Interview 920 with Ukranian Band Elephant Opinions

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Ukraine doesn’t have a big scene in Rock\Metal. But, that doesn’t mean that bands don’t exist or don’t have talent.The greatest proof of this is that today, as part of our 920 Interview, we will talk to the Screemo band that has the curious name of Elephant Opinions.The band shows us their third album which is titled as Another Side Of Youth.Of course, this is not the first time that a band of this nature has not been here, but their way of playing is very different from those that have been here.The band have this formation:Andriy on Vocals,Petro on Guitar,Dima on Bass and Oleh on Drums.Petro answer our questions.Before, you guys follow this interview in all your extreme emotions. Let’s go to their song.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in Another Side of Youth?

Petro Stoikiv:Almost all of that songs were made the same way guitar or bass started to play melody, than drums were made and finally the vocals.

TC 2:They always say that elephants never forget, now we have a band that has this funny and funny name. So, we may ask that if elephants never forget, would they never be competed if they had man’s intelligence?

Petro Stoikiv:Guess elephant’s world with human intelligence would be a very difficult place to live in, because it’s hard to not to forget, even if it was something bad that you have to forget and live your life further or something good that already have ended and you have to forget this to avoid a depression.

TC 3:I’m a person who believes in reincarnation. When I hear the last song on the album, it’s impossible not to think that I’m between these two worlds. Is this the direction you’re looking for or does it have nothing to do with what the band is looking for in this song?

Petro Stoikiv:That idea about middle world follows the band since the creation of second album. Almost all songs in this third album are about some mystical life between two worlds of life and death, about souls that are lost in something middle, that are no more alive but still are not dead. This song is especially about that.

TC 4:Is it correct to say that the second song on the album reads very optimistically?

Petro Stoikiv:It’s like a message for everyone that the end is not always the end at all. Always will be future, bright future, even after death.

TC 5:It may seem simple or even unfair, but in the fifth song is there any relationship with the so-called spiral of silence?

Petro Stoikiv:Not exactly. It’s more about some mystical silence that takes our souls to the road to the new world.

TC 6:How band arrive to Shpytal Records?

Petro Stoikiv:Shpytal Records is the studio of our friend, it’s located in Ternopil, Ukraine. It’s our hometown so we decided not to go far and recorded all the songs there.

TC 7:Of course, for you, they must be wonderful people. But Brazilians don’t know them.So let’s tell us why you are grateful to Mr Oleh Perehuda and Mr Max Kotovskiy?

Petro Stoikiv:These guys were drummer and guitarist of the band, we started to create some songs with them but then they left a band and we finished all the work without them. So we wanted to thank them putting their names on that record.

TC 8:You must have already answered that. But, for Brazil, this is unprecedented. So here it goes: Within the band’s style blender, is Pink Floyd one of those ingredients?

Petro Stoikiv:I listened to Pink Floyd listened a lot to Pink Floyd some time ago. Maybe because of that you can hear some influence.

TC 9:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Petro Stoikiv:We decided to take a photo as an album cover, so we were looking at a millions of photos and tried to choose one that will fit the best for music. When we saw that dead butterfly we decided that was exactly what we were looking for.

TC 10:Some Literature or films inspire the band?

Petro Stoikiv:I was reading George Orwell, Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut a lot during the creation of that album.

TC 11:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Elephant Opinions song?

Petro Stoikiv:Any kind of discrimination or prejudice has no place in our songs.

TC 12:How is Elephant Opinions different from your previous bands?

Petro Stoikiv:We play since 2008, it’s already 13 years so we don’t remember our previous bands as well. During that time we played in other bands, that were mostly screamo, punk or hardcore bands.

TC 13:The band feel differences between Awakening Will Be A Journey and now in Another Side of Youth?

Petro Stoikiv:Another Side Of Youth sounds for us more melodic than Awakening Will Be A Journey, like the sounds of first and second albums were mixed. I think the sound of ASOF is the sound I always was looking for. So I’d like to make new songs like these from the Another Side Of Youth.

TC 14:Why the band have this name?

Petro Stoikiv:It was the first name we came up with so we choose it.

TC 15:Before Music,what band loves to doing?

Petro Stoikiv:We like to read books, watch movies and for sure we go to work.

TC 16:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Petro Stoikiv:Yes, it is, all the songs has one idea and for us it sounds like one story.

TC 17:How was the split job with Oh Deer and Eora?

Petro Stoikiv:We had recorded Kingly Halls for another split but the we lost contact with a band we wanted to release it. Then guys from Eora contacted us and we gave that unreleased song for a split. Very same story was with a split with Oh, Deer, we recorded songs for split with another band but they stopped playing during the record and never finished that works. So we had already done songs when oh,deer texted us.

TC 18:Message to the fans,interview is done!

Petro Stoikiv:Love everyone please, life is too short for any kind of hate.

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