Interview 913 with Polish Band Duo SNAUM

Poland has always had good figures in Heavy Metal. But, we speak very little with figures that seek their space. We resolved to fix this gap that we left out.
The Band that is a duo called SNAUM marks our 913 Interview.Their sound is an Experimental Black Metal. An EP that stirs all our emotions. The duo is formed by Foster Hewan as Vocalist and on the other instruments we have Xypus. Xypus was the one who answered our questions, which you will see in all your emotions. Before that, let’s go to their song.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Selfmadeself?

Xypus:All the music, I have written myself. Hewan did his vocals that I then fit into the songs. Yes, I am a huge control freak.

TC 2:Thanks to the creativity of you and many other bands, Satanism is no longer the armed arm of Black Metal which is great because it opens up several options.Given that, I can interpret that judging by the name of the ep, you wanted to give a piscological connotation to the ep?

Xypus:Yeah, we’re not really into the occult stuff, you’re right about the psychological angle. The idea behind Snaum is to express ourselves so it’s partly about that something we’ve done ourselves and partly about the message of the EP, which of course has no lyrics, so whatever emotions or words you possibly hear in it are going to be your projection, a self-made reception.

TC 3:It is said that you in your songs invoke ideas. But are they ideas that you apply yourself?

Xypus:Musically it’s purely about emotions and expression. The titles are usually the first good sounding word that came to my mind when I was writing the music which sometimes in the early stages was very different from the end result, so they probably show in a way how I hear it, but someone else might hear something else in them.

TC 4:Far from me being against how you make your sound, but explain to me what a synthetic sound would be?

Xypus:By synthetic I mean a sound not produced by a human operated musical instrument like drums or guitars or even keyboards.Most of the synths used on ‘selfmadeself’ are generated on a computer using granular synthesizers, that essentialy take a sample, chop it into bits, tweak it around and make some new sound out of them.

TC 5:Of course this is just a start, a very productive start. But could this be a chance to release your inner demons?

Xypus:Haha no, I don’t think we have inner demons, we’re regular guys with jobs and families who just wanted to scratch their creative itch and actually make the kind of music we’d love to listen to ourselves. But surely we have plans for the next steps and ideas for new sounds and songs.

TC 6:What kind a noise band put in this album?

Xypus:Like I said, there’s a lot of distorted, synth noises in it, plus I really love to get these screechy, discordant sounds out of my guitar. Regular metal riffing is boring haha.

TC 7:How is Snaum different from your previous bands?

Xypus:Well for starters it’s a 100% studio project, we don’t expect to take it live, for many reasons, the most important of which is logistics, we’d need a lot of dedicated people to play it live and we don’t really feel like sharing this experience with anyone. Other than that. I don’t think we’re that different, I guess everyone who plays heavy music wants just to get some angry stuff out of themselves, no matter what exact type of metal they play.

TC 8:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Snaum Song?

Xypus:We have made a deliberate decision to not write any lyrics exactly to avoid specific subjects. We don’t do subjects, we do sound. If you listen to us and think we’re about satan or politics or love, that’s cool. Having said that, we wouldn’t probably be happy if you tried to pair us with some bad, disgusting stuff, we’re essentially pretty respectful and decent guys, even when we’re screaming our lungs out over blast beats.

TC 9:Some literature or film inspire the band?

Xypus:Actually yes, I’m a huge fan of Blade Runner 2049 and I actually wanted our music to sound like a soundtrack to the replicant rebellion. Hewan is very much into artsy, theatrical and visual stuff, having a theatrical background, so that would be his angle.

TC 10:This ep is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Xypus:Not really, unless you think it is.That’s the whole idea of having no lyrics. If the songs build some story for you, that’s ok, but that wasn’t a specific intention.

TC 11:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Xypus:ou’d have to ask Maelle about it. I really have no idea, she’s this super talented artist from France that I have found in the internet, I contacted her, she loved our music and offered us some of her art to choose from. The drawing has this grimy, industrial vibe to it that we just thought resonates with our music, that’s it.

TC 12:The fact that Poland is a country that faced great challenges and made it strong enough to make it one of the references in extreme metal?

Xypus:I’ve never thought about it that way. I guess for us music is a very personal thing and we’re not trying to cross-reference it with politics or history.

TC 13:Why band have this name?

Xypus:It’s really hard to find a cool name that isn’t already taken, and I’m not even sure if it’s the case with us haha .We tried a lot of names, some very weird, looking for something that would fit the music and not be already used by everyone and their mother. ‘Snaum’ doesn’t mean anything, it’s a made up word that just sounds right.

TC 14:Before Music,what the bands likes to doing?

Xypus:Like I said we’re regular boring guys with jobs and families, so this is what we were doing and thart’s what we’re going to continue doing. Music is a kind of side project for us, a very important project that we treat very seriously and put a lof of resources into but a side project nonetheless.

TC 15:What´s bands influence Snaum?

Xypus:I like to think that it’s a lifetime of little pieces of music that we’ve heard an liked. We take these pieces and just combine them into something of our own. Lots of stuff, from Metallica to Massive Attack and everything in between. If I was to name one band, that would be Justin Broadrick’s Greymachine project. 

TC 16:Message to the fans,guys.interview is done.

Xypus:Just listen to our music, we hope you like it. If you don’t we’d be a little sad probably but we’ll continue to put out more just like it. Thanks, Xypus.

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