from the one album idea. So taking the composition into consider those are two different albums. We don’t want to copy ourselves, and our goal is to always deliver 100% new and fresh, exciting tracks.

TC 7:How is morality addressed by the band on this album?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:We rather don’t want to be one of those ‘dictators’ who are telling us what to do, because there are too many of them around us. Of course we are telling story about some moral issues, but it is up to listener to make a conclusion of it. We just deliver the lyrics with some facts about the world that surrounds us like fake news spreading all over the main stream media, and destroying the societies to better manipulate the masses. We also take a look into the future, were transhumanism and cybernetic augmentations can be an impulse to create new threats.

TC 8:How is Torture of Hypocrisy different from your previous bands?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:I can surely say that because I am main composer, ToH is most beloved one. I can literally fulfill myself as a songwriter and musician and make come true the visions that came to my mind. I love to work on ToH’s music, love to play together in current line-up. We all feel a great vibe playing these songs on stage and we have a tons of fun and adrenaline from it. In previous bands I had some really great gigs but I am the kind of person who needs to do he’s own thing to be happy.

TC 9:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Torture of Hypocrisy song?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:We will never make a “Oh baby, baby” kind-of-song for sure!

TC 10:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:The covert art was directly inspired by ‘stroggification’ process from Quake 4 video game and it is also connected with track ‘Body Parts Reproduction Facility’ which basically tells about the futuristic vision of experiments on humans in secret medical facilities ruled by huge corporations. As always, our long-term cover designer Nagrobek from Old Coffin Designs, delivered the great artwork which perfectly fits this concept. If You look at the cover art, You directly see the meaning of the album title which is neologism made from words HUMAN and MANUFACTURE.

TC 11:How band arrive to Total Metal Records?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:Just to be clear, ToH still remains the fully independent band. Our cooperation with Total Metal Records is based only on worldwide physical CD distribution (Total Metal Distribution). So yes, we signed a contract, but this contract is related to CD distribution exclusively. In Poland, we work with Music & More Records on the simmilar conditions, but distribution is limited only to Poland territory. So in result we work with 2 distributors. One local and second global. So far our work ethics and music business approach with maintaining all the copyrights resulted not to sign with any label. But who knows, we are still waiting just for a good offer, you know… We simply do not want to get ripped off. And if good deal will come, we will catch it for sure as band with it’s whole potential still needs a good promotion and gigs at big venues to be pushed to another level.

TC 12:Some Literature inspire the band?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:Orwell & Glukhovsky for sure.

TC 13:This album is conceptual? Yes or no and why?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:Yeah! We always have conceptual approach.Our goal was to make an album with strong cyberpunk vibe.So starting from lyrics, though the dark ambients in the background of tracks and hell of severe, mechanical riffs, ending with futuristing animated video clip with scenario and strictly designed mastering of final tracks to achieve transparent and bone crushing sound all those aspects were planned to fit one concept.

TC 14:Was making a song for almost 10 minutes something combined or did it come naturally?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:Yeah it came naturally. If You listen to it, it’s outstanding composition, tempo changes , lyrics and solos, You’ll make the same conclusion. Like I already said, the ‘Body Parts Reproduction Facility’ was inspired by those horrifying scenes from ‘Quake 4’ strogg lab level and the first sketches of this track were done back in 2010. So this song is very old, but it was not used on any previous albums because it didn’t fit back then. The whole creation process of “Humanufacture’ was started with the cyberpunk-ish, transhumanistic topic of this song. Also it is not a first time we did a very long track. Just check the “Man vs. Technology” from a back catalog. Longer composition just fits to the certain stories.

TC 15:Beside music, what band loves to doing?

Torture Of Hypocrisy:We are very family-oriented guys, all of us have kids and we love them so much, so we mostly spend a free time with them. Daro, me and Rafal love video games, but personally I don’t have time for them right now. Mały is the music CD collector, he got some serious number of albums. We love good movies and cuisine. Me and Daro are into fishing as well. Rafał also used to do rowing sports long time ago. 

TC 16:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over.

Torture Of Hypocrisy:Check our music on Spotify and Youtube and support us! Support independent music! 

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