Interview 906 with Lithuanian Band Stormgrey

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After Eastern Europe came out of the problems it had, countries were born that are not perfect, but with more solid lives. One of them is Lithuania. This country has brought us good basketball players and very strong metal bands. The second option will be our Interview 906.One of these bands is Stormgrey that shows the consolidation of their career with their second album called DNA Of Chaos. Of course, the old school influence is present, but they do it with their own spice which is something that is necessary even to not fall into sameness. But, luckily, you won’t see sameness here.The vocalist answer our questions.The band is formed by:Andrius Šaulys on Vocals,Arunas Mikolajunas and Raimondas Kieras on Guitars,Liudas Remeika on Bass and Arunas Staugaitis on Drums.Of course, before you follow the interview in all your emotions, let’s go to their song.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in DNA of Chaos?

Andrius Šaulys:The composition of the tracks for our second album DNA Of Chaos began in 2015. It took a long time because our original drummer passed away, RIP Viktoras Mogilo-Zano. After his death, we tried several drummers, before we found the perfect match in our current drummer Arunas. Our principle in STORMGREY is that all songs are created through contributions by all members of the band. Like I said, it took longer than usual to complete the creation of this album, but we were ready to go into the studio with this new album in December 2020, and we finished recording it in February 2021.

TC 2:It’s a cliché question, but it needs to be asked. Has the world always lived in chaos, or is it more glaring today than in our parents’ time?

Andrius Šaulys:I think chaos always existed, because there can’t be harmony without chaos, there must be the balance in this world. Talking about old times, I believe, the chaos was much more above harmony, especially if we talk about inquisition times, when people were tortured for their beliefs, burnt on fires or just forced to believe in god. In any case i believe that chaos is a part of all our lives.

TC 3:In the second song,the dostoyevsky’s tale that is called the dream of ridiculous man came to my mind.Was this the band’s idea for this song or just a random opinion from a journalist/fan?

Andrius Šaulys:This song was written pretty long ago, but i can ensure you that it has nothing mutual with Dostoievski, because i didn’t read that text. This song is about simple man who’s tired of this life, sees nothing positive, only dirt and mud is his existence and he decides to end everything in unusual way.

TC 4:If hate didn’t exist, Death metal wouldn’t happen or does it happen because of it?

Andrius Šaulys:I don’t think that hate is an engine of Death Metal, there are many more things or feelings like suffering, anger, pain at least SATAN. From the other side, people who are playing metal music are very kind and friendly, maybe because they spill all their bad emotions to music.

TC 5:In the third song, can we say that it is a hateful satire on Easter?

Andrius Šaulys:For sure it is. If you’ve read lyrics, you must to understand it, we hate all these resurrection themes and everything what’s written in that book of fairy tales.

Andrius Šaulys:I was a vocalist in Anomaly, we also were playing death metal, but that was more American school death metal, more technical, maybe a bit more brutal with more blast beats. Our guitarist Raimondas and bass Liudas played in Necropsy and later Dissection which was a technical/classic death metal band. Stormgrey is different to those bands in the sense that the musicianship is perhaps more mature and more mid-tempo as compared to the full-speed tracks which we played 30 years ago.

TC 7:How band arrive to Great Dane Records?

Andrius Saulys:Great Dane Records offered a good deal to us and we decided to go with it. It’s that simple and straightforward.

TC 8:What´s the idea behind album’s artwork?

Andrius Saulys:This master piece was painted by our drummer Arunas Staugaitis, as you can see it looks like a human DNA with some demonic faces in it, so I think this is how DNA of chaos must look like. The final track in the album titled DNA Of Chaos of already done, and based on it our drummer created the painting specifically for this album. You can check out his artwork at

TC 9:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Stormgrey song?

Andrius Saulys:We have never thought about this specifically, but I think that everyday mundane issues would not deserve out attention as inspiration for our tracks.

TC 10:Why the band have this name?

Andrius Saulys:We wanted to choose a name which was unique in the metal sphere and reflected the dark characteristics of our music.

TC 11:Before music, what band loves to doing?

Andrius Saulys:Drink beer, drink beer and some more wine.

TC 12:Some Literature inspire the band?

Andrius Saulys:Personally, I don’t have a lot of time for reading now, but earlier I’ve read a lot, the best book for me, I guess, is Stephen KING’s Dark Tower.

TC 13:This album is conceptual? yes or no and why?

Andrius Saulys:If we talk about satanism or evil, then yes the album is conceptual, because every song got something evil in it. However, we cannot claim that it is purely conceptual because every song was written at a different point in time, in a different mood, even in a different country.

TC 14:The band feel differences between Pray.Crawl.Suffer and now in Dna Of Chaos?

Andrius Saulys:Those two albums are very different for several reasons. Firstly, the line-up includes a new drummer and vocalist. Second, there was a long gap from 2015 (Pray.Crawl.Suffer) until 2021 DNA Of Chaos, and during that time our music writing has developed, that’s a natural thing. And third, the new album was mixed and mastered in a different studio, mixed at Clintworks Audio by Dennis Israel, a hugely talented audio engineer, and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street. Therefore, it has a different sound which in our opinion suits our music even better.

TC 15:Message to the fans, guys. the interview is done

Andrius Saulys:Since 1988 and to this day, we have been huge fans of Sepultura (old albums) and Ratos de Porao. Therefore, it is an honour to do this interview for the Brazilian readers. Keep on moshing and support the underground. Beers!!!

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