Interview 905 with Danish Band Dying Hydra

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Denmark breathes metal in a fantastic way. This breath and this perspiration requires work, effort, talent and the will to win. just one thing we’ve noticed over the years. But, they know the road is still long. However, continuing with this talent and this capacity, growth tends to increase.The Conservate Storm doing the Interview 905 with Danish Band Dying Hydra.This band makes a stoner, sludge and doom of high density and intensity and shows us their first album titled Of Lowly Origin. The band is formed by: Lars Pontoppidan as Guitarist and Vocalist, Patrick Fragtrup as Guitarist and Tejs Kyhl as Drummer.Toda the band answered our questions. Which you will follow in all your emotions. Before that, let’s go to their song.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Of Lowly Origin?

Dying Hydra:Nature and science is the overall theme of the album which we’ve tried to integrate into the overall musical feeling and visual feedback. In the composition of the album we have strived to make it a coherent experience for the listener, with each song leading into the next.

TC 2:Of course, man’s relationship with nature has never been the most beautiful possible. History shows that. But does the band approach it in an optimistic, realistic or pessimistic way?

Dying Hydra:We approach it with hopes for the better. Nature is under pressure as never before. so taking the current situation into account. it’s naive to think we shouldn’t, at least, try to minimize our negative impact on nature. In this endeavor it’s probably a good idea to lean towards the branches of the scientific community which has studied the causes and effects more closely.

TC 3:It´ s more easy or more pratical a powertrio band?

Dying Hydra:It’s both. We usually agree on most things and our decision making  process is nurtured in a positive way because of this.

TC 4:Writer Dostoievski said that things needed chaos to grow. Listening to the band, I have this feeling. Is this part of your thinking besides of course making good music for yourselves and us the audience?

Dying Hydra:The way we make our music might seem a bit chaotic to some, because we jam a lot and make stuff up as we go. Chaos is sometimes where we find the sounds, compositions and riffs that we like, but hopefully the end result of a chaotic process is not as chaotic by itself. That is the goal at least, to put order in some of that chaos.

TC 5:-The name of the album is Of Lowly Origin. If we think for the creation of the world, we will agree. But, can we apply this to the band itself as well?

Dying Hydra:The title Of Lowly Origin refers to Charles Darwins saying “The human body bears the stamp of its lowly origin”, meaning our bodies show evidence that we are descended from the apes through evolution rather than being created by a god.I think you can apply a musical evolution to most bands that have played together as long as we have.

TC 6:How is Dying Hydra different from your previous bands?

Dying Hydra:We are only three now, which makes the process of creating new stuff somewhat different; more dynamic and including. The music Is different as well, the tempo has come down and it’s more atmospheric. We are not afraid to let the songs evolve slowly and use a good riff for way longer than we used to. There is also more thought to the music, artwork, visuals and themes than we used to have.We have all grown older as persons and as band mates we are more in balance with ourselves.

TC 7:Like every band from Doom or Sludge or Stoner, the 70s are a brutal influence. But which bands did you guys say. Can we make a band as or even better than we had in the 70s?

Dying Hydra:We are not directly inspired from the 70s bands, but more from the bands that are in the next generation. Of course we love and listen to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and all those once in a while it just happens to be the descendants that we’d listen the most to. These descendants include bands like YOB, High on Fire, Opeth, TOOL, Monolord, Mastodon, Melvins, Big Business, Red Fang, Elder, Kadavar, and many more. Our musical taste is very diverse and we try to take a new approach to the slow and heavy style that we find attractive.Of course, everything can always get better. That doesn’t make what was made in the 70’s worse and you can never duplicate the circumstances and technology available at that time, which was part of making that music great. You can create the future but you can’t change the past.

TC 8:Before Music,what the band loves to doing?

Dying Hydra:Well, We all have children, wifes, work and other interests.So we spend time with our families and on our jobs. Music is our hobby and what we love doing in our free time whenever possible.

TC 9:What´ s the idea behind artwork´ ´´s album?

Dying Hydra:The cover is a visualization of mother nature as the guardian of life.]

TC 10:Of course you are experienced musicians. But I wonder if you have a background in the sciences or are you biologists?

Dying Hydra:Our drummer has a master degree in Biotechnology, but we all share an interest in all kinds of science, sci-fi, space, engineering, astronomy and more and weed…

TC 11:Why no Bass guy?

Dying Hydra:When our bass player and vocalist left the previous band we tried to get new one, but it was difficult to find one and the energy for that band also slowly began to fade. So the three of us decided to start something new and try out doing bass with a guitar through a split signal ending in an octave pedal. It worked out for us and Dying Hydra was born.

TC 12:Why the band have this name?

Dying Hydra:The idea for the name originates from a very small real-world organism called a Hydra that lives in water. This organism is extremely interesting from a scientific point of view because it dosn’t seem to age at all and if you split it into several pieces each piece will live on to form a new Hydra. This organism was of course named after the many headed serpentine creature in Greek mythology.We liked the name Dying Hydra both for the scientific reference to an absolutely amazing organism that most people don’t know about, the paradox of the seemingly immortal creature dying and the possibility of visualising the band and the name as a three-headed serpent.

TC 13:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Dying Hydra:When we began writing the album it was not conceptual, but slowly we formed a concept that we all liked. It actually started with our first EP release, which had a theme that revolved around desert environments. During the creation of the songs for Of Lowly Origin we decided to continue the theme around different aspects of nature and science. We are not political or environmental activist we all just have an interest nature and science.

TC 14:What atmospheres does the band have on this album?

Dying Hydra:The atmospheric parts of our music definitely includes both sadness and despair but also hope. We attempt to add the atmosphere as an extra layer to our music, in order to create a more complete experience.

TC 15:How band arrive to Black Grain Records?

Dying Hydra:Black Grain Records is our own record label which we use for the digital releases only. Our vinyl record will be released through:Narshardaa Records (GER),Maniyax Records (GER),Heartland Records (DK),Virkelighedsfjern (DK) and MinoRobscuR (GER).

TC 16:Message to the fans,interview is done

Dying Hydra:Thank you for your interest and the support. We hope you enjoy our music. Take care and be safe.

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