Interview 910 with Polish Band Death Has Spoken

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Poland has a very strong experience in Metal. But today we’ll talk to a band from this country that despite practicing extreme metal joined the dense part of metal. They put Doom in their mix.It is evident that this mix is not something new, but the band gave its own vision and its own structure.The Band in question marks our 910 Interview.They as you can see are Polish and form the band Death Has Spoken. They present their second album entitled Call Of The Abyss.The band have this formation:Karol Pogorzelski on Vocal and Guitar,Marcin Grygoruk on Guitar,Marciej Chodynicki on Bass and Mikolaj Kupcznski on Drums.The whole band answered our questions, which you will follow in all your emotions. But, first, let’s go to their song.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Call of the Abyss?

Death Has Spoken:It was actually a bit tricky to work on the album. Due to this covid situation most of the compositions was written at home by our guitarists and picked later on by the whole band.Our starting point was obviously the first album “Fade”, but we wanted to do more, make it more diverse, introduce some new influences.

TC 2:Do the current sadness also help to inspire the band?

Death Has Spoken:Sure, in a genre like that all personal experiences, feelings can be an inspiration.

TC 3:We would be idiots not to see Lovecraft’s great influence on the band. But are other writers also part of the band’s personal library?

Death Has Spoken:Yes, with Lovecraft that’s pretty obvious, also Edgar Alan Poe is a major influence.

TC 4:Our page has a position in favor of reincarnation. Therefore, a question that the band’s name did not fully answer. What did death say to the band?

Death Has Spoken:There isn’t any strictly religious themes in our lyrics, but often they do pose some questions about “the other side” or what’s left behind and feelings behind that.

TC 5:I liked the band’s description of the first album and the second one. But, that leads us to the question. Did the band want to make a triology from the beginning?

Death Has Spoken:Well, can’t say we do not think about that, but not exactly from the very beginning. At first it started as a one time project, later on we decided to play shows and write new music.

TC 6:The band’s influence is practically a reservoir of Black Metal. But you guys make Classic Doom. This choice happened because Black Metal was a losing vote or Black Metal floats in the band and the listener must be smart to see that?

Death Has Spoken:Doom metal or death doom is what we do play, but we don’t want to close ourselves on the other especially “neighbor” genres. On the new album, you will find songs with black metal influences, but also funeral or stoner doom.

TC 7:What kind of subject don ´t deserve a Death Has Spoken song?

Death Has Spoken:It is not exactly a place for happy songs.

TC 8:How is Death Has Spoken different from your previous bands?

Death Has Spoken:It’s more mature for sure. All the band members are in a place where they know what they wan’t to play and how to do it.

TC 9:What ´s the idea behind artwork ´s album?

Death Has Spoken:Artwork is loosely inspired by a Shakespeare character. It isn’t directly connected to any particular song on the album, but goes along with it’s general idea.

TC 10:How was the split job with Sun No More and Tankograd?

Death Has Spoken:We knew the guys from Tankograd, did some live shows before. They also invited Sun No More. It was a fun idea and we were pretty happy with it. Only downside was that we had to cancel some shows and touring plans due to the covid restrictions.

TC 11:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Death Has Spoken:Kinda, there is some things that connects lyrically songs on “Call of the Abyss” and also on “Fade”.

TC 12:How band arrive to Ossuary Records?

Death Has Spoken:We knew Mateusz, the owner of Ossuary Records and that he is interested in our music. We believe in his work and decided that it’s a good and natural choice for us at this point, to work more closely with a friendly label.

TC 13:What´ s bands influence ours?

Death Has Spoken:What bands has influence on us? It would be to much to list here. To name a few: early Katatonia, Doom VS, Swallow the Sun, Saturnus, Ahab and list go on.

TC 14:It’s a boring question, but it has to be asked even as a motivation. Have any of you suffered depression or similar symptoms that you address in your songs?

Death Has Spoken:We all have our demons, but the songs are not about us.

TC 15:We are not against Classic Doom, never. He gave great bands to us. But, does the band like or work with the friendly aspects of Doom that are Sludge or Stoner?

Death Has Spoken:As i said before, we do not close ourself on the other genres, also we often share a stage with such stoner or sludge bands.

TC 16:This question was the title of a talk by a great friend, it’s up to you whether you agree with my friend or not. Is Pessimism a smart way to live?

Death Has Spoken:Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. At least it’s how i see it.

TC 17:Message to the fans, guys.the interview is done.

Death Has Spoken:Thanks a lot for the questions, also thanks everyone who got to the end of this interview. Hope, we’ll see you on some live shows someday.

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