Interview 893 with American Band Sagen

The USA is the land of freedom. But that doesn’t mean anything because it’s a well known truth to everyone. What you might not know is that great bands came out of it and great new bands can come out. This band that marks our Interview 893 is one of these novelties. A novelty that mixes Death, Groove, Thrash and even progressive. I think this may please you even if you are the most demanding person on the planet. We are talking about Sagen, this band shows us Primiere from their second album titled Mammoth. The band is formed by: Adam Cheatham on Vocals ,Jordan Brown on Lead Guitar,Stephen Hegarty on Rhythm Guitar and Bass and
Derek Kinney on Drums.Stephen and Adam answered our questions.Follow this unbelievable interview done just now in all your emotions.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Mammoth?

Stephen Hegarty:In our first album, ‘Tides of Succession’ it was basically riff after riff. For ‘Mammoth’, we wanted to try to explore building musical passages that incorporated a bit more melodic elements with slower tempos, lead work, and solos while not losing our riff based approach. Each moment musically in ‘Mammoth’ is trying to capture what is going on in the story.

TC 2:What consequences are covered in the third song?

Stephen Hegarty:In “Consequences”, our character Wazo unfortunately leads a mammoth, Wemba, into a neighboring tribes sacred lands. Not only was this against the ways of his tribe, but the damage causes major backlash from the neighboring tribe.

TC 3:Is the massacre you guys refer to in song six based on true facts?

Stephen Hegarty:None of this story is based on any factual occurrences because it’s prehistoric times, but we imagine it’s definitely something that could have happened.

TC 4:Who came up with the idea for you to sound progressive?

Stephen Hegarty:We try to incorporate any fun sounds in our music. That includes progressive elements at times! We try not to go overboard though. We like being approachable to a degree.

TC 5:Why the band have this name?

Stephen Hegarty:We needed a name that fit what we’re about. So while researching storytelling, we stumbled across a word for stories that are mainly legends. It’s also the German word for “to say” or “to tell”, and we thought that fit how we love to tell stories with our albums. We do pronounce it differently, Say-gin.

TC 6:How is Sagen different from your previous bands?

Step´hen Hegarty:Sagen is different because of the distance between us. We only practice around once a month when we have a full lineup. Everyone writes their parts at home and then we get together and see how it goes.

TC 7:Some Literature inspire the band?

Stephen Hegarty:Stephen comes up with most of the main story ideas. Avid reader of fantasy novels. Big fan of Tolkien. Not only literature, but films also play a big role in sparking ideas.

TC 8:Being an Alpha is the eighth song. What does it mean?

Stephen Hegarty:Becoming the Alpha takes place a few years later on. We return to our character Meinrad. Since the massacre of his people he’s lived in the wilderness alone until he meets a runt of the litter wolf named Ari. He gets him healthy and they live together. The song tells Ari’s perspective on his growth since being the runt to Becoming the Alpha of his siblings.

TC 9:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Stephen Hegarty:For the front cover, Jordan and Stephen went out to find a tree to put a bloody handprint on for a picture for the album. Later on while editing, Stephen noticed that one of the pictures kind of resembled a Mammoth!! The back cover, we wanted a mural depiction of each song on the album. Wasi Kendedes did a great job with capturing that vision.

TC 10:Is it difficult or faster to make rhythm guitar and bass together?

Stephen Hegarty:Writing the Bass parts just comes later on after the song is finished being written. Usually after drums and guitar are done. Sometimes even at the recording stage.

TC 11:What´s bands influence ours?

Adam Cheatham:For influences, we all like a lot of the same bands while also having differing tastes too. Metallica, Lamb of God, Decapitated, Kreator, Megadeth, and some others. We each have a different spectrum of the metal subgenres that we like, but it overlaps often and we’re always sharing new bands with each other.

TC 12:Before music,what band loves to doing?

Adam Cheatham:Stephen, Adam, and Derek love the video game world. Derek’s always showing Stephen a new fighting game anytime they’re together. Derek will 100% destroy any challengers in any fighting game. Stephen is into the movie and basketball worlds. Jordan is an avid beer drinker. He loves finding new imported beer whenever possible. Adam loves to cook. He’ll make you an excellent taco if you ask him!

TC 13:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Adam Cheatham:Yeah, it’s a concept album. All of our albums have a story and they are even apart of a larger storyline. We have the next two albums planned out as well. And the music tries to capture the story events.

TC 14:The band feel differences between Tides of Succession and now in Mammoth?

Adam Cheatham:We feel like there was a lot of growth from Tides to Mammoth. Trying to write more complex music, while keeping the same riff-centric approach. The first album was just Stephen at the time, so it’s great having everyone on board now to add their ideas and personalities to the tracks! Everyone really brings their A-game, so it’s been a really fun process.

TC 15:How band arrive to The Metalist Producions?

Adam Cheatham:Davide made a post in a local music group we’re in looking for bands needing PR. We reached out and it’s been a great experience so far. He’s very attentive, helpful, and great at what he does.

TC 16:What´s band mean with Creative sounds?

Adam Cheatham:When we say creative, we mean that we try to break some of the molds in the metal world. Just attempting to create some unique sounds and songs that people will love. Trying to emulate the events of the story helps with this.

TC 17:Message to the fans,guys.interview is done.

Adam Cheatham:To our fans, we hope you enjoy listening to Mammoth as much as we did making the album! Also, if you love doing something a certain way, don’t let others make you do it any differently. Hope to see you at a show soon.

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