Interview 914 with Norwegian Band Haalbuaer

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If there is a style of metal that Norway does better than anyone else, it is Black Metal. But, fortunately, today that range is much broader. most diverse of style in this country. The Conservative Storm in this 914 Interview shows some of this diversity.Today, we are going to talk to Death Metal Band Haalbuaer and they show us their debut work entitled Mortal Ones Scream In Horror. The band is formed by Masticator on Vocal, A Remmen on Guitar and E. Solemdal on Drums. our questions.Which, we will follow in all their emotions. Before that, let’s play a song from them.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in :Mortal Ones Scream In Horror?

Masticator & A.Remmen:We were jamming in our drummer’s basement as we always do, and all the riffs and the metal just came together with brutal force. We aren’t a very technical band, and just play badass fucking riffs. Don’t give a shit about tapping solo and different time signatures. Just metal how it always was supposed to be !!!!

TC 2:What are the nauseating fumes the protagonist inhales in the fourth song and why are they so nauseating?

Masticator &A.Remmen:The protaganist is inhaling the fumes of multiple rotting corpses that he stole from a cemetery. He took them to his bedroom to do some nasty stuff!

TC 3:I can’t say if it had that purpose, but the seventh song has a very contradictory connotation. Since it is impossible to be blessed in torment, was the idea to be really contradictory or did it stay like that?

Masticator & A.Remmen:Well, it’s more of an artistic statement in a way. Two complete opposites put together. Maybe we all can find some Bliss in a life of Torment.

TC 4:Why the band have this name?

Masticator & A.Remmen:Okay so, in Norway, there are a ton and I mean a ton!!! Of, different dialects. We chose to have a name that is sort of special to our dialect. To put it short it means someone living in a hole. The aa is supposed to be an å and the “ae” is supposed to be an “æ”. The correct spelling of the band would be Hålbuær, but that wouldn’t be very easy for people to say, even most Norwegians!

TC 5:How is necrophilia approached by the band?

Masticator & A.Remmen:I think it’s death metal as fuck! It’s a very nasty thought to at least most people and serves the purpose of making the listener feel disturbed and uneasy in a way.

TC 6:It´s more easy or more pratical a band like powertrio?

Masticator & A.Remmen:If you mean if it’s better to be a powertrio, then sure. It might be. The problem is that we live in a very small and rural area, and us three are basically the only metal fans where we live. I guess it would be more practical from a money standpoint. More for all of us haha!

TC 7:In the fifth song, you refer to a deceased person. Who would that deceased be?

Masticator & A.Remmen:It’s more about a cavern for the dead, and not just one dead person. We made the song around a time where our main focus of the band was to be primitive as fuck. We just thought it sounded like some neaderthal stuff to put a bunch of dead people in a cavern instead of burying them like we do in a civilized world.

TC 8:In the first song, the band deals with the ownership of cemeteries. In Brazil, we have a religion called Umbanda and those who take care of them are called Exus and Pomba Gira.We can say that these caregivers that the band refers to are helpers of exu and Pomba Gira?

Masticator & A.Remmen:The song is actually about the protagonist being possessed by the smell of dead people from the cemetery to dig them up. Not quite sure what you’re talking about but it sounds like some interesting stuff.

TC 9:Some Literature or film inspire the band?

Masticator & A.Remmen:The first Hellraiser movie, Evil Dead 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.All the classicksss.

TC 10:How is Haalbuaer different from your previous bands?

Masticator & A.Remmen:Before Haalbuaer, we had some failed attempts at death metal. This time we got more gruesome than ever and just went with it.

TC 11:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Haalbuaer song?

Masticator & A.Remmen:Anything political! We feel like death metal shouldn’t be politics at all. It’s all about the music for us.

TC 12:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Masticator & A.Remmen:A heavy inspiration for the artwork would be notably Infester’s album “To The Depths, In Degradation” and Morta Skuld’s “Dying Remains”. A non-musical influence for the artwork would again be the first Hellraiser movie.

TC 13:What´s bands influence ours?

Masticator & A.Remmen:BEHERIT, Undergang, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Sarcofago, Infester, Order From Chaos, Incantation, Pissgrave, Obliteration, Imprecation, Darkthrone, Dead Congregation, Archgoat, Impure, Goatlord, Impetigo, DEATHHAMMER!! The list can go on forever.We have a more thin sound than most death metal bands, because we don’t follow the Cannibal Corpse trend where we try to sound as thick as possible. It has to be EVIL and not FAT!!!

TC 14:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Masticator & A.Remmen:The concept is DEATH FUKKKKING METAL! No, not really haha! It’s not a conceptual album. We just had the goal if making an album, so we just made the 8 most ripping killer blood drenched tracks we ever could!!

TC 15:What band mean with Pungent Ecstasy?

Masticator & A.Remmen:If I’m being honest, we don’t mean anything with it. I was reading the lyrics for some songs of one of the best Finnish bands ever, DEMILICH, and found “pungent ecstasy”. Just thought it sounded fitting for a Haalbuaer song!

TC 16:Why did the band stop talking about primitive themes?

Masticator & A.Remmen:Because, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to such a specific topic. We figured that if this went on longer than just the first demo, people would just get tired of it.

TC 17:Is man an animal that carries the corpse on his back all the time?

Masticator & A.Remmen:Yes, 100%!

TC 18:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is done.


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