Interview 907 with Austrian Band Rotten Halo

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ROTTEN HALO - Devoured Hope cover

Austria has given us wonderful things in the arts. We are so grateful for that.
Not always, they gave us wonders, but they always made up for it with talents. In metal, it’s no different. Today, we have a fledgling talent.But there is a future, well at least, our team sees this and makes the 907 interview.The band that faces our microphones today is Austrian Rotten Halo.This is the debutant album titled Devoured Hope.The band have this formation:Raphi on Bass and Vocals,Tim and Alex on Guitars and Chris on Drums.Chris answer our questions.The band practices a Metalcore with Death of good technique and intensity. Before you follow the conversation in all your emotions, let’s go to their song.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Devoured Hope?

Chris:After our first concert in Vienna on the 11th of September due to Covid-19 the first lock down in Austria was enacted and we had to take a break from rehearsing regularly two times a week. Because of that, we decided to focus on writing songs and working them out at home. After the hard lockdowns were over and we were able to rehears again the “working out” process started and the first songs for our album got their finishing touches. At that time we also made the decision that it´s time to record our first album. Regarding to that decision we gave all our energy to the band and tried our best to make this ten songs as good as we could. And so it did happen, that we changed, deleted and created new parts for some songs while recording them at the studio from Marcel Jaquemond,mixed by Marcel.  Our main goal, for this album was to show our musical diversity and to write music, we would also headbang too. We wanted to show people our mixed feelings about many things in this world happening with this album and also making them looking forward to more. Because there is more, much more. 

TC 2:If we stop to think, we really feel that our hopes are being devoured. But what structures in the band’s opinion can be the cause of this devotion?

Chris:That´s a tough question man. There are many reasons that can cause this devotion. On one hand there is the whole climate stuff going on. On the other hand there is so much evil in this world that is shown by things like districts full of poverty which are getting treated like they wouldn´t even exist by politicians, wars all over the planet and even the small things like treating other human beings in your personal surroundings bad. For sure these are some structures that could cause this, but there is much more.As musicians for example, we can say it´s very hard to always stick at your dream of making music to your profession. There are many people who will try to distract you, distort your dreams and put obstacles in your way. 

TC 3:At certain times, the band talks about the war. But does the band refer to the world wars or the wars that man faces daily?

Chris:Well, it´ s more about the wars everyone has to face daily. We all have things that are worth dying for and that´s why it was important for us to write about these topics. In Lords of War, we want to tell a story.

TC 4:Without a doubt, we are to blame for this change in climate. But does the band imagine that nature itself would make this change of its own?

Chris:No. For us, it ´s clear that we are destroying our planet in many different ways and that this change of climate as we are experiencing it now, wouldn ´t happened the way it does.For sure, nature is always changing, but definitely not the way we are making it to and definitely not the speed as it did the last decades. 

TC 5:In the ninth song, you talk about distorted realities. It would be something like if we live in a matrix or in an inverse world, what would be the band’s theory about that?

Chris:Well, that’s a tough question to be honest. I would say we are all open for the idea of living in some kind of matrix or simulated reality, but who can really know, right? It is certainly a very interesting topic to think about and also write music about. It pretty much opens up endless creative possibilities. Thanks for the idea! 

TC 6:How is Rotten Halo different from your previous bands?

Chris:The previous bands of ours were cover bands and more hobby driven ones as this one is. Rotten Halo is the first one we all take completely serious. And the first band that is doing the music we all love, metal. 

TC 7:How come emerged the invite to Dushi Dushinson?

Chris:Chris got to know Dushi over the streaming platform “Twitch” where he was streaming regularly while the lockdowns lasted. They started to know each other a bit better with time moving forward and so Chris asked Dushi if he´d be interested in doing a feature. After clarifying all the business aspects of their work together Mr. Dushinson wrote an epic solo for our song “A World Worth Dying For”.  

TC 8:What ´s the idea behind artwork´ s album?

Chris:The album artwork is a combination of our rotten as well our halo aspects and also fits perfectly to the albums name “Devoured Hope”. In the front you can see a person still praying while it ´s inner already turned to the side of death and distorted, devoured Hopes and Dreams.  

TC 9:Before music, what the band loves to doing?

Chris:To be honest there is not much time next to music for us. Raphi is working as Gardener, Tim is studying economy at university in Vienna, Chris is studying music in Eisenstadt and Alex is on his best way to get a male nurse. Sometimes if there´s time we play some videogames together, that´ s it.

TC 10:What band mean with Antivist?

Chris:Antivist is a person, who is pretty much done with society. He stands up for what is right in his opinon, no matter what others may think of him. 

TC 11:What kind of subject don ´t deserve a Rotten Halo Song?

Chris:We are pretty much open minded for almost all topics. But one thing we don´t want to touch is WWII there are enough bands doing that. 

TC 12:What ´s bands influence ours?

Chris:We got many, really many influences.Each one of us comes from a different subgenre of Metal. Raphi for example is a big fan of Thrash and Old School Metal. Tim loves Deathcore and Metalcore, Alex is a big fan of Hardcore, Hardcore-Punk and Metalcore and Chris is the guy who ´s came from Folk and Pagan Metal and turned into a Death and Blackmetal enthusiast. 

TC 13:This album is conceptual? Yes or no and why?

Chris:No, not really. The idea for an conceptual album was existent but during the writing process we decided to keep the conceptual plan for album number two. Because it just fits better to the plan we have for it. 

TC 14:Some literature or film inspire the band?

Chris:Nope, not really.

TC 15:Is the eighth song a tribute to a person loved by the band or a random dead person?

Chris:It´ s a random dead person.

TC 16:Is man an animal that carries the corpse on his back all the time?

Chris:Yeah. We all have to carry a certain weight. And we all have to fight through daily problems and issues. That´s one of the reasons we wrote “A World Worth Dying For”. You know, there are so many things we all have to deal with that we wanted to give people listening to our music a song that shall help them through all their problems and overcome their hurdles.

TC 17:Message to the fans, guys. the interview is over 

Chris:Thanks to everybody who have supported us through our journey until now and never forget to stay sexy. 

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