Interview 909 with American Band Desolate Sacrilege

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All the bands we’ve talked to, we had a premature audition. But this time, it was a band that was announced to us.But, then we heard her and found her deserving of an interview and so it was done.The Conservate Storm doing your interview 909 with American Band Desolate Sacrilege.The band show for us your ep self titled.The band have this formation:Rolland Wernke on Guitar and Vocal,TY Pinion on Bass and Dave Romero on Drums.Rolland answer our questions and you see this interview in all our emotions.But,frist,we head a band song.

TC 1:Introducing the band for us?

Rolland Wernke:DESOLATE SACRILEGE 2021 on EP.The November 1 2021 release of the self titled six song EP is the precursor to the 2022 self titled album.Comprised of a six song compilation of aggressive ,up-tempo ,ripping your face off !Death Metal!Release yourself!Embark the journey!The Ethereal cosmic Emptiness !

TC 2:It´ s more easy or more praticial a band like powertrio?

Rolland Wernke:Three piece terror!

TC 3:Would it be correct to say that in the third song of the ep, this eternal salvation has a reincarnationist concept?

Rolland Wernke:Yes,the cycle always repeats.

TC 4:What authority do you refer to in the fifth song?

Rolland Wernke:The unseen authority,the true controller,Not the puppets that dance for the show.

TC 5:We know that the man has many reasons to bleed, but what would be the reasons for a deity to bleed in the band’s second song?

Rolland Wernke:Mans battle to transcend hate.

TC 6:All the songs the band makes are themes or is it a theme. Which theme would not deserve a song for the band?

Rolland Wernke:All themes are open.I am merely a path or a reflexion of that around me.

TC 7:Some literature or film inspire the band?

Rolland Wernke:I am inspired by a film that I have been writing for the last two years.Some of the EP and the full album will be part of the soundtrack.

TC 8:The band plains to do a full lenght soon?

Rolland Wernke:It is in production now,15 songs written so far.12 will make the album.

TC 9:How is Desolate Sacrilege different from your previous bands?

Rolland Wernke:The passing of time has allowed me to become a more proficient musician and human being.Which has allowed more opportunities to arise.Desolate Sacrilege is a combination of my skills and habilities coming together.The introduction of drummer Dave Romero has drastically increased the bands live performance and future capacity.

TC 10:Why band have this name?

Rolland Wernke:The bands name as a reference to the abomination of desolation.In particular, the sacrifice up on the altar.Which is the Desolate Sacrilege.

TC 11:Which reflections the band wants to address in the fourth song?

Rolland Wernke:Most travel through life with reckless abandon,Never reconciling deaths within their own mind.The fortunate and over intelligent assume immortality.All the while denying the fact of their meaningless existence and the ethereal emptiness that will overtake all.

TC 12:What´ s bands influence ours?

Rolland Wernke:Too long of a list,I am influenced by all music.

TC 13:This ep is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Rolland Wernke:Yes and no.Parts of it will be used as movie soundtrack.It’s all part of a larger concept.

TC 14:I know that’s the name of the band, but what would be a Desolate Sacrilege for band?

Rolland Wernke:It’s described as pig sacrificed on the altar of the temple mound in Jerusalem.But is referred to as a precursor for the end Metaphorically.Existence is short.Enjoy,the end comes for all.

TC 15:What ´s the idea behind artwork ´´s album?

Rolland Wernke:For the ep,Album art is by the same Indonesian artist Mas Amik.

TC 16::If for the band, the existence is small. Can we say that the band believes that man is an experience that didn’t work?

Rolland Wernke:No, not at all.The choice is ours.

TC 17:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is done.

Rolland Wernke:Thank you for your time!

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