Interview 896 With German Band Brlabl

Germany is back on our Page. Interestingly, it’s also a band that drinks from Sludge’s fountain. It’s still not common for us to see this in the extraordinary German scene.But, I start to say that I burned my tongue about German Sludge.Tongues Burned Aside, The Conservative Storm arrives at their 896 Interview with German Band Brlabl and they make their debut album titled Wounderland. Since the band already had a previous job for us in 2015.Brlabl is formed by: Roman on Vocal, Pretzge on Guitar, Haegar on Bass and Uwe on Drums. Haegar answered our questions.Which, you will follow in all your emotions. Before, of course, let’s go to their song.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Wounderland?

Haegar:Usually the creation of songs begins with a small idea, a seed that someone starts playing. The rest of the band takes up the idea and plays along sometimes for hours in a trance like manner. Over time the idea grows, gets transformed and gets connected to other ideas that in the end forms a new song. Everything wants to grow, so does the music.

TC 2:How band mix the stoner with Death metal?

Haegar:We are all friends for many years now. Each of us played in multiple bands covering the whole range of heavy music from alternative rock, stoner, grunge to death metal. When we started BRLABL, we just wanted to have a good time together. We never planned to go into a certain musical direction. In fact, it was very important for us to not restrict ourselves to a certain music genre. Everything that feels right for us and transports our mood and feelings is allowed.

TC 3:Why on this album do we feel a mix of hopelessness and anger?

Haegar:That’s the essence of death metal, sounding hopeless and at the same time full of anger. We are just mirroring the insanity that surrounds us. This cannot be sung with an angelic voice. It is a dystopia set to music. If some parts sound “beautiful” it is to create confusion and to lull the listeners.

TC 4:Was it combined or did the band naturally put jazz elements on this album?

Haegar:You are not the first one that mentions the jazz elements on our album. The observation really surprised us. None of us has a deeper connection to jazz music. I think jazz is a lot about transporting feelings with instruments, vocals and sound. This is true for our music as well. Although adding these elements was not on purpose, it explains why the more jazzy parts fit seamlessly into our compositions.

TC 5:Is it correct to interpret the tenth song on the album as a big joke?

Haegar:Yes and no. The lyrics of the song are very exaggerated. It is about smart asses that have an answer to everything and keep telling you their opinion even if you don’t want to hear it.However, we are not very serious people. Large parts of our lyrics have to be understood with a twinkle in one’s eye.

TC 6:How did medieval bands inspire Brlabl?

Haegar:This kind of music did not inspire us very much. At least, we are not inspired by a particular band.

TC 7:Some songs seem to have political overtones. Is it a protest or a foot in the door to today’s cruel reality?

Haegar:We are not a political band. Nevertheless, we live in very political times and our music reflects what we see and feel in our everyday life.

TC 8:How is Brlabl different from your previous bands?

Haegar:The main difference is that BRLABL is much more open minded than our previous bands.We are not constraining ourselves in any way. We play the music that we really love and enjoy the time we can spend together.I think that our audience can feel this too. For us it is always really amazing to see how our energy and passion for the music. We do jump over to the people in the crowd.

TC 9:Nuremberg is famous for its court that convicted several Nazis. In the metal court, what should the band’s conviction be?

Haegar:That’s easy. The band jumps from metal style to style and is hard to grasp.

TC 10:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Brlabl song?

Haegar:Oh. That is not easy to answer. We are not a pop band that writes songs and choose topics to please others. For us the subject of a song is always something very personal. It reflects what is concerning us at the very moment a song is written.

TC 11:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Haegar:The artwork has more than one meaning. The front cover shows a heart that is pursued and enchained. The reason for the enslavement are a personal thing, it might be the system you live in that hinders you or self-imposed restrictions. But there is a small light inside that burns bright. This light fights for you, until everything fades away.In the inside a glimpse to Wounderland is shown. It is a place that only exists because of the pain inside all of us. A place that works flawlessly.

TC 12:Some literature inspire the band?

Haegar:There is no particular book or poem that inspired us.

TC 13:Why the band have this name?

Haegar:It is short, a hybrid of sound and word meaningless and irritating but open for infinite interpretation. A display of insanity. We are aware that it is a linguistic catastrophe but that is a liberty that we claim.

TC 14:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Haegar:While writing most of the songs we had no concept for the album in mind. However, when we started to plan all the recording and artwork activities, we thought about how to bring things together and how to give it a framework in artwork and sound. You can call that conceptual. E.g. in this phase the first song “Welcome” was created as an introduction for the listener to the music on the album.

TC 15:Why is grindcore one of your influences?

Haegar:We all listen to Grindcore. One of the favorite bands of our drummer Uwe is Gutalax a Czech grindcore band.

TC 16:The band feel differences between to hell with that shit and now in Wounderland?

Haegar:To hell with that shit” is a typical first album. We experimented with a lot of ideas for both the composition and the recording style. The result was a very raw and dirty sound with a lot of imperfections. The album really polarized. Either you love it or you hate it. But that was us and we wanted it exactly like that. For us, “Wounderland” is the logical successor. While recording it we were in a much heavier mood and you can hear that on the album.

TC 17:The band likes fottbool?Say your teams!

Haegar:Yes, a lot. Our team is the Glubb,The 1.FC Nürnberg.

TC 18:Message to the fans,interview is over.

Haegar:Be brlabl in a world of Brlabl.We know, we are Brlabl.What about you?

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