Interview 895 with Polish Band Offence

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Offence - You'll Never Rest in Peace

Almost every time we see a band from Poland it’s a solid hit. It’s no different this time. Only we went further, it became a massacre. This massacre marks Interview 895.We’re talking about the Offence band that shows us their third album titled You’ll Never Rest in Peace.Just remembering that the whole band answered our questions.The band is formed by:Hellscreamaross on Vocals,Colossus And Chaos on Guitars,Vex on Bass and Cyanide on Drums.Before the interview and this, you will see in all your emotions, let’s go to a song by our interviewees.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in You’ll Never Rest in Peace?

Offence:We’ve started to create our third album about three years ago.In that time we finished few new songs for exemple Slaves to the (UN)holy cross.Then, we had a little break due to problems with our rehearsal room.We’re used to find new room. About one year ago album was finished, but because of the pandemic problems, we recorded it about half year later.

TC 2:What kind of blasphemy band talk in this album?

Offence:In general, in this album we stand against church. In last few years, there was a lot of serious problems with that organization like pedophilia, money and the second thing is the devil. It’s always great inspiration for us, special in pholisophical way.

TC 3:Why is the only good priest a dead one?

Offence:Beacuse you CAN’T trust any priest.

TC 4:How was the split job with Hell-Born?

Offence:It was a big pleasure that we persuaded Hell-Born to back on scene!! We are fans of Damnation, Hell-Born, early Behemoth so we are really proud, that we are part of this split.

TC 5:Isn’t it a little contradictory to say that song nine is a bit fucked up and all the others can also be interpreted that way?

Offence:You know… of course, you can interpret whole album in your way, but yes, the ninth song is a bit fucked up, thanks to our special quests: Mike Perun from the Cianide, Don of the Dead from Nunslaughter, Les from Hell-Born and Damnation. This is a Fucking Death Metal Song in 100% of our vision. This is a Fucking Death Metal Album!!!

TC 6:Why the band have this name?

Offence:In polish, Offence means that something is behind the law, so it’s compare with our vision of music.

TC 7:How band arrive to Witching Hour Productions?

Offence:We send the album in pre-production to Witching Hour and in about one day we had accepation, WHP really enjoyed it.

TC 8:Some Literature inspire the band?

Offence:Clasical horrors, but the main things that inspire us are the movies for exemple split with Hell-Born is based on Hellraiser…

TC 9:How is Offence different from your previous bands?

Offence:This is my first band wchich music is tribute to the 80s and 90s death metal bands.

TC 10:What kind of subject don´t deserve a song for Offence?

Offence:We don’t have that subjects, we can write song about everything .{haha…}

TC 11:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Offence:Robert made fantastic artwork and the idea is simply priest killed by cross, it’s the thing I answered you few guestions previous about blasphemy.

TC 12:I loved the song the band made titled “Revenge Is Significant. But in the band’s personal opinion, what is the most significant revenge for you guys?

Offence:Revenge is Significant is our first song ever. Death is the most significant revenge. You know, only death is real.

TC 13:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Offence:Some lyrics are coceptual based on blasphemy topic, that ´´s all.

TC 14:What kind of atmosphere band create with this album?

Offence:Every our release is a tribute to old-school death metal from the 80s and 90s, so the atmosphere also…

TC 15:The band feel differences between Adoration of Black Kingdom and now in You ´´ll never rest in peace?

Offence:Sure, the differences are big. Main thing is that we, as a musicians, matured so the music is also more mature…. In You’ll never rest in peace we focused more on sound, and the Haldor from Satanic Audio made killer sound, in our opinion the best of our releases. I think, that the third album is bit slower than Adoration….

TC 16:How was the split job with Throneum?

Offence:You know… here where we live Throneum is fucking killer band, a legend. And when we heard, that Tomasz (Throneum) really enjoyed „Revenge is Significant” we offer him a split. So, that was our first ever release as you can imagine, we were a bit nervous about everything.

TC 17:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Offence:Enjoy our music and remeber – only death is real!!!

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