Interview 898 With Ukranian Band Mortal Vision

Ukraine has proven to be a major emerging force in metal. Its growth is spectacular given that the country next to it also has a high-growth scene.Returning to Ukraine, we will talk today with a band that is part of this constant development. They are Mortal Vision who make a Thrash Metal that mixes modernity with what Thrash has always had. Weight and Aggression without losing quality.The band’s first album is called Mind Manipulation.All band answer our questions.Band have this formation:Ivan Dyshlyuk on Guitar and Vocals,Andrey Gayduk on Guitar,Ivan Gorbatyuk on Bass and Eugene Zakhrchenko on Drums.Of course, you will follow the interview in all your emotions. But first, let’s go to a song by our Ukrainian interviewees.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Mind Manipulation?

Mortal Vision:The album was created during the summer of 2020. Each MV member put maximum efforts into creating the album. We knew, what we wanted, and got exactly what we wanted.

TC 2:Very interesting music, but why do you think our existence was devastated?

Mortal Vision:Everyday, we take a look around and see many things which make our world so devastated , watch the people which make their life a total existence. Those things surround each of us .

TC 3:What band mean with Apophenia?

Mortal Vision:This song is a description of an internal fabled conflict when a person cannot accept a problem or find a way to solve it.

TC 4:Music is cool, but don’t you think that in a way our minds haven’t been or are already manipulated?

Mortal Vision:Mind of every person at least once in his life is pursued by various kinds of manipulations, and only he can succumb to them, or repulse them.

TC 5:How is Mortal Vision different from your previous bands?

Mortal Vision:Mortal Vision is my the only and the first serious band . Before this project I played only for myself.

TC 6:The band made the fifth song saying that we are sentenced to death. But do you think this sentence is so painful?

Mortal Vision:I think that someone can admit sentence but someone want to deny and fight it. In fact, death is not always painful.

TC 7:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Mortal Vision Song?

Mortal Vision:Different optical stuff and religion.

TC 8:What would the band be if hate didn’t exist?

Mortal Vision:I think the themes of our songs would be about another aspects of life.

TC 9:How band arrive to Redefining Darkness Records?

Mortal Vision:During the process of mixing and mastering of the album, we were actively looking for a label to promote our material. Initially, we wanted to find a distro-label that would just make us cassettes, CDs and, if we’re lucky, vinyls. In the process of searching, another label Rotted Life helped us to enter Redefining Darkness.

TC 10:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Mortal Vision:Idea of album’s cover appeared from documentary films about nuclear tests 50’s America.

TC 11:Before music,what the bands loves to doing?

Mortal Vision:We like to spend time together after rehearsals, also we can drive to the country sometimes. Each of us have different hobbies except the music like reading books, discussing news etc.

TC 12:Talking about the metal scene in Ukraine?

Mortal Vision:In my opinion, Ukrainian underground metal scene isn’t developed enough, but there are few bands has been formed recently, and I hope all be right in nearest future.

TC 13:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Mortal Vision:Our album has special temper, because every single song can make listeners to feel definite emotion, but at same time all songs create common power.

TC 14:Despite being the name of the band, what are the death visions you naturally have?

Mortal Vision:Our opinion about death is so philosophical. We can’t avoid it and everything has the beginning and the end . There is no fear or anxious thoughts about death .

TC 15:How are the progressive elements made by the band?

Mortal Vision:We have used old elements on our music, but this “old elements” are presented in new ways.

TC 16:Some Literature inspire the band?

Mortal Vision:Main sources of inspiration for us are different real life stories, films. But I think we’ll use some literature work for our lyrics and music in general, because we have some ideas taken from literature already.

TC 17:Message to the fans,interview is done.

Mortal Vision:Listen good music, do what what you want and don’t betray your dreams, thanks for interview.

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