Interview 915 With Danish Duo Band Sulphurous

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Denmark always brings spectacular Metal bands to the world. This time, it was no different. But this time, it wasn’t exactly a band.It is a duo that plays an extremely violent sound. The band that will do our 915 Interview is called Sulphurous.This Duo is formed by Mathias Friborg as Vocalist and Guitarist and on Drums, we have Pawel Tunkiewicz.This Duo is formed by Mathias Friborg as Vocalist, Guitarist and Bassist and on Drums we have Pawel Tunkiewicz. A curious fact is that Pawel is not Danish by birth, he is Polish.They show us their second album titled as Black Mouth of Sepulchre.The duo answered our questions. Which you will follow in all your extreme emotions. But let’s go to their song first.Just remembering that as Special Bassist for this album the band had help from M.C who goes by the name of Malik Çamlıca who is a Turkish resident in Denmark today.

TC 1:How was the recording process for Black Mouth of Sepulchre?

Sulphurous:It was good. I recorded the guitars, vocals, and piano at the studio where I also have a rehearsal room. So that was nice. T. recorded the drums on his own at his studio, and M.C. did the bass by himself. So, we didn’t meet up but recorded individually. Las Ballade did a really good job at mixing and mastering this beast of an album. Very happy about the outcome.

TC 2:I notice that the band puts some of the horror we see in stories and movies. But, how does the band work this horror?

Sulphurous:I got influenced by different stuff for this album, and the different little elements I put into the recording makes this a horror spell. Combined with my own odd ideas and inner demons, made this into what it is. The album cover shows this in a perfect combination through the visual aspect of the amazing artist Paolo Girardi.

TC 3:In addition to the Lovecraft ideas, can another writer be found to influence the band?

Sulphurous:I was influenced by different kinds of writers for this album. Both Philosophical, fantasy and poets. Both old books and never.

TC 4:Is it something faster or more practical for the band to be a duo?

Sulphurous:The band consists of me making all the music and T. making the drums. So, I wouldn’t say it’s a trio. M.C. on bass was only part of this new album because were bandmates in Hyperdontia and we have a label Desiccated Productions together. He asked if he could do the bass and I though yeah why not. But yes, its very easy to be a duo. Then we are not that many to fight over the songs and layout and everything hehe.

TC 5:It is said by some critics that you make use of cacophonies. Do you agree with these critics or is this bullshit?

Sulphurous:I have no Idea.

TC 6:Why the band have this name?

Sulphurous:My brother came up with the band name back when we started the band together a long time ago. We wanted something ominous and malevolent, so this was a good name for us I think. Demonic, devilish and hellish.

TC 7:How is Sulphurous different from your previous bands?

Sulphurous:The difference between Sulphurous and the other bands that are actually bands is that this is my band where I create everything, this is the band where I spit forth all my inner demons. Put all my devotion into. The other studio projects I have is also important to me. But Sulphurous is probably the most important to me.

TC 8:Before music, what the band loves to doing?

Sulphurous:Music is one of my most important life elixirs for me. Hehe. Both listening, playing, and attending shows. But my family and kids are also what makes sense for me in live.

TC 9:What´s bands influence ours?

Sulphurous:What bands that I’m influenced by? Hmmm, I think my favorite bands are old American bands as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Immolation and Nile and such.

TC 10:How come band arrive to Dark Descent Records?

Sulphurous:Matt from Dark Descent Records is a friend, so it was an easy choice to ask him to do the American release for both albums as well as the Had release.

TC 11:Why do you say the Shadows twitch like black wings?

Sulphurous:The song is called Shadows Writhing like Black Wings. It is about the shadows, death gorges and devours our souls. Wings span the horizon, shadowing everything to consume and feast upon us.

TC 12:Is it correct to say that the band has a certain black metal bias?

Sulphurous:No, I wouldn’t say that. I at least didn’t do that on purpose. But I hate to put my music into boxes of genres. So, people can say what ever they want, if some think it has a black metal vibe then okay.

TC 13:This album is conceptual? Yes or no and why?

Sulphurous:Yes, there is a concept to Sulphurous and the new album The Black Mouth of Sepulchre. This is the darker and more abominable parts of my self that has unleashed this thing of atrocity. Its shows perfectly on the cover with the vortex sucking out all happiness of this world and decaying.

TC 14:The band feel differences between Dolorous Death Knell and now in The Black Mouth of Sepulchre?

Sulphurous:Yes, for sure. The two albums are very different in sound, production, and visual ness. Though this was not intended when creating this second album. I though it would be more like the first album. But I am very happy with the outcome and the step-up music wise.

TC 15:Althoug I think its really cool, how did you come up with the idea of introducing the piano in songs?
Sulphurous:I actually didn’t intent on creating these parts and recording it, until I was in the studio. There were an old piano collecting dust and all out of tune. Then I came up with the idea of adding a few horror ish keys to the recording. But then it ended up being a lot more than that hehe. And I think it worked pretty well with the songs in general and the whole feeling and vibe of the album. So here you go.

TC 16:Message to the fans, guys.The interview is over.

Sulphurous:Evig Er Kun Døden.

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