Interview 899 with Polish Band Eteritus

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Again, Poland is present in our home. As usual, it’s another knock on your ears.But, this time, this band is absolutely Death Metal. No more or less. No middle ground. Not that the other Polish bands we’ve talked to are bad. No really, they’re wonderful. But, this one doesn’t use other styles to amuse your audience. It’s purely Death Metal. We’re talking about Eteritus and it launches its third bombardment titled as Rotten Transition.They are:Oz on Vocals,Slav on Guitars,Kinio on Bass and Vocals and Nitro on Drums.Everyone in the band answered our questions, but how they put their respective names in the answers. We will credit their answers out of respect for them and mainly, because we are consistent with the answers sent by our interviewees whatever they may be.Before you guys follow the interview in all your emotions. Let’s go to Rotten Transition in full for you. This time, we don’t have separate songs. It’s all the shit at once.

TC 1 e TC 2:Talking about the composition work in Rotten Transition and Why this album is the most mature material of band?

Ozrata: The composition of each song was different, because each member of the band came with a new idea but always respecting the style that we all wanted to get, a New Eteritus. In my opinion is considered this way because of the composition of melodies and change of rhythms from time, giving space for each instrument to be heard and appreciated.

Slav: I was doing everything possible to achieve two goals when writing music for this album. First, to obtain music which sounds mature and professional to reposition the band on the scene, secondly, I wanted to give present to my friend, Nitro who dreamed about recording album which would be important for the genre. I personally think that third album is the most important album among all the albums band can record. Look into the past, there were so many third albums which became legendary by opening for the band new dimensions regarding fans awareness or opening new music directions, like Samael “Ceremony of opposites”, Amorphis “Tales from the thousand lakes”, Carcass “Heartwork”, Entombed “Wolverine blues”, My dying bride “The angel and the dark river”, Sentenced “Amok”, Gorefest “Erase” or even The Gathering “Mandylion”. I could prepare much longer list. Despite the genre, all of those albums were revolutionary. I wanted to achieve something similar for Eteritus.

Kinio: From my perspective all songs on Rotten Transition are some kind of tribute to many of classics of OSDM. This album is the most mature material of band because it embraces more experiments with different styles od death metal not only one branch. Also RT is more melodic focused album. Mature death metal doesn’t fear cantilena melodies.

TC 3:How was the show in WIATRAKOWA club?

Ozrata: Wiatrakowa was one of our best gigs starting from the line up, but the reaction of the people was the probably the best answer that we have had , starting feeling the music and getting more crazy song after song until make circle pit and non-stop headbanging.

Slav: I can only confirm what Ozrata said. It was also one of the very first shows when we played big portion of Rotten Transition live.

Kinio:That was great experience and powerful push for us. There was some of technical and performance flaws but overall they blanked under whole show’s energy.

TC 4:Some literature inspire the band?

Ozrata: When I joined the band with another squad my point was to be focused in what they were already doing so it wasn’t hard for me to adapt myself because is the style I always wanted to make and for the one I have been training my vocal skills for many years, so the lyrics goes according to melodies, reading part of the texts from Order of death without knowing the compositor, iI understood that is very similar way of thinking and expression connected with my intentions for the band.

TC 5:What ´s the lyrical theme for this album?

Ozrata: Generally KRIEG! to create an atmosphere surrounded by madness, bloody catching sentences that make people pull out the agony and madness that the world is passing through lately.

TC 6:How is Eteritus different from your previous bands?

Ozrata: I don’t know if we are totally different than others. I would say that it might be the combination of different styles because many of previous bands inspired us, but each of us have previous experiences with different styles so we combined all of this knowledge and feelings to create what we are doing, I think that is something that can make is Unique, the fact that we aren’t following a line.

Slav: I was playing very different styles, starting from progressive rock, through death core, thrash. I always wanted to play OSDM, but it was difficult to find such band in the places I lived in the past. One day I decided, that it is so important to me that I started looking for such band anywhere, the only limitation left was within Poland. One day I noticed announcement from Eteritus, that they are looking for guitar player. I did quick calculation, 200 km from my place. I concluded that it is not bad option, I liked what band did in the past and I contacted them. The follow up of this story is Rotten Transition.

TC 7:What kind of subject don´t deserve a song for Eteritus?

Ozrata: Personally when write i focus more on expressing myself in the way that other people could feel themselves into the voice of those ones who can’t scream and growl to the wind what they want to tell, to bring back to life the words of a death souls and bodies so I don’t like to mess around with political or religion ideologies because everyone has their own world inside their minds.

Kinio: Definetly, political topics in sense of siding specific ideology.

TC 8:What´s the idea behind artwork´ s album?

Ozrata: Is a Master piece and it has many meanings, as an art piece can be interpreted differently from different points of view but all of them focused on what our music wants to say.

Slav: I was looking for the graphics reflecting the title in the internet. One day I noticed on FB by accident this graphics from Blastart and I immiedatelly contacted him. Look how vell it fits to the title, dark monks use fire to enforce transition of those miserable souls who then get wings and gets freedom.

TC 9:How is band arrive to Godz Ov War Producions?

Ozrata: After the worst news about Juro Immortal Harin from Immortal Souls Production and our collaboration with him we were devastated and couldn’t believe what was happening and what to do or how to react, it was some months after when Nitro started looking for a label that could get interested in our material that btw wasn’t finished yet, it was then when Gods Ov War gave us an answer and got interested in collaboration with us, action that made us very happy and proud to work together with such a great team.

TC 10:Is the title of song three a metaphor or do we have to interpret it literally?

Nitro:Both, ha ha!

TC 11:Why the band have this name?

Nitro:Nitro: Because it sounds great and it’s perfect name to do some fantastic death metal logo.

TC 12:How did the change in composition happen?

Ozrata:With the creativity, powerfully riffs and precision of the Slav’s guitars. When he came out with the new rhythms, melodies and solos we all new that it will be challenging to follow him, a pinch of Kinio’s ideas, Nitro’s speed and my vocals besides as I said before each of us has different style and way of interpretation so we all get along very well here and we combined our ideas including them not only in the music but also in the lyrics.

Slav: I had a lot of freedom when composing, and also I had comfort by not being involved in past Eteritus albums, so I did not have any limitations or past sound habits. To conclude this story, the way of writing was always as follows, except Frozen Towers, which was the first song written for the album and proposed to the band after one of rehearshals, I was discussing with Nitro about the idea for the sound of particular song, then we were setting the title which was reflecting that idea, which also was inspiration for me to create music. Summing up, Rotten Transition was written in very aware and orderly way.

Kinio: I can told about my shares in composition: Bi and CPttAT came from my proposals of many cool riffs, mixed together in coherent way by Slav and Nitro. RoT is diffrent story because it was composed like storytelling where all parts of song drifes around metaphor of river.

TC 13:This album is conceptual? yes or no and why?

Ozrata: I think that everyone can interpret it differently, in my opinion I must say is more experimental than conceptual but it depends from where do you want to see it.

Slav: From composer point of view, yes. The concept was to keep OSDM sound, however to extend musical space, get freedom and fresh air. Also, this album is like a musical monument for death metal played by all those amazing bands in Europe and US in 90’s.

TC 14:The band feel differences between Order Of Death and now in Rotten Transition?

Ozrata: Of course there is a huge difference, we modified the melodies on each song, New members, new style, fresh music without going out from the roots, Old School Swedish Death Metal with let’s say a bit of American groove.

TC 15:Before Music, what the band loves to doing?

Ozrata: Personally I like everything related with art and culture, behind the music I appreciate and create graphics, different techniques of painting and drawings, dances, Body paint, languages, cooking and partying like if there is no tomorrow are some of my passions.

Slav: I share my time between family, work which I like so I am happy person with this regard, it is not always the case and of course music. Music gives me different challenges, perspective and possibility to express myself with no words. Besides Eteritus I also play in Krew, which is new coming Atmospheric Symphonic Dark Metal band, giving me chance to go into more melodic way with very rich harmonies and lots sophisticated arrangements including choirs, so things which do not fit to Eteritus sound.

TC 16:Message to the fans,guys.The interview is done.


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