Interview 919 with Czech Band Syridas

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It’s not something that comes from now, but really from a period not too distant for now, the Czech Republic has brought us great metal bands. Mostly, bands of high intensity and brutality. This band is no exception to this rule.For our 919 Interview, we will talk with the Czech band Syridas. The band presents us their debutant album entitled Awaken. The band is formed by:Jakub Forst on Vocal And Guitar,Stanislaw Waclawik on Guitar,Bronislav Sidon on Bass and Petr Jurica on Drums.Jakub answer our questions.Questions that you will follow in all your emotions. But let’s go to their song before that.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Awaken?

Jakub Forst:Awaken is the debut album of the founder Jakub Forst, which he worked on when the lockdowns and corona time came into being. It has to go around melodic black metal with death metal elements.

TC 2:What band means with infectious sounds?

Jakub Forst:I don’t know what you mean by contagious sounds, but the sound of guitars and vocal sounds are what we wanted.

TC 3:I like very much,but why the keyboards are important for band?

Jakub Forst:We are glad that you like it, the orchestral elements are just in the intro plus some violas and cellos.

TC 4:The band has a song that talks about creating hate because hate is present in the band. What are these hates?

Jakub Forst:It’s a hatred that everyone suffocates in someone someone more someone less and it’s good to release it from time to time with some Growl with a scream.

TC 5:Some Literature or film inspire a band?

Jakub Forst:no, no! I can’t think of anything. But I would be quite interested in a band inspired by the film.

TC 6:What kind of depth did you want to give the album?

Jakub Forst:For me, the album has a profound meaning, made from the heart.

TC 7:Despite the hate in some lyrics, you manage to be heavy but not hateful. Is it a sign of your style or does each song have its own structure?

Jakub Forst:Yes , it´s sign of our style.

TC 8:The band also claims to have a black metal energy, but don’t you think that energy is more positive or realistic that the cruel and evil approach of Black metal takes priority?

Jakub Forst:I think it’s connected with the black thanks to the vocals and a few songs that it would be black metal so not.

TC 9:Can the ninth song be faced with a piscological thought?

Jakub Forst:Yes, it’s very psychological when I created this song. everything in the text went through my head. It should be motivating.

TC 10:Before Music,what the bands loves to doing?

Jakub Forst:All kinds of funny, drinking beer, friendly talking, etc.

TC 11:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Syridas song?

Jakub Forst:We never want to sing about politics, it’s the same shit and it doesn’t belong in metal.

TC 12:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Jakub Forst:For me, the idea is very personal from my life, but I can say it objectively, something is over and something big has started.

TC 13:What´s bands influence ours?

Jakub Forst:Hypocrisy , The Black Dahlia Murder , Vomitory , Parasites inc.

TC 14:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Jakub Forst:Yes, this is the first concept album with such an idea we will go into it in the future, maybe just the inevitable light adjustments.

TC 15:Why the band have this name?

Jakub Forst:It´s original name.

TC 16:How is Syridas different from your previous bands?

Jakub Forst:Singing,lyrics and is more Death Metal.

TC 17:Message to the fans,guys.interview is done!

Jakub Forst:We want to tell the fans that we thank them very much for their support, follow us on spotify, youtube, facebook and maybe one day we will come to your cities. Ave metal and thank you Felipe Frazão for the interview man!

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