Interview 903 with Serbian Band In From The Cold

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After the war, comes peace? Not necessarily.Well, start other reasons and other causes to fight. Now, the objective is more peaceful than weapons. Weapons are now metal and the dense form of how to do it.That’s how we see Serbia in this universe today and it’s good that it is. Speaking of this patriotic country or at least super nationalist. The Band In From The Cold is our Interview 903 and they present their consolidation on the scene with the Isolation Blues album that it is the second practiced by them.The band is:Jimi Triple B on Vocals and Bass,Mirko and Mr Shommer on Guitars and Vocals and Count Boris on Drums.Jimi answer our questions.Obviously, the interview that you are going to follow in all your emotions doesn’t arrive without first listening to our interviewees.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Isolation Blues?

Jimi Triple B:It’s probably 90% of situations me writing both music & lyrics for the band and then maybe we all together add some extra licks at rehearsals, or in the studio, during the recording process. But all the guys in the band are all well skilled musicians, very capable of writing good riffs/songs and sometimes they actually do that.

TC 2:The band says that one of their music themes is life and a great friend told me that life is an accident of matter. If the band agrees with my friend, how is this accident faced by the band?

Jimi Triple B:I don’t know if I can relate to that quote, I will have to meditate more on that one, so I can give You an honest answer. All I can say is that we are all very happy with this line up and with current position of the band. We are all close friends playing music that we love and we have a record deal with a label that is ready to release all of our abominable music, monstrous riffs, grimm vocals, depressed moods and dirty sounds on vinyl. So it’s a happy place for both sides and it’s not a coincidence, it’s years of hard work, misery and pain.

TC 3:How was the split job with Нула?

Jimi Triple B:That was pretty fast and easy. We knew each other from back in a days some 15 years ago when I played with my old hard core band and they were just starting taking part in the scene with there first bands. So, in short, Nula had a material less than 20min long and no publisher, In From The Cold had 18min long material and a publisher who wanted a whole album, not EP. So we did a split LP and called 3 more labels to join us, help us put the vinyl on the streets…Again, it’s all about friendship, loving music and supporting each other and the scene.

TC 4:I like live albums. But I imagine they were different contexts for the band to do two right?

Jimi Triple B:In more than 10 years of existence of the band we did couple of D.I.Y. live albums. Those are semi-pro recordings of our shows and we uploaded on our internet pages MySpace/Facebook, whatever it was and people could downloaded it for free. Those were not official releases.

TC 5:What band mean with Groundhog?

Jimi Triple B:Groundhog is an animal ofcourse, a mammal. But there’s a movie called Groundhog Day and in that movie, that expression marks the situation in life, when every day is completely same, nothing new happens, nothing happens differently.So our song is about an individual refusing to live “groundhog days” and trying to get out of that situation.

TC 6:In the song three,it ´s too late for what?

Jimi Triple B:Song ” Too Late” is about not giving up. Chorus goes : “You think it’s too late? Well, I don’t think it’s too late, fuck them all!” It’s about finding something in your life worth living for or dying for and then fight hard for it, live strong! Against all odds…

TC 7:Some literature or film inspire band?

Jimi Triple B:There’s so many books, comics and movies worth a song, or a whole album…Me personally, I’m a big Lovecraft, Po, Gogol, Blake, Ursula Le Guin fan…Talking ‘bout movies, “Apocalypse Now”, “There Will Be Blod” are my top shelf…I’m also big Sci Fi/Horror freak, so there are many titles I can mention…I’m crazy about Predator/Alien movies/comics,etc.

TC 8:How is In From the Cold different from your previous bands?

Jimi Triple B:Well, I started in serbian hardcore/punk scene in ’90s, I played/recorded with Drawbacks, Hang, Hitman, Eraserhead.I’m still involved with hardcore and punk, producing or mixing albums for bands, sometimes I even perform with them. Out guitar player Mr. Shommer was also involved in hc-punk, he played in Vox Populi, one of the biggest punk names here. Our drummer and other guitar player are bit younger and they started in prog death metal band called Through Art in the middle of 2000. But, we have those 10-15 bands we all worship like Sabbath, Black Flag, Morbid Angel, Poison Idea, Discharge, Sleep, High On Fire, Slayer, Crowbar, Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Motorhead, At The Gates, Dismember, Entombed, Obituary, Bolt Thrower….etc. Those are classics, no one can deny it.

TC 9:What kind of subject don´t deserve a In From The Cold song?

Jimi Triple B:That’s pretty simple, any kind of fascist shit or, on the other hand, we can write a song called “Kill the Fascist” or something like that.

TC 10:What are the abstract themes that most influence the band?

Jimi Triple B:Well that must be afford mentioned writers like E.A. Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Ursula Le Guin, Nikolai Gogol and their fantastic poems.Chtulhu mythos, witch tales, wizards and dragons tales and etc .Also, I tend to use some mythology in my lyrics, slavic, nordic.

TC 11:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Jimi Triple B:No, this album is not conceptual. A side of the vinyl contents all the singles from 2020/2021 + one old song from 2010, officially unreleased. B side has one remixed song from the “Filth Bible” album, one live version of the song “How Far is The Sun” and the first song we ever recorded in studio, “Prime” from 2009. So it’s kind of an special compilation album, with some new stuf and some rare stuff.

TC 12:What ´s the idea behind artwork´ ´´s album?

Jimi Triple B:We’ve been workin’ with this incredible artist called Grebo Gray almost since the very beginning of In From The Cold. He totally feels our music, he’s familliar with the mood we bring and he’s 100% accurate with the colors and the picture he needs to present on canvas. It’s all handwork and then his wife Zmaya Gray do the digital post production of the art and make it ready for printing. “Isolation Blues” artwork represents the isolation, a look from the window, a desperate look on the outside world where everything is intermingled, sad, evil, dirty, beautiful and dying.

TC 13:What ´s bands influence ours?

Jimi Triple B:We are influenced by so many bands and genres.But, I can try to narrow it to the “most crucial” ones.Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Neurosis, Eyehategod, Buzzov-en, Morbid Angel, Anti Cimex, Discharge, Bongzilla, Sleep, Led Zeppelin, Crowbar, Sheer Terror, Ratos De Porao, Iron Monkey, Cypress Hill, Psycho Realm, Public Enemy, Atari Teenage Riot, Burning Spear, Bob Marley, Autopsy, Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson, High On Fire, Darkthrone, Bathory, Impaled Nazarene, Motorhead, Hawkwind, Bad Brains and so much more.

TC 14:Before music,what band loves to doing?

Jimi Triple B:Interesting question.I’m running a little music school for kids, I’m a vinyl dj, I work as a sound guy and a mixing engineer in studio. I also like working out, boxing, spending time in the woods, or hiking. Our guitarist Lošmi is a professional pilot, the other guitar player and our drummer are in the gaming business, they work for a company, making video games.In general, we all enjoy spending time outdoors.

TC 15:The band feel differences between Filth Bible and now in Isolation Blues?

Jimi Triple B:Yes, of course we can see the difference. I think, at the same time, we simplified the things and made them more serious. Lots of fine, microscopic work in playing riffs and drum patterns and in arrangements.

TC 16:Message the fans,interview is done

Jimi Triple B:We wanna thank everybody supporting In From The Cold band and everybody supporting the underground scene in general, especially in these difficult times. Support the bands, support small labels, buy the albums, buy that merch, or simply spread the word! Cheers! Stay high and drink safe! P.M.A. !!!

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