Interview 891 with Czech Republic Band Soul Massacre

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Soul Massacre - Despair of Human Being

If there is a country that is having its scene evolve at abysmal speed. That country is the Czech Republic.The proof of this is that today on the day we set our Interview 891. We will talk with a band from this place called Soul Massacre.This band show for us your second album entitled Despair Of Human Being.The band have this formation:Steep on Vocals,Vladimir Hrdlík e Martín Zuzcák on Guitars,Vitezslav Dostál on Bass and Jakub Harabis on Drums.Step and Vladmir answer our questions.But,now we playing a song of band.So that later, you can see the interview in all your emotions.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Despair Of Human Being?

Vladimir: Composition of the Despair Of Human Being was long and hard. We were composing it for about 2 years. Every member had many important situations in their life and everything went slower than we expected. But we also had a lot of discussions with Steep who became a new vocalist about arrangements and composition. The worst situation was the recording. It started immediately with the 1st day as it was snowing so much that we had trouble getting to the studio. Then before recording solos one member got covid and we had to stop it. When he was ok, we had a prohibition to travel between regions in Czech due to covid pandemic. Roads were full of policemen and the army checking the rules, so we would not get to the studio. Then when the travelling was allowed, the studio guy got the covid, We were so disappointed by the whole situation.

TC 2:What´s the lyrical theme for this album?

Steep:We have some type of anti-social lyrics. We hate the arrogance of the people and ruthlessness to nature. In the current world is important only wealth and fame and we hate it.

TC 3:How was the split job with Dead Carnage?

Vladimir:Dead Carnage are our friends from the same city. We have known each other for a couple of years, maybe 10-15 , maybe longer. When we released our EP they were also doing an EP and they came up with that idea. So they called us if we would agree. It was quite quick, we had to deliver everything in 2 or 3 days and we had no cover etc.

TC 4:What is the Section 26?

Steep:Section 26 is a section in asylum near to our home Havirov in Czech Republic. Asylum was closed a long time ago. In this section there were only people with the most serious mental illnesses who had to be imprisoned and could not be in contact with the outside world.

Vladimir:Yes, it was a psychiatric/mental hospital also called “Anxiety”. So the song was inspired by some kinds of healing there.

TC 5:Can we say that song 8 on this new album is a political song?

Vladimir:Do you mean Man of Corruption? It probably is not, but I told guys: hey the song name sounds political. Be prepared , people will ask about it, so be sure you know what the song is about. And here it is.

Steep:Absolutely not. We’re not very interested in politics. The lyrics are only about the differences between rich and poor people. If you are rich you can do everything you want. Poor people shouldn’t be their puppets.

TC 6:What kind of atmosphere do you crate for this album?

Vladimir:I’m not sure. I think music is more subjective, everyone perceives it individually. For someone it can sound aggressive for another melodic.

TC 7:Why the band have this name?

Vladimir: The name was found by our ex-vocalist and ex-bass as they thought of the band name and they just said it… They were in a kind of mood and they were solving momentary life situations. So they were very sad that time and so the soul was sad. And that was it.

TC 8:How is Soul Massacre different from your previous bands?

Vladimir: Rhythmics, sound, more complex music, more modern. All the Soul Massacre members are good friends. The band is based on friendship not music only. We don’t go to rehearsal just because of music but we want to see each other and talk about life, bands, music, cars, then go to a pub and have a few beers.

TC 9:In what sense does the band address this paralysis in the sixth song?

Steep: I’ve experienced it a few times.I started to wonder how it works and it’s an interesting connection with mythical creatures and devils.

TC 10:What kind of subject don´t deserve a song for Soul Massacre?

Vladimir: Not sure, no idea. Never thought about this.

TC 11:What´ s the idea behind artwork ´s album?

Vladimir: The idea is based on the song Mother Nature Filthy Creature. The song is about Mother nature being tortured and abused by humans. The artwork depicts Mother nature being tied with the tree and nature while the world around is being destroyed by humans. I think this is a very relevant topic currently.

TC 12:Before music,what the band loves to doing?

Vladimir: Various things.Most of us have families so we need to give some time to them. I, personally, like to move and like nature so I do a little bit of hiking, bike cycling, and inline skating. And of course listen to music! Steep: I like playing on playstation and watching movies but music is my biggest passion.

Steep: I like playing on playstation and watching movies but music is my biggest passion.

TC 13:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Vladimir: We did it without any concept, but finally when I think about it it looks like an “environmental” death metal – a lot of texts about how people behave to the planet and to each other. I like this and think it is better than a bands not having any idea about the lyrics and just shouting something…

TC 14:Some literature inspire the band?

Steep: My library is really small but my movie collection is huge. For example, I really like the movie Apostle. This film inspired me to write lyrics for Mother nature, filthy creature.

TC 15:The band feel differences between purgatory system and now in Despair Of Human Being?

Vladimir:I think it is more complex in regards to the song composition. There are also influences by new bass player and vocalist. So it must sound a little bit different. I would say it is more aggressive and more straightforward and mainly faster. Also I’m playing more solos than on Purgatory System so it may sound more melodic.

Steep:I think that music is completely different now. Our music is more brutal and modern than the previous album.

TC 16:How band arrive to Parat Magazine?

Vladimir: The answer is quite easy. The owner of the Parat Magazine is our friend. He also released the previous album. The decision was hard, but we wanted to support his idea being only printed magazine and being spread and supported by only the real metal community. I think he is doing a very good job supporting metal not only in Czechia.

TC 17:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over!

Steep: Give a chance to our album. You won’t regret it! Vladimir: Send us your comments, stay in touch!

Vladimir: Send us your comments, stay in touch!

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