Interview 911 with Russian Band Notmyfault

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Russia is an emerging country when it comes to Heavy Metal. But, its scene has been evolving progressively. What is good for them and for the world that starts to turn its eyes to a new scene. Our page arrives in its Interview 911 with a Russian Metalcore Band called Notmyfault. She shows us her debut album titled Love,Sorrow and Rebirth. The band is formed by: Max Baliberdin on Vocals,Nikita Klimov on Guitars and Andrew Beloglinstev on Bass.Nikita answer our questions,as which you will follow in all your emotions. But before that, let’s go to their song.

TC 1:Introducing The band for us?

Nikita Klimov:Two school friends dreamed of forming their own group and writing their own music, but it turned out to be done only after 15 years. In February 2021, they stumbled upon a young vocal teacher, later with whom they recorded their first album.

TC 2:Talking about the composition work in Love,Sorrow and Rebirth?

Nikita Klimov:The album consists of an intro, 7 main tracks, an outro and an acoustic version of the debut single called “K”. The album tells about a lyrical hero who is in an endless vicious circle of painful love and suffering, out of which you can only become the best version of yourself.

TC 3:What is 内なる獣?

Nikita Klimov:Translated from Japanese, it means “Inner Beast”. The most dangerous animal on planet Earth is man. The most terrible animals and monsters, in comparison with him are nothing.

TC 4:Why the song five is a K?

Nikita Klimov:This composition is opening for the listener for many reasons, the concept of the song is based on an important milestone in the relationship between two people in love, trust. This is the key to dialogue and understanding, the basis of all relationships. Such a key cannot be lost, because it is very difficult to restore it, and without it the closed door cannot be opened.

TC 5:The band name is not my fault. On a personal note, what don’t you blame yourselves?

Nikita Klimov:We blame ourselves only for the fact that we had to be silent about ourselves for so long.

TC 6:In song nine, something has to be continued. Here in Brazil, we have a samba band called Fundo de Quintal that has a song called O Show tem que continuar. Does this song have that same meaning?

Nikita Klimov:Yes, the meaning is the same. We are just at the beginning of our journey, we have already prepared material for the next release, we have something to show. To be continued.

TC 7:Is this S-Hero in the eighth song a band-created superhero or is it the band’s own outfit for the superman?

Nikita Klimov:To answer this question, I will first explain the meaning of the track Fight +. In this track, the main idea comes from the person of the antagonist, a certain villain who longs for our lyrical hero to become stronger, join the battle and overcome all his weaknesses. In the track S-Hero, the hero managed to create a new self, he conveys the main idea to us and is ready to confront the villain.

TC 8:How is Notmyfault different from your previous bands?

Nikita Klimov:At the very least, we have achieved our own sound. It is quite high quality and stands out among the rest of the Russian bands of this genre. In the world we only have to declare ourselves.

TC 9:Some literature or film inspire the band?

Nikita Klimov:Our guitarist-composer Nikita Klimov is inspired by anime and Japanese writers such as Haruki Murakami and Yukio Mishima.

TC 10:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Notmyfault song?

Nikita Klimov:I think that we will not touch on political topics. We prefer themes of the inner world of a person.

TC 11:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Nikita Klimov:This album is conceptual. We described this in question two.

TC 12:What ´s the idea behind cover ´´s album?

Nikita Klimov:The album cover depicts the very lyrical hero who wants to get out of the darkness into the light. On the bridge, crumbling boards depict that he has to overcome many difficulties, and he has just begun his journey.

TC 13:Even though you don’t blame yourself, do you think that guilt is necessary to mold a character?

Nikita Klimov:Feelings of guilt are necessary for the formation of the character’s image. He must understand why and because of what he is in such a state of mind.

TC 14:What reflection does the band look for in the seventh song?

Nikita Klimov:The track “My Reflection” describes the fact that a person does not always correspond to his external image, inside he keeps many secrets. Sometimes, such people should be avoided by the side and not to look them in the eye.

TC 15:What is Uchinaru Kemono?

Nikita Klimov:This is the Latin name of the track from question 3.

TC 16:It´ s more easy or more pratical a band like powertrio?

Nikita Klimov:A whole team worked on the release: sound engineer, arranger, session drummer, designer and band members. We will be looking for band members on a permanent basis to become a full-fledged team with the ability to give live performances.

TC 17:Message to the fans,interview is done.

Nikita Klimov:No matter how trite it may sound, but if you want to achieve something, the main thing is to start striving for it.

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