Interview 912 with Italian Band Pachiderma

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That Italy has a great tradition in bands with the most diverse forms, this is public domain. What we didn’t know was that there was a band in this country that mixes Philosophy with Ingrid Bergman’s films. Fortunately, this band exists and it’s a mixture very exotic. But the good thing about it is that it works and it marks our 912 Interview.The band is called Pachiderma and they show us their debutant album entitled Il Diavolo, la Peste, la Morte.” The band is formed by the trio: Sinaioaraptor, Tyrannos and Euplocephallus.All of Pachiderma answered our questions. Which you will follow in all your emotions. Today, exceptionally, because they only have one song available, let’s go straight to the chat and post this song at the end of our conversation.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Il Diavolo, La Peste, La Morte?

Pachiderma:”Il Diavolo, la Peste, la Morte” started to be composed in 2017 using only bass and drums. we needed to focalize on something that was rude and huge but at the same time rich of details. so we decided to fix the instrumental part of the band with an electronic sound and spoken parts from Bergman’s filmography after two years of work, choosing litterally every single word spoken and note played, the album was completed.

TC 2:Were pandemics like the Spanish Flu and the current one of the influences for this album?

Pachiderma:We inspired ourselves with the events of the famous ‘600 Pest, perfectly descripted in Bergman’s “the Seventh seal”. some of those details are shown in a video that goes with live performances.

TC 3:The band says it is based on human reality and this is a romantic idea. So, let’s ask the question. Do you have this malaise with modernity typical of romanticism or was it exclusively for the album?

Pachiderma:Of course, our current situation influences the composition of the album. the decadence of humanity, blinded by it’s own fear, is what we see in everyday’s life.

TC 4:Why the band have this fantastic name?

Pachiderma: PACHIDERMA is a name that sounds huge and it perfectly fix the band sound: slow, fat, bulky and smelly if you know what we mean..

TC 5:I find certain philosophers not exactly in the lyrics in the band, but in similar thoughts that the band approaches. Could you say what these are?

Pachiderma:Instead of philosophers, our goal is to express life through the philodsophy of exisestentialism. the lack of analyses in life process is the beginning of our degradation.

TC 6:It was clear that the band is very fond of Ingrid Bergman and there are even reasons for that. But, can any other actresses or are they ever bestowed with affection by the band?

Pachiderma:We don’t have an answer for that question.

TC 7:A Brazilian philosopher called Pondé has a phrase. Of course there is evil, what we can doubt is whether there is good. Is that more or less what the band thinks or was Pondé a scoundrel in this sentence?

Pachiderma:It´s a clear position Pondé’s one. The problem starts when evil part of the world is what leads the world. the Good is diguided too much.

TC 8:What dark myths influence band?

Pachiderma:No dark myths.

TC 9:How is Pachiderma different from your previous bands?

Pachiderma:PACHIDERMA  is a band completely different from our other projects. from the line up, without using vocals or guitars, to the contents expressed.

TC 10:We know the devil’s story is about a fallen angel.But, looking through a humorous prism. Can we say that God just fired him?

Pachiderma:We don’t know, smoke a joint and relax: devil is not satan nor lucifer, but the expression of the enemies in life.

TC 11:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Pachiderma:Not to easy to explain.But, imagine humanity destroying itself following false myths and death joking about that with a fucking t-rex.

TC 12:Before music,what the bands loves to doing?

Pachiderma:We love smoking.

TC 13:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Pachiderma song?

Pachiderma:People who don’t love smoking and thinking.

TC 14:What´s bands influence ours?

Pachiderma:We like band as UFOMAMMUT, SLEEP, ELECTRIC WIZARD, ORANGE GOBLIN, BONGZILLA on the top. surely they influenced a lot our work.

TC 15:For some, death is just a step. Is there any reason for the band to believe this thought?

Pachiderma:Yes,death is a phase of life transformation, from a shape to an other.

TC 16:What vibrant effects band doing in this album?

Pachiderma:No answer.

TC 17:Message to the fans,interview is done!

Pachiderma:Thank you Felipe,for your questions and to all the people out there hope you enjoy the shattering and lisergic sounds, better with a joint!

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