Interview 894 with German Band Sheev

Germany is one of the greatest rulers in the Heavy Metal universe. By merits and by highly capable bands. Only now, we will see a band that runs away from the common style we see in that country. A band that works on the dense side, but without losing the capacity that every german band has. We are talking about the band Sheev and they doing a progressive Stoner Metal. They show us their debut album entitled Mind Conductor. The band is formed by: Niltzan Sheps on Guitar and Voice,Joshan Chaudhary on Bass and Philip Vogt on Drums. our questions in this interview done right now and that after a song from them you will follow in all your emotions.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Mind Conductor?

Niltzan Sheps:Mind Conductor is a process of over four years me and Phil started the band and just started to jam together and gather ideas. after Joshi, our bass player joined we started to form the songs into more complete set, we don’t really think on terms like genres, we just play and make music we think sounds good and that we would like to hear, this is why you can find some songs to be completely “Metal” like “Well Whined” and some more chill songs like “All i Can”, all we care about is to make good grooving songs.

TC 2:What´s band mean with Muji Uta Ja?

Niltzan Sheps:Our bass player is originally from Nepal and it’s a curse word in Nepali.

TC 3:It´ s more easy or more praticial band like powertrio?

Niltzan Sheps:I didn’t really get the question, but if you ask how we discuss about stuff or deciding, we are all friends and always respecting each other opinion.

TC 4:It seems a bit commonplace, but it is necessary to ask. In a way, do you believe that we live in a world where you try or what have already managed to control our respective minds?

Niltzan Sheps:Pfff no idea to be honest, all we can all do is try.

TC 5:I like that a lot in the band. But, who decided that you should sound more progressive?

Niltzan Sheps:We always try to play and write music that challenge us and not boring, so we always try to give the riff a little extra to make it more unique.

TC 6:What band mean with Baby Huey?

Niltzan Sheps:Our songs name don’t mean anything really, or it could mean whatever anyone wants it to mean, but mostly it’s the name of the file I gave to the first draft i recorded on my computer.

TC 7:Some Literature inspire the band?

Niltzan Sheps:Not really!

TC 8:How is Sheev different from your previous bands?

Niltzan Sheps:I believe that we have a really good connection with each other and a lot of respect to each other, it’s tough to find people you can play and also consider friends, and we were lucky to find it. Plus being only 3 members there is always a democracy the vote is either 2 against 1or all 3 agree. And you come to a decision way faster.

TC 9:What´ s the idea behind artwork´ s album?

Niltzan Sheps:This is the Mind Conductor, he sitting at his work shop and working, but mostly putting Sheev music in the subconscious mind of people, so they wake up in the middle of the night and think to themselves, “why i have a feeling i need to go and listen to a band named sheev?

TC 10:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Sheev song?

Niltzan Sheps:I mostly write the lyrics, i don’t know if there is something that don’t deserve it, but i guess like everyone else, all of the lyrics comes from things that i care about, so if i don’t care about it i doubt ill write about it.

TC 11:Is Sludge also part of the styles that the band works albeit indirectly?

Niltzan Sheps:Again, we don’t go by Genres, we just play whatever sounds good to us.

TC 12:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Niltzan Sheps:Nope, each song stands alone.

TC 13:The band feel differences between Horsemouth and now in Mind Conductor?

Niltzan Sheps:Yea, horsemouth was in the beginning of the band, we had an idea of what we want but we were not completely sure, now we are all pretty sure of the direction we want to take and the music we want to create.

TC 14:We know that there is no explicit reference by the band. But is Freud or Jung’s piscology a good way to understand this mind control that the band addresses?

Niltzan Sheps:We don’t really talk about mind control, he is a conductor, he is fictional character that create, fix, build minds, not in a spiritual way but more of a fantasy way. we thought it’s a cool way to explain our album and why every song is kind of different then the other, like every mind is different then another, and the conductor conduct them.

TC 15:What´s band influence ours?

Niltzan Sheps:We influence by a lot of different music, obviously more on the heavy side, but from Alice in Chains to Gojira, ot from Red Fang to Opeth, any good music can influence us.

TC 16:Message to the Fans,Guys.Interview is Done!

Niltzan Sheps:We just want people to enjoy our music, and move their heads while listening to it, live or alone at home.

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