Interview 922 with Italian Band Huronian

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For the first time on our page, we see a band that sounds like a band that has been on the road for a long time. However, reality is not quite like that. The most curious thing is that it comes from a place where metal is very strong. This place is Italy. The band is called Huronian and the band unbelievably releases their debut album titled As Cold As Stranger Sunset.The band makes an intense, rough and powerful mix of Death Metal with Black Metal. The band is formed by:Daniele Lupidi on Vocals,Umberto Poncina on Guitar,Bass and Keyboards,Gianluca Trotta on Bass and Marcello Malagoli on Drums.The whole band answered our humble but necessary questions. Which you will follow in all your emotions. Before that, let’s go to their song.

TC 1:Talking about the composition work in As Cold As Stranger?

Huronian:It was mainly Umberto´s music.My lyrics in every track,but we worked closely on the arrangements and song structures.Marcello left his mark on the drum patterns and the whole record has been a true team work!

TC 2:When the band refers to the unspeakable,are they stages of consciousness that are still mysterious to men?

Huronian:The song is inspired by Lovecraft´s Pickman´s Model.The title refers to the horrors depicted by the painter of the story,that could be considered portals or passages to unspeakable reigns of evil,where terror and fear dominate everything.

TC 3:Without a doubt the band embraces Swedish Metal.But it molds to your style.But i get the feeling that listening to you guys it dosen´t seem like a frist full album although it really is.Do your personal friends and even the Italian Press feel this or just this Brazilian?

Huronian:We wanted to bring some early swedish melodic Death\Black metal atmospheres back to life.But,we didn´t want to be a copycat band.We put some other personal influences in the mix and the songs turned out very agressive and brutal,especially in the drum department.So far,we recieved very positive feedbacks so maybe people agree the album dosen´t sound too much like a debut.

TC 4:I don´t want to spolier future work,but it certainly implies that the sixth song is something that will be discussed by the band in the near future?

Huronian:Yeah,we have already written Awakened In a Nameless Time Pt 2,it will be included in our next record!

TC 5:It´s more easy or more pratical a band like powertrio?

Huronian:We are a trio only in the studio,the live line up is made of five members .It was much easier for Umberto to record all the string instruments by himself,so that we could save a lot of time and release the album in 2021.In the future,who knows?!

TC 6:It may seem like a simplistic or even silly question,but this black metal that the band puts on and that turned out really good would it be a kind of oil that we put in the salad?

Huronian:If you mean that Black Metal is as secondary part of our sound.I don´t agree completely.I think both Swedish Melodic Death Metal and Black Metal are integral parts of what we are doing.The Black Metal influences come mainly from Umberto sensitivity,while me and Marcello are more Death Metal oriented!

TC 7:Why the band have this name?

Huronian:I am responsable for the name,it comes from the term Huronian Glaciation,a geological event that turned the Earth into a snowball around 2,3 bilions of years ago.It evocates distant times and it also sounds a little bit alien,i think it fits the music very well.

TC 8:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Huronian Song?

Huronian:We are only interested in putting weird sci-fi and fantastic dark stories into music.Not interested in mundane or personal subjects in this moment.Huronian was born to help us evading from reality.

TC 9:From the perspective of this album,what would be a strange sunset?

Huronian:Waking up in another era and witnessing a totally different yet familiar earth.Just like the Awakened in a nameless time protagonist!

TC 10:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Huronian:I wanted to depict an unknown landscape with unknown colors that make you think you are looking at an alien world or a distant future earth.The frame gives the cover a sort of baroque touch,making it even weirder.

TC 11:How band arrive to Dolorem Records?

Huronian:I knew Dolorem´s boss Alex because i painted a couple of covers for one of their bands like Abyssal Ascendant,check them out!and he was one of the frist i contacted when we completed the works on the album.I know the label is dedicated and perefers to work on a small number of bands,a perfect solution for a new band like us.Alex loved the record and the rest is history!We also signed a deal with Portugal based label Gruesome Records for the tape edition of As Cold As A Stranger Sunset,we couldn´t be happier.

TC 12:Some Literature or film inspire band?

Huronian:A lot of literature!From sci-fi sagas like Gene Wolfe´s book of the New Sun to weirdf stores by H.P Lovecraft and E.A Poe.So far,we have no lyrics inspires by movies in the future,who knows?!We wanted to write something that could lead the listener far away from daily reality,just like with our music.

TC 13:How is Huronian different from your previous bands?

Huronian:Melody and atmosphere is what makes Huronian different.We wanted to depict fantastic scenarios both with music and lyrics and the melodic side of early Swedish Death\Black Metal was the right source of inspiration.Of course,we are brutality experts with our other bands Hateful and Valgrind,the obscure Death Metal vein is present in Huronian as well.

TC 14:This album is conceptual?yes or no and why?

Huronian:This is not a concept album,each song narrates a different story from a different world.Non really interested in making a concept album at the moment.There will be a Awakened in a nameless Time PT 2 though,We will develop this small story in the next album!

TC 15:What´s bands influence ours?

Huronian:We founded this band to bring the old school Melodic Death\Black Metal back,so it´s easy to say that bands like early At The Gates,Frist Dark Tranquillity,Eucharist as well as Dissection,Unanimated and Sacramentum are our main influence.Of course,we added some elements that you could find in our other bands,like a more aggressive drumming and more american vocal style.I think the mix is quite personal,you don´t find anything that sounds exactly like that around.

TC 16:In the fourth song,is there a war context for this song or just inspiration,Do we like it and it´s done?

Huronian:Birds Among Insects lyricas are inspired by the Nephilim myth,the epic vibe of the music really needed some dark but epic worlds!It´s probably my favorite track,we can´t wait to play it on stage.

TC 17:I love when bands put on pianos,no lies or hypocrisy.But,they all do it for different reasons.What were Huronian´s motives?

Huronian:If you refer to the album intro,it has been written by Umberto,who studied piano in the past.We choose piano over acoustic guitar because we didn´t want to sound too folk from minute one.We wanted something more dramatic.

TC 18:Give a message to the fans,guys.the interview is done!

Huronian:Thanks for the interesting interview,Felipe!I hope South American fans will give our album a chance,i think you won´t be disappointed!

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