Interview 897 with Norwegian Band Son Of Shotgun

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Norway has metal bands to give, sell, rent and even buy or if you want something cheaper, something semi-new. But this time, we’re talking to a puppy. Because all or most of you know the band Blood Red Thorne and this band is a side project of one of these guys. The band in question is Son Of Shotgun and they show us their second full-length work titled Be For Oss Alle. The band consists of: Henrik as Vocal, Ivan and Lennart as Guitarist, Stian as Bassist and Kriss as Drummer. The whole band answered our questions, which you will follow in all your emotions. Before that, a song from them of course.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Be for Oss Alle?

Son Of Shotgun:Most of these songs were jamed out.I bring all the riffs and ideas,i got and we just nail them in.The Lyrics are always a bit dificult.They are personal tome.I focus a lot on the lyrics.

TC 2:What kind of modernity do you want to bring on this album?

Son Of Shotgun:Definitely the sound and doing something different.We are also very big fans of speed and taking things to a new level.

TC 3:Doing this second album make this project more secure in terms of what it is looking for?

Son of Shotgun:More of everything.It´ s like making a pizza and the two.Pizza is more of all the good shit and then fucking the pizza .Because,it ´s so Good.

TC 4:In Brazil, we have a president who defends the ownership of guns. In the second song, can we say that music also has this connotation?

Son Of Shotgun:Most Definitely.I am a ferm beliver of self defence and retaliation.If,something attacks you.You fuck em up with all you got.No Mercy.

TC 5:In the fifth song on the album, can we say this is a personal request or just something random?

Son of Shotgun:We are big fans of Dark Humor.Horrind nasty fucked up shit.Some people take offence when we play that one live.It ´s about crack whore.

TC 6:How is stoner approached in this band exclusively for this album?

Son Of Shotgun:I would say it ´s the main backbone of the Son of Shotgun.The southern heavy blues.It ´s the heart beat.

TC 7:We know your journey is all about Blood Red Throne.But in doing so, can Son Of A Shotgun be treated like a minor child?

Son Of Shotgun:I combine BRT and Soas.I started soas,so it ´s more special to me.BRT is sort of a like a step child and Soas is my bastard son,mother fuck.

TC 8:I’m not against it, I really appreciate it. But why is there such a strong attachment to technique?

Son Of Shotgun:I would say it ´s like an addiction.When you just keep getting better and better,faster and faster and you are number one.Stronger than all.It ´s makes something of you.

TC 9:Some literature inspire the band?

Son of Shotgun:It ´s about hate,aggression.Describes me in a way.

TC 10:How band arrive to Emanzipation Producions?

Son Of Shotgun:Blood Red Throne was signed to Emanzipation Producions.They did killer job,so i send them our music.Michael,the big boss liked it and here are we now.

TC 11:The band feel differences between Mexican Standoff and now in Be for Oss Alle?

Son Of Shotgun:The frist album was my solo album.Now,i got a full band.So,that is very different.I got killer with me now.Very proud of them.

TC 12:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Son of Shotgun:It ´s very dark humor.Be For Oss Alle means Prey for us all so yeah.Pretty fucked up humor.

TC 13:What ´s the idea behind artwork ´s album?

Son Of Shotgun:Al Queda.Beheading of Nick Berg.The frist film stuff i saw.

TC 14:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Son Of A Shotgun song?

Son of Shotgun:Scat Sex.

TC 15:Before music,what the bands loves to doing?

Son of Shotgun:Whiskey Shots,Warm up,Good Food.

TC 16:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Son of Shotgun:We love you all.Dead ore Alive!

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