Interview 892 with Hungarian Band Amorite

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Hungary won the Iron Curtain. Today, it seeks to overcome new obstacles. Today, it is a conservative country. But, that does not mean the end of the battle. It is still a challenging country in Heavy Metal.One of these challenges is here and marks our Interview 892. We are talking about the Banda Amorite and which presents us with their second album entitled Archaic Faces of Ecstasy. The band is formed by: Márton Sass as Vocalist, Csaba as Guitarist and Bassist, Péter Szabó as vocalist and drummer. The whole band answered our questions. Which we will follow in all their emotions. Before, their full album.

1-Talking about the composition work in Archaic Faces of Ecstasy?

Amorite:We used a different method than usual for this record. Csaba vision was to create a deeply mystical, and shamanistic feel through the music itself and within the lyrics. This was the starting point. With this concept I started to write the drumtracks first. I made a lot of improvisation just to get the feeling for each track, keeping it in mind that the end of the day we are still writing songs, not free jazz improvisations. After I wrote the drumtracks for the full album, Csaba composed the guitar parts and finalized the full mood of the album.

2-How was the split job with Gravitomagnetic Instability?

Amorite:This idea came from our distributor(Neverheard Distro), we actually did not work together with GI. The release was almost a surprise to us, but a good surprise. GI is a great band, we liked the split idea.

3-How the band work Inner Suffering in this album?

Amorite:We don’t write about inner suffering, just spiritual things, experimentations and thoughts ont he subject.

4–Why the band have this name?

Amorite:Amorites were ancient hystorical people from the middle-east region like Sumer, Babylon, Akkad, Mesopotamia etc. The reign and the Amorite kingdom was wiped out at about 1700 BC by other local kingdoms. The lyrics and the concept of our first record was built around ancient sumer and babylonian myths, so we were looking for a compact, relevant bandname from that period. Amorite met our interest and concept regarding the bandname. We also wanted to find a „one word name” for the band.

TC 5:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Amorite:The artwork was done by Andkill. A great artist, who prepared a unique, one fo a kind artwork regarding our needs. It represents the ancient spiritualism through a picture about a dark ritual which is happening right now. We liked it wery much, becouse it is a bit different than usual cover artworks used by death/black bands.

TC 6:What kind of spirituality does the band address on this album?

Amorite:Only personal spiritualism. Each one of us should find the inner peace, the connection to this world and to the spiritual world, which I beliewe is not an universal thing. It depends on you. How you can find these values inside you and what will you do with the wisdom is just up to you… There aren’t two identical ways to reach and learn your inner self. 

TC 7:What kind of atmosphere do you want to create in this album?

 Amorite:The only thing we wanted to create is a mood which resonates with our thoughts about spiritualism. If you feel the same while you are listening to the album, great! If not, just enjoy it, and find your own conclusions, your own associations and connection tot he music.

TC 8:How band mix Old school with Modern Death Metal?

Amorite:We did not have any genre conception in mind. I don’t really care about what idea is modern or old school. We only focuse on the overall mood and the concept and to write songs from our heart. This is the result. Modern? Old-school? Death Metal? Black Metal? I don’t really care. It is our music, our soul, our conception about spiritualism and dark rituals.  

TC 9:How is Amorite different from your previous bands?

On my side there is not too much difference between Amorite and my other bands like In Vacuo; Aseroe; Maverick Spirits. Of course, if you listen to these bands you can clearly tell the differences. But creating, writing songs and expressing moods, concepts, thoughts is the same. My goal is to enjoy songwriting and recording process, manifesting feelings into music honestly, and whatever happens, it happens. The genre and sound differences came from the different people I work with, not from a clear decision that Amorite should be more Death Metal, In Vacuo and Aseroe should be more black metal, Maverick Spirits should be progressive It just happens. It depends on the chemistry between the members.

TC 10:Before music,what the bands loves to doing?

Amorite:I guess my answer will be a bit disappointing becouse I don’t do black rituals and howl in the middle of night in the woods. Just normal things. Beside creating music I spend a lot of time with my family. I really like old school sci-fi books, films, and anything about whisky! I rarely drink anything, but the process of making whisky, the regional differencies, the special blends, different providers etc. amaze me. I learnt a lot about this, and I try to be the boring whisky sholastic in the family.

TC 11:What´s bands influence ours?

Amorite:My main influence is just MUSIC. Expressing feelings through the language of music. It happened that I really like metal music, but metal is not the alfa and omega. I can find interesting things in almost any genre. Of course metal is the baseline and my main influence, but I don’t really have a strict influence within metal. There are great bands, great albums, great musicians I really like and inspired me, but as I grow older, this is more and more irrelevant. As a drummer I guess my main influnces were Mike Portnoy, Frost, Hellhammer and Martin Lopez. In the early times I tried to mix Portnoy with Lopez and try to play like them. Now I am just improvising most of the time.

TC 12:What kind of subject don´t deserve a song for Amorite?

Amorite:We are not interested in any kind of politics, we don’t believe in war, or agressive behavior. Amorite is all about our inner journey. Finding our soul, transcendental meanings in life, being one with the material and non material world around us. If the subject fits this criteria, than it deserves to be an Amorite song. If not… than that is just not our cup of tea.

TC 13:The band thinks this album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Amorite:Certanly there is a loose concept regarding the themes. The overall concept is about spiritualism and ritualism. But there isn’t any strict story behind the songs.

TC 14:The band feel differences between Invisible Fire and now in Archaic Faces of Ecstasy?

Amorite:There are indeed a lot of differences. Invisible Fire was a test, how we can work together with Csaba. Is there any chemistry between us, can we find a common ground and write songs together. It turned out that we can. But Invisible Fire had a lot of flaws. I think we made a great step forward with Final Entropy but we still experimented a lot with moods and technics. Our first planned, well prepared album is definitly Archaic Faces where we only focused on the mood, the concept and the feelings.  This time we didn’t have to focus on how to work together, but only on what we want to achive through the songwriting process. I think our next record will be an even bigger step forward, based on Archaic Faces.

TC 15:It´s more easy or more pratical band like powertrio?

Amorite:Actually, we work with Csaba as a duo. Amorite is not an active band, just a studio project. Even tho there was an oportunity to step on stage last year December, but Covid fucked everything up. There is no time and space right now in our life for rehearsing gradually and doing gigs as a „normal” band. We focus on songwriting, and enjoing the process of making new material. All the other guys are session members.

TC 16:How the band arrive to Sun & Moon Records?

Amorite:After we finished recording AFOE, sent a message to Sun&Moon and they need to release it in this year. Great label, we are happy for the covenant.

TC 17:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Amorite:Thank you for the opportunity! My only message is this: listen to the music you like, be open minded, be honest, a valuable family member, pay attention to the things around you, be patient, and never ever believe in any propaganda!

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