Interview 901 with Dutch Band OLTAS

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The Netherlands It always brings us great bands.Some historical and others of quality to be improved. But, this time we spoke with a young band that showed evolution and now launches a work to show its evolution.Thanking Aganist. who is a Portuguese producer, we find the Band that marks our Interview 901.We speak with Dutch band Oltas. They show us their first ep entitled Illusion Of Control. The band is formed by: Peter Kempenaar on Vocals, Herman Wagenaar on Guitar, Remmie Grijpstra on Bass and Youri van der Meer on Drums. a whole answered our questions. Which you will follow in all your fantastic emotions. Let’s go to a song from them before the song.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Illusion Of Control?

Oltas:OLTAS is a four piece band, with Peter as our singer, Remmie as the bass player, Herman on guitar and Youri behind the drums. Often times when, we practice we start by just jamming a bit to also do a bit of a sound check. Sometimes these jam sessions turn into something we think sounds really good, then we start working on that. Sometimes Herman came up with a nice riff and starts playing that, then we try to figure out how to make a song out of that. When we have a bit of the musical part down, Peter comes in with his lyrics. He always has something ready to go. Then we go to work to make the song flow nicely and make sure Peter has time sing his parts and we make sure the music and lyrics also match with each other. That is how most of our songs are made. For 6 million voices we started with the lyrics. Peter and Remmie sat down together to write down the lyrics and then we started to think how do we make this message also come across with the music? Through trial and error, we ended up with the song you can listen to on our EP.

TC 2:This may not have reference to what the band wants on this album, but don’t you agree that today we literally live in an illusion of control?

Oltas:Yes, we do agree that today we live in an illusion of control and that is also the reason we choose this name for our EP. In today’s society everyone thinks they are in control, but when you really look at it, everyone just does what they are told and they don’t even know it. Everyone is influenced by social media. We are all being manipulated by everything we see in adds and campaigns and everywhere we look.

TC 3:I admire the way Doom is worked by the band. But is there a sludge or stoner vein in the band?

Oltas:There is a bit of a stoner vain in our band. Our bass player Remmie does like stoner music. If you hear a bit in our music, it might be because of him.

TC 4:Why the band have this name?

Oltas:OLTAS stands for Our Light Tells A Story. With our music, we want to tell a story, the story of the light that shines in our lives. The light of Jesus. We want the light in our lives to shine bright for everyone around us to see the story of life through what we do and who we are. We want other people to look at us and see that light through our actions and not just our words. We want to be a light in the lives of everyone around us and by doing so, tell the story that Jesus told us to tell, to love everyone around you as yourself.

TC 5:Is it correct to say that the fifth song has a piscological connotation?

Oltas:The song inside of me is about a fire that burns inside of us and never dies. A fire that gives us passion and drives us to go on every day. A fire that keeps us from wandering off. This fire is the fire from the Holy Spirit. This fire is the source of the light in our lives. He is the one that helps us with everything we do and keeps us on the straight path.

TC 6:I think you answered this in a competing vehicle, but Brazil doesn’t know that. So, are these five million people you refer to the population of your home country or random people?

Oltas:The name 6 million voices refers to the 6 million Jews that died during the 2nd world war because of the holocaust. In 2020, we celebrated 75 years of freedom in the Netherlands. The war ended for us on may 5th 1945. So this is a day, we look back at everything and remember our freedom and all the people who have died during the 2nd world war. In this war it were the Jews that were persecuted throughout Europe. A total of 6 million Jews have died through this persecution during the war. The song 6 million voices is a remembrance to all those who lost their lives and about the cruel way their voices were shut. How propaganda had such an effect that 6 million voices were lost.

TC 7:I know it’s a song, but speaking something more personal. What is the horizon that has in their respective bloods?

Oltas:The horizon that is in bloods is the horizon of the future. We humans have really done a big number on our planet. Global warming is a big and important problem. If we as the entire human race don’t work to stop it together there will be a big price to pay. We already see more an more natural disasters happening all over the world that claim more lives every day. This will only get worse if we don’t try to stop it. We can do that, we believe, but we have to do it together.

TC 8:How band arrive to Headbangers Records?

Oltas:Some of our band members have known Tamme Oosterhof from BigBadWolfRecords for a long time now. We got in contact with him about our EP. He loved it from the start, he works closely together with Headbangers Records. Via him we arrived at Headbangers Records.

TC 9:How is Oltas different from your previous bands?

Oltas:We feel like the big difference between us and our precious bands is the positive outlook we have. We know that this world we live in is not always nice and good, but we have our hope on God and through Him we know that everything will be good and amazing. All four of us have a very positive view on life and we try to also put that into our music.

TC 10:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Oltas:On the artwork you can see a man sitting behind a computer. This man has strings attached to him that lead to a hand above him. This hand controls the man through the strings, but the man does not realize it. This man has the illusion that he is in control. This is a metaphor for how we are influenced by everything we see and read offline but also online. Social media has a big influence on how we think and act. We tried to portray that with our artwork.

TC 11:Some Literature inspire the band?

Oltas:The bible and everything we see happening around us, so newspapers. We write our lyrics based on what we see happening around us in combination with our faith in Christ.

TC 12:Before music,what band loves to doing?

Oltas:utside of music we all have day jobs. We all have different hobbies besides making music. So, we are busy men. But we love to make time to invest in music.

TC 13:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Oltas:It is not really conceptual. Yes, we do have the main theme set as Illusion of control, but all our songs have just as much meaning when you listen to them separately than if you listened to the entire EP. We also did not have that in mind when we started writing our songs. When we knew what songs we were going to put on the EP, we looked at what the main theme overall is and that is how we got the name Illusion of control. So it is not really conceptual, but we do have a main theme throughout these songs.

TC 14:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Oltas song?

Oltas:We will not write music to upset people or to stir up arguments and try to divide people. Our goal with our music is to bring people together and to see how much alike we all are. We will not cover subjects that goes against this.

TC 15:What band mean with Gonesh?

Oltas:The song The sound of Gonesh is composed by Premnath Gonesh. He is a composer we know who also plays the keys in the band Slechtvalk. We asked him to compose an intro for our EP. We like the idea of having a musical intro to our EP. So Gonesh references to the man who composed the song.

TC 16:I like very much this,but why band put a Cello in song four?

Oltas:We added the cello because it brings a lot of emotion to the music. The song 6 million voices is a very sad song about all the lives that were lost in the 2nd world war through the holocaust. To add the extra dimension and to emphasize the sadness of it all, we came with the idea to add a cello in the song.

TC 17:Message to the fans,guys.interview is done.

Oltas:We thank you all for the interest in this interview. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Have a good time listening to our first EP Illusion of control and we cannot wait to hear what you all think of it. Thank you for listening to our EP. We would very much like to come over one day! We do really hope to see you all at a show someday. Greetings, Peter, Herman, Remmie and Youri!

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