Interview 904 with Catalan Band Maragda

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Wars, beauties, art, sport. Is all this what you breathe in Catalonia? Yes, it is. But you can also breathe metal bands. This is a clear example that being progressive and piscodelic is something possible,but that it takes time, dedication and a dose of madness because without it, life is meaningless.The Conservate Storm in our Interview 904 talking with Catalan Band Maragda and they show your frist album called Maragda.They work under metaphors, but they even make sense in the world of current extremes. Not only in the political sense, but in the sense of life itself. Everything is heaven or hell. Duality has never been so intense as it is today. existed before, it always had. But today, the slat of this duality has risen frighteningly.Dualities and battens aside, the band is formed by: Marçal Itarte as Bassist and Vocalist, Guilem Tora on Guitar and Xavi Pasqual on Drums. The band answered our questions, which you will follow in all your emotions.
Before, a song by our interviewees.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Maragda?

Maragda:The main ideas behind the record have been made by our bassist Marçal. Howerver, the creative process has passed through a production stage with Guillen amd Xavi, guitarrist and drummer, respectively as well as Edgar Beltri, producer and responsible of recording and mixing the record.

TC 2:It ´s more easy or more pratical a band like powertrio?

Maragda:We think being a powertrio has a good potential because music will end up being raw, and you need to keep it big with no other instruments. In this sense yes, it can be more practical. However, it’s also limiting, because more instruments would mean more ressources into making music.

TC 3:Can current totalitarianisms be compared to what you address in your lyrics?

Maragda:Yes. The record aims to point out that all forms of opression shall be destroyed. It tells a story of liberation and search of a deeper understanding of the self.

TC 4:Knowing that you are from Catalonia came the memory of the movie about Pau Casals. Of course your styles are super different. But, is he still a strong inspiration for any Catalan musician?

Maragda:We cannot say that we are inspired by Pau Casals, however we can say that he is a very respected icon of the catalan music and cultre and we appreciate his contribution to music. Rest in peace, Pau.

TC 5:I like all the songs made for this first work, but does the third song have any relation to the tarot card or is it a common old man?

Maragda:Yes, it does. There were also song projects that were also referring to other Tarot cards, such as The Fool, or The High Empress. That projects ended up mutating into other forms and concepts. At the end, our Hermit can be undestood as the Tarot archetype, or as a kind of truth telling oracle, which one needs to question always.

TC 6:In the last song, a joke is made among the conservatives that their rivals are from a small group or as we speak in brazil ´patota´ of the blue label. I imagine that this song does not have this relationship, am I correct?

Maragda:The last song is an instrumental piece of music that aims to bring th listener to the end of our story, in which our adventurers, who have travelled from the depth of the Earth, finally find the surface of the planet. For them, our sky is nothing more than «the blue ceiling».

TC 7:How band got work with Spinda Records, Necio Records and Nafra Records?

Maragda:When the band finished recording, mixing and mastering the record, it was time to find record labels interested in publishing a physical edition of it. A round of correu electrònic contacts started and this 3 record labels were the ones interested in releasing our music.

TC 8:How is Maragda different from your previous bands?

Maragda:Maragda is more or less like our previous bands, honestly. We come to rehearsals with new music ideas, we jam, we enjoy, we recordmusic and eventually release it!

TC 9:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Maragda song?

Maragda:Maragda is a joyful and liberating act of live. There will be no songs of fascism, racism, sexism, and any kind of opression or hate.

TC 10:Why band have this name?

Maragda:Maragda means Emerald in catalan. That is where ewe take all our concept art from, and the use of green as an identifying colour.

TC 11:What is the Great Disaster?

Maragda:That disaster is a metaphor of any human failure that damnes humanity. Take it as climate change, collapse of our socioeconomic system. Anything that can lead humanity to take refugee and end life as we undertand it.

TC 12:What kind of atmosphere do you crate for this album?

Maragda:We want to create energic live shows where people dance and enjoy feeling uninhibited. We also want encourage people to understand life in a psychedelic way, exploring reality further than what it seems to be.

TC 13:What ´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Maragda:As the story behind the record is about an underground civilization, we wanted the artwork to be “geological” and somehow related to civilizations.

TC 14:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Maragda:This is clearly a concept album. Understand it as you preffer, if travels among ideas of freedom, liberation, truth, questioning what seems to be.

TC 15:Before music,what the bands loves to doing?

Maragda:Xavi is a graphic designer and illustrator, he likes creating visual art stuff. Guillem does a lot of things, we don’t think we can say one or two. Marçal is into mountain sports.

TC 16:What´ s bands influence ours?

Maragda:Musically, the band is influenced by different genres, but mainly psych rock, progressive rock and garage bands sich as Thee Oh Sees, Motorpsycho, etc.

TC 17:Message to the fans!

Maragda:To our fans, we would like to say: thanks for listening, enjoy life, feed your head, and PEACE!

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